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day 2 of twist n rip dreads :)

By flowerchild, 2013-05-18

so i had decided to start with the twist n rip method to get my journey started, nothin but neglect from here on out :) me so excited

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The beginning of my "Journal of my Dreadlock Journey"

By Maliba_Live85, 2013-05-15

I have always wanted dreads. Mostly out of vanity, because I love the look of them, but also for other reasons I couldn't quite put my finger on. So, 8 or so days ago, I went to a salon to get a consultation for a stylist to put in dreads for me. I was quoted a price of $125 an hour. I made an appointment (I can't believe that at that time I was willing to pay that much money) I am ashamed to admit that, but I now realize was a part of this journey that was supposed to happen. Anyway, I then I decided I didn't wanna wait til my appointment, which was a week later. About 5 days ago I decided to put in dreadlocks myself. I knew about the backcombing and dreadwax method and immediately went to knottyboy saw their "starter kit" then went to amazon and ordered the kit which got to my house the very next day because I have amazon prime and paid about 5 dollars for one day shipping. That 5 dollars, not to mention the almost 30 I spent on the kit could have been used for a much better purpose than that. Lesson learned. Anyway, so I backcombed and waxed and put in 4 thicker ones that I was only happy with for about 2 days. Scouring the internet for help, I found dreadlockssite and did lots of research. I decided to just take the ones out that I made and give up. Washing them out was a long, tedious process, and damaging to my hair. I lost a lot of hair. I freaked out when I finally started gathering up the brushed out hair because there was SO much of it. I then got back on dreadlockssite, even though I had decided to give up on the dreads, and was drawn to the natural method when I read about it and decided to do that as I figured out the details of making it work without having just one big rat's nest of hair. I also had the realization that the reason I wanted dreads (looks) was not really the reason and I just couldn't see it before. Still after having that epiphany, I realize that I am not able to to fully live that out yet, because I still care about the look, although much less so than before. Due to my impatience of wanting the look, I made 4 or 5 thin dreads with the twist and rip method I found out about on here, with the intention of doing the rest freeform (which oddly enough, I already have one freeformed lock) I didn't realize then, but do now, that those 4 dreads will serve as a reminder of where I started from, mentally and spiritually. I also learned what to expect during the process and that it would not be an easy thing to do. So, I spent the last amount of money I will spend on the beginning of my dreads and bought the wax-be-gone (I got most of the wax out, but I am sure there is still some residue) and a shampoo bar from the store on dreadlockssite. I also bought sea salt and clove oil (for the scent and the antibacterial and antiseptic properties) for a refresher and locking spray. I believe that growing these dreads is going to change my life. Here are my reasons and convictions at this point as to why I am starting my dreads for real and using the natural way.

1. To learn to not expect things, but to still have hope and optimism (because I want to learn all of these that are lessons and in reality I may or may not. But I hope I do)
2. To learn to not to care what other people think. I will be criticized a lot I am sure and probably made fun of, which is not easy for me to accept, but I will learn to be stronger and accept it. And even not to care what people think that like them.
3. They are a representation of my dislike of societal norms and a reminder to refuse to conform (it is expected and normal and common to brush your hair, I am not. Even small rebellions are important :) ) for ANY reason.
4. It is an aspect, reminder, and representation of living a more natural life, which is my intention that I tend to fail in action a lot for whatever reason. I am hoping this will be a kick start to acting on that intention more.
5.The 4 I started on my own were due to and represent my impatience, and vanity really (because I really do love the look, and that's ok, but I now I realize is not the most important part, in fact, it should be the least.)
6. If and when I learn all these lessons and during learning the lessons I will learn, whatever they may be, those 4 non-grown but made dreads will serve as a reminder of how far I have come, mentally and spiritually.
7. To learn patience, which is one of the things about myself I need to work on majorly. My extreme level of impatience about most anything is what causes a lot of problems in my life that could have been and would be very easily avoided if I could have just been able to "wait and see".
8. To better learn to just let go, let it be, and nature and life will do what it does on it's own.
9. To better learn to really "go with the flow"
10. To learn to get through frustration (when and if I think the dread process looks like crap, frizziness etc.) and accept what IS.
11. To learn not to give up, as I have a feeling at some point in this journey I will want to for whatever reason(s). I will be strong.

Ok, so far there are my reasons for wanting to dread the natural way now. I am sure during the process I will learn more lessons that I didn't know I even needed to learn and experience life in a different way. And I will document that here as best as I can. Please excuse any grammatical errors, as this has been a very stream of consciousness piece of writing.

Here's to new beginnings and to better learning the true meaning of peace!

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Serious Loose hair problem

By Sergio Gonzalez, 2013-05-15

This loose hair is killing me! WHat can i do about it:C

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i need help with my dreads

By newbke, 2013-05-15
so i got my dreads done by her making a braid and using a crotchet hook and twisting my hair and she put a lot of gel but looking on here i decided to wash that out so ive been washing my hair 3 days a week (my dreads are only 10 days old) and now the roots are loose and the rest of it is still twisted and poofy im guessing (i also use mango and lime spray on my hair) so should i keep twisted them or let them grow on their own and leave them alone ?
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3 months!

By Maleny, 2013-05-14

Tomorrow it will officially be 3 months with my (soon to be) dreads! I am just a bit concerned that they are not growing properly. They have gotten more loose and I do not know if that is normal. A few people offered to tighten them up, but I am not sure if that is a good idea. I just want my potential dreads to be healthy. If anyone has any insight or advice, it will be muchappreciated! Thank you!

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By Esheda, 2013-05-14

Hello Dreadfriends !

I send you a photo of my first 2 weeks natural dreads, letting wind and sun and sleep sculpt my coming dreads.. what a voyage !!

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It's like watching a beautiful garden grow... from seed!

By Nicole V., 2013-05-13

I'm only three weeks unbrushed at this point, but I am finding that every day there are these beautiful changes to watch. I am really enjoying that part. I'm also really amazed to see how quickly little baby locs are being born.

I have relatively fine wavy hair, but I have A LOT of it. It's always been a little on the "dry" side. I feel like maybe this is helping it to start knotting up so quick? My theory... could be complete rubbish for all I know. You can see in the photo below there are 4 or 5 baby dreads in the center, on the under part of my hair.

I never enjoyed brushing my hair, nor how my hair looked when it was brushed. Brushing killed the wave/curl in my hair, added frizz and generally gave me this look of "I didn't care shit for my hair today."

In fact, the only time that people seemed to say: "Oh, I like your hair" or "Your hair looks pretty today" was on days I woke up in the morning and didn't bother.

It must be a perfect fit... like it was meant to be that some day I would throw away that cursed brush forever.

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Dread Update!! Natural Locs 7 long spiritual months

By Eric Andrikowich, 2013-05-13

7 months natural in these photos

2 weeks after backcombed

7 months
Fresh after wash

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Great Journey

By James11, 2013-05-11

So its been 3 months since I started dreading and it's been a joyful time, some negative comments about not brushinh my hair but its ok.

It feels so fine when I see some baby dreads forming, sea salt mix has been a great help, my parents say I'm a hippie they want to cut my hair.

this little one started with about 5 strings of hair, it's gettin bigger.

so withoutfurther ado here are some pics.That's all, and happy dreading to all.

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Is this gross?

By Coloursnrainbows, 2013-05-11
So I was brushing my cat. It is an activity he absolutely loves. And I was thinking about all his hair that comes when I brush him. I thought I wonder if I can make a dread out of his hair. So then I got to rolling it in my hands. And here is the finishes product. Now would this be disturbing to anyone if it was attached to me own dreads? Obviously on a non permanent wayJust wondering what your thoughts are.I would love to have a peice of him and his energy with me all the time. And in the tarts that he won't be with me anymore. I do not want to think about that but he is 9 years old now.
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