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Thicker base, skinny ends ; what happens now?

By Marissa Victoria, 2013-04-23

Hey everyone!

So I was seeking advice on the ends of my dreads. They arent as mature as the tops of them, and are also thinner and skinnier. It seems like they all have pretty skinny ends.

What will the ends start to look like as the dread matures? Which seems to be moving from my scalp down?

Do they curl up? or stay really thin, making my dreads when they get mature pointy?!

I'd like to know what to expect, it also looks like strange because when I grab my hair its really thick and the ends just are dinky. :/

I also have some reallly thin dreads, and I just don't know if I should combine them, I seem to have about 33 right now, I don't want congos but I also didn't want to combine them because I don't want to get scalpy. So I'm wondering, if they go as they go and stay skinny, will they eventually get thicker?

I just added some pictures that show it pretty obviously.

I'll also put one in here.

Thank you for your input!


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Terrible happenings

By Christian Thomas Patton, 2013-04-23

I've been staying in a hotel recently because I'm moving (the electricity had been shut off) from Columbia, Ky toAlbuquerque, NM, and this morning some friends and family came to help pack and when we got to the houseI find that someone had broken into my house. They took my guitars, surround speakers, anything with value, they had rummaged through my 8 month old nephews things and broke our tv. And the thieves had taken raw meat and threw it on my mothers bed. I'm hoping this move will be a new start. I just want to get there and clear my mind.

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By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-04-22

so cnn today said the guy who bombed the boston mrathons being charged with using a wmd.. wmd? really?

in lincolns day he wrote about wmds and wmd poliferation i think it mught have been in the gettysburg address? reffering to cannons and from thier perspective sure that maybe mass destruction when it took out a wall or a few soldiers on horseback

but today we use weapons like the daisy cutter a "conventional bomb" that sucks all the aitr out of a 5 mile radius eliminating all life even germs in a 5 mile radius..and thats not called a wmd

missiles and bombs that take out entire buildings or whole city blocks arent wmds..

inj iraq the 'shock and awe" campain blew through billions of dollars of high explosives reducing buildings to a fine powder

all this high explosive power is concidered conventional weapons and acceptable only nukes and bio weapons capable of killing hundreds of thousands to millions at a time are called wmds today

so yes the boston marathon bomber was horible yes what he did was unthinkable

by]ut wmd?

it was essentialy a pipe bomb the type used most commonly to blow up mail boxes by prankster kids

a souper up pipe bomb but still a small low yeild low destruction bomb if there wasnt a big crowd it wouldnt hurrt more then a couple people

uf set off in ypir living room youd be fine in yoir bedroom

there was nothing "mass destruction" about it

land mines ..wich some countries still have hundreds of thousands of them.. that kids collect and sell for scrap metal risking blowing off limbs.. these land mines are as poweerful.. most hand grenages are close

when police enter a hostage situation they use percussion grenades with nearly as much power ()but no scrapnel)

so what next you drop an m 80 in a tiolet and someone sits down and injures their ass u get charged with a wmd just cause someone got hurt?

wmd must have a specific definition a level of sdestruction if we expect only our gov to nbe able to posess such power

dynamyte used to take down buildings build roads through mountains and mone for mineralds are wmds by this definition

your car..the gas in the tank.. could go kaboom with more power so is there 100 million wmds wizzing by on the highway every day?

lets get real

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Back combed hardship

By Devon Delorme, 2013-04-22
So I don't usually write a dread blog but I need feed back. I have had dreads for about 3 years now. I created them by back combing ! Eek !!let me tell you about blood and tears and worries... So three years ago I had a huge fro my hair is thick curly Course hair I'm malado and my dad also has dry frizzy Scottish red hair kinda like carrot top. My mom has fine curly hair. I feel my hair is a combination of many types of hair from thick and frizzy to smooth and silky its hard to explain but I will post pics later. Anywho I was always told by people to get dreads so one day when I was sick of maintaining my hair I sought out to get dreads. First couple videos on you tube told me to back Combe and palm roll . It worked and my dreads were in after a week and 3 combs later. It was hours of pain and stress. I did them all my self and they worked minus the fact I combed them all 3 times over to make them tight. It was hard and every three months or so I maintain by root rubbing. All this work has paid off cause now I've been told by many people that my dreads are the nicest they have seen. The only thing I want to change is to stop having to do the roots and hope for them to lock on there own selves. And as I look back I wonder how they would be today if I used the natural method? Would the be aesthetically pleasing as they are today would they be bigger or thinner? I'm wondering if neglecting them now would keep them growing and locking at the roots. Any one have any thoughts or suggestions?
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A Brief History of Dreads

By Shannon Roman, 2013-04-19

I saw on here the other day that someone was asking about the spiritual history connected to dreadlocks, as he was receiving pressure from his church to cut them off, I couldn't find that post today, so I figured I'd just add my response here.

This is an excerpt from the book: An Uncommon History of Common Things: by Bethanne Patrick and John Thompson

"Definition of Dreadlocks:
Symbol of the Rastafarian movement. Bearer of braided and matted locks (hair). Lived in dread, or fear, of God.

The term dreadlocks entered the English language in the 1950s with the rise of the Rastafarian movement among Jamaicas poor blacks. One precept of the movement was a prohibition on cutting the hair. The long hair was then matted or braided into ropelike strands or coils. The wearer of such locks lived in dread or fear of god (Jah), hence the term dreadlocks developed for the hairstyle. But the hairstyle itself was in vogue for centuries before the word dreadlocks was coined.

The Rastafarian vow of uncut hair may have been taken from the book of Numbers (6:5), the fourth book of the Bible: All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head: until the days be fulfilled he shall be holy and shall let the locks of the hair of his head grow. Author Timothy White, in a biography of Rastafarian singer-songwriter Bob Marley, contends that the directive came from Leviticus 21:25: They shall not make baldness on their head

The tradition of the hair linking the wearer to the divinity and divine powers occurs in early Hindu legend. The god Shiva and his followers are often depicted with long, twisted locks of hair. In one legend Shiva gathered up the Ganges in his hair to keep it from flooding the Earth. Similarly, many ascetic and mystic groups within larger religions have advocated the wearing of long, braided hair, among them the Sufi and dervishes of Islam, the sadhus of Hinduism, Christian Coptic monks, and Jewish Nazarites (including Samson). In Central America before the 16th-century Spanish conquest, Aztec priests wore long, matted locks of hair. And in Australia, mummified Aborigines with long locks have been unearthed."

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By Sunshinelove, 2013-04-18

Finished them about 3 days ago :) Im a very proud mama to 1 little boy and about 47 fresh dreadlocks <3 Not gonna lie, they are going to take a little getting use to, but I already love them! They are a mess of loose hairs and just complete chaos but thats what I was going for :). I think they are looking pretty good!544802_435224256569952_417543395_n.jpg

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3 Weeks in. And I am just beginning to realize that its all about patience.

By Jimmy DC, 2013-04-16

So today is my third week of my long journey of natural dreads and well, reading a lot and thinking a lot, and just having conversations with friends(notspecificallyabout dreads, but life, faith, religion, spirituality). I finally realized that my dreads will just happen and that time really isrelativeand we all just need to be ourselves and live for what we believe is right. As a Christian I believe my purpose in earth is to glorify God and I want to achieve that through changing the world and making it a better place, and my slowly growing dreads will be part of my journey. We, humans, were made for worship and its something that is inside us all and I read about it today in a book, which i would recommend to anybody, the Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler. Even though the book is made for Christians who want to keep growing, there are many points that I believe not only Christians would agree on but anybody. Right now I'm just blurting out my mind and I hope everybody feels what I'm saying and maybe it could brighten up somebody's day because I feel and believe that Jesus Christ is with me and that he is there for anybody who accepts him and that even in the toughest of times he is there with you and I. Even if we have discouragement or doubt in our life that discouragement or doubt were made by our own choice and that we can as well choose to keep believing in our faith instead of doubting or choosing joy instead of feeling discouraged. Life is good. I actually just wanted to say that I got a job interview at Subway which is literally in front of where I live and I was worried about my head bcuz its starting to look a bit messy, but the manager likes me and my friends because we go to Subway at least once a week. So yeah hopefully I'll get that job which will help me be able to afford college and that I'll keep strong on my journey and faith, and that even in the worst of moments it will always be better at the end of times. So just wanted to share with you guys, I would really appreciate prayers and just good vibes and I'll try to get photo timeline of my hair. I'll post the first pictures when I hit three months. Peace to all of you.

Really random question for anybody that reads this. I was thinking about mixing some of the lockin up liquids shampoo with some baking soda method wash, just to get a little of that baking soda in there. So my question would be is that gonna be a bad mix or should that be alright?

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By Jordan, 2013-04-16
So I've recently started to embark on this dread journey. I have stopped brushing my hair and was wondering how often I should wash?? And what's the best way to wash when I have to?? Any thing will help thanks
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my dreads thus far!

By Kato, 2013-04-16
hello all fellow dreds out there, just wanted to say hey and share some thoughts.time has been flying and my dreads have changed so much yet seemingly grown so little in length. i am loving them more everyday and cant believe its been 17 months.apart from the usual awesomeness of not having to visit the hairdressers or think of what to do with my hair each day, my dreads are forever doin their own thing and just being, and i love that!.my lovlies are getin quite tightly knotted yet somehow i think thier gunner shrink just a little more yet, some ends have blunt all on their own and some are still wispy.i still have the same routine for washing bi carb and acv and use lavender and rosemary essential oils. i have however been using a little bit of coconut oil on my scalp once a fortnight to keep my dry scalp action at bay, that seems to be working out, "Horay for no dandruff".so thats my news so far,peace to allxo
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not sure whats going on

By Geno, 2013-04-16

i keep getting these loose butterfly wing looking hairs pulling out of my dreads. should i be worried?

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