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How my dreads have changed me

By Lauryn Dowding, 2014-10-18

This might come across as really strange to some people but i wanted to just put something out there about how my dreads have started to change me as a person. Before when i had my 'normal' straight, long hair i was really unconfident, never happy with the way i looked because of my hair having to be do perfect. I wouldn't leave the house on days that it wouldn't sit right etc etc. I wore clothes that i wasn't even particularly happy wearing just because thats the way i thought i had to be to fit into society. I soon got fed up with that as i became older and my views on things started changing gradually, and my body started to feel more connected to the earth and my soul.

When i finally set down to get dreads after years off disagreement with my parents, i finally felt whole. Knew exactly who i wanted to be and where my life was taking me. My hair is looping and crazy and never sits 'perfect' i get weird looks on the street and disgust from certain members of my family but i just don't care and this couldn't make me happier.

My mind and soul just tell me to reject meat now because of my huge love for animals. Yes i like meat but every time i come across it my heart is just screaming for me to stop. Which never happened to me before, i wasn't ever happy about eating it but would just do it to keep my parents happy, but now i just don't care about what their thoughts are. I do what makes me happy, for my life.

On a last note i had to most weirdest occurrence when i was travelling to work at 4:30am one morning. Where i work we are surrounded by woodland which is great for watching the nature and wildlife to break the day away. On this particular day we parked up and a huge portion of the trees had been cut down when i'd left the day before, and i could actually feel the pain and misery coming from the trees. The grief they felt from having their life ended after all these many years of standing there observing the world. Please tell me there are more people like this!

Everything that is happening to me and the way my life is going and changing is all down to my dreads and for that i am so every grateful!

So on a positive note for all you new dreadies out there, keep this in your head. "I just don't care" it worked for me and kept me happy and following my heart and soul through many a difficult situation.

Peace and love to you all!

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Just joined Dreadlockssite

By daizychild, 2014-09-25

So happy to have found this website. I really wish I would have joined before I started my dreadlocks. There are so many things I would have done differently, though I love my locs.

If I could go back and change some things, I would have used the twist and rip method instead of the backcombing method. I would have put maybe about ten more dreadlocks into my hair. Right now I have 25 dreads, two of them being super tiny and braided together. One of my concerns has always been not having enough!

Currently my locks are eight months old and seeming to be progressing fairly well. Can't wait for maturity! I am so excited.

Anyone suggest any dreadlock shampoos? I am currently using a wild lavendar organic and sulfate free shampoo, but after doing an ACV wash a couple of weeks ago, I've decided about looking into different shampoos to clean them better. My scalp is also really dry, like all the time.

Suggestions would definitely be appreciated!

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Holy Frizz!!

By Sarah18, 2014-09-22

Immediately after I started neglecting my hair, it separated itself into sections where I could see exactly where each dread would be. Then last week *poof* no more sectioning. Instead I had this soft pretty hair, except the underside which was still matting like crazy. I was curious what had changed to make it soft and pretty (other than conditioning because this was before I did that). Not worried about it, but just thought it was interesting and that maybe it would take longer than I thought to do it's thing.

Then two days ago *BAM* I woke up to a frizzy damn mess that just keeps getting bigger! I love it!

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6 weeks

By Panga, 2014-09-22
Holy crap! Let me say I was not expecting as much progress as I have right now. Only 6 weeks in and I've had more and more tangles start up in just the last week than I can count. I started with two tnr and the rest natural. I now have tons of knotting up throughout the entire length of the hair sections, which is different than my old tnr set which were knotted in the middle only. I've been continuing to wash with baking soda only and did two rinses of acv. No problems thus far with just using baking soda. I wash every 2 days. Although it's been hotter than normal for September here, so I have rinsed with water on my days I would normally not wash. Snice they aren't mature or anything, they dry fairly quickly (5 hours in doors, much less yesterday and today out in the sun). I am throughly enjoying seeing my hair do its own thing this time.
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afro hair starting natural dreads

By scott corleone, 2014-09-21
i have had dead short afro hair and since i was growing my fro for winter i thought id dread. its something i wanted to do for years but never knew how to really. and thought the natural method wouldnt work due to work but i. doing it.washing hair ACV method and baking powder but my issue is as my hair is short and i havent combed for two months im starting to see bumps but wondering should i of waited till it was longer so i have more control of the sizes. and as i drive alot the back of my hair is flatter the the rest but wil this hindermy dreads??
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By Melissa3, 2014-09-21

I have mold( i am 80% sure) i am grossed out by this i did start with wax i thought i removed it all but i guess not. please help so i do not have to brush them out. my journey started 2 1/2 years ago. i have the wax remover from this site(the one soaring ) suggested. i am pretty sure i have mold, it does not smell but i dont want my hair to be ruined when/ if i want to brush my dreads in the future.


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not real dreads!

By Panga, 2014-09-16
Seems that this time round going neglect that most people are skeptical that it will work and aren't near as supportive or encouraging to me. It doesn't bother me as I'm not doing this for anyone else, but something I noticed. Just last night, my cousin who supported me through my last twist and rip dreads, basically told me my dreads weren't real last time if I was able to comb them out. That I have to be serious about the knots and really damage my hair inow order to get dreads. Now, he had backcombed dreads for 11 years and never once told me my tnr dreads were not real dreads until yesterday. I told him that any hair could dread and just because I could take them apart (it took me a month of carefully pulling strand by strand out of loops and knots) didn't mean they weren't real. Not sure where to take this conversation with him now, as he thinks he is an expert in all things dread related.
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Conditioning and smellin good!

By Sarah18, 2014-09-16

I sprayed some of the Dreadlock Shampoo salt spray on my hair tonight and immediately it felt crispy and dry, worse than it has throughout this process so far.

I broke down. I probably should have used ACV to condition it, but after gazing longingly at my Nutris Garnier citrusy smelling conditioner I became too weak.

I slathered it in my hair, inhaling the yumminess squishing through my fingers. It FELT good and it SMELLED good.

I left it on my hair for about 30 minutes and then rinsed with really hot water for about 5 minutes and then really cold water for about 5 minutes. I was curious what my hair would be like when I was done...would all my knots be gone? Would all my separations be gone?

Worries begone!! My separations are still there and my knots are probably a bit looser than they were before but those will tighten up again.

And more hair smells good! I missed that more than anything. I don't know that any dread friendly products can leave such a fragrance on my hair.

I'm weak, but I'm happy.

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Don't Laugh...

By Sarah18, 2014-09-12

I made a video of my dreads. Tomorrow is one month.

Yeah yeah...I sound nasaly because I'm sick and I'm all pudgy because, well, because I'm fat. lmao Please be kind. It's the first video I've ever made.

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