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dreadlocks shampoo


baby dreads

By solomiya, 2013-05-27

i just started dreading two and a half months ago and i used half neglect half backcombing because i was impatient, and the neglected ones are already dreaded up, and some of the blunted themselves. this is my favorite dreadlock site and this journey is really cool although every. body. stares at me hahahmoredreads


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By seaira espenship, 2013-05-23
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Concentration and quitting smoking

By AJ3, 2013-05-22
I was wondering if anyone who has previously stopped smoking has had any issues with concentration after giving up smoking. I am having a horrible time with focusing on tasks and would like any advice as far as remedies, or how to not feel like I have ADD x 100 , lol. Thanks!
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Magic of 7 months

By DreadfulAmenita, 2013-05-22

So far, 7 months seems like my magic month. Suddenly I'm starting to see growth. My hair is dragging my shoulders at last. My husband noted this week that my hair is starting to look really good - like actual dreads. Some of the little sections that had broken off, making their little independent short curly-cues are making little tiny dreads. It all seems to be coming together. 7 months is for me my "I finally really like my hair" mark.

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fun with dyslexia

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2013-05-20

i have so many recordinfgs from rainbow gatherings im always finding ones i never heard besfore

just now came across this gem

fun with dyslexia

the three pittle ligs


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14 months T&R journey

By the Barrellady, 2013-05-20

Well my friends, here I am at 14 months into my journey, my dreads are finally not so wild looking anymore. Hopefully in 6 more months they will be fully mature. My bangs aren't dreading, but that's okay, maybe one day they will. Enjoying everything I have been through so far, wild ride and all, everything I have learned and everything that has yet to come....Peace

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how to fix dread whitout crochet hook?

By sofie johansen, 2013-05-20

My dreads is werry fine and i still love them so much! But my problem is my hair is growing like everybodys hair do. and i have lose mycrochet hook to fix it so i can make new hair to dread also. Is there a way to make new hair to dreads whitout things or i am need to buy? :)

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My dreads are all coming loose :(

By Sunshinelove, 2013-05-19

The ones on top are all coming apart at the roots and at the ends and meeting like half way, I think imma brush the top ones out since my hair is super soft still up there and would only take about 2 hours maybe. Then Imma bleach the top to match my bottoms and re T n R the top part. :/ sighhh curse my hair for naturally being straight and super soft. I will dread yet, I will have my beautiful dreadies <3

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1 month crazy frizzy hair. HELP

By Kelsey2, 2013-05-18

So I have been dreading for almost a month and my hair is just frizzy and crazy in the back... any suggestions on how to tame this? I have thick THICK wavy hair.

:) Thank u

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First blog: Why I chose dreadlocks

By Love Bug, 2013-05-18

Hey everyone!

I thought I posted a blog already sort of explaining why I started to do dreadlocks but I guess it did not post so now I am going to try it again.

I started my dreadlocks on March 11, 2013 after thinking about them for many months before going through with it. I tried the backcomb method, TnR method and now am finally going to just do the neglect.
I will not lie, I used to think that dreadlocks were really gross...I had heard so many horror stories about them. I have always struggled with my hair. It is naturally curly (super curly in spots and only wavy in others) so I have been straightening my hair since I was 11 years old!! This has been extremely harmful on my hair so after it grew to my chin I would cut it off, and I mean SHORT! I have never liked my hair...especially long because it is just too much maintenance.
Then I met my husband and he loves long I decided to grow it out, however I feel so awkward with long hair unless it is pulled back in a ponytail. So after growing my hair for 4 years it just stopped growing once it got to my was so damaged from being washed daily (it is extremely oily) and straightened daily (if worn down).
Back in October 2012 I saw a guy who was about my age and he had dreadlocks pulled back in a tie and then tied again in the middle because they were sooooo long and I became fascinated. They were so gorgeous! So I started researching and fell in love.
The first loc I had, I had backcombed and it looked good at first but then turned all gross I took it out. Then I decided that I would twist n rip one and it eventually unraveled so I decided that going all natural was definitely for me...especially considering that I feel a person looks their best when they are in their natural state (no make up, natural hair, etc.).
Since I have started my dreads I have gained more confidence in myself and have truly started to love who I am. I have been able to understand people for who they are and accept that. I am currently working myself up to a full 2-3 week detox fast as I want the best for my body. I am growing so much mentally, emotionally and spiritually and it feels amazing!
My hair is still sectioning itself out but you can tell it is doing what it is supposed to be doing!!! I love not using shampoo or conditioner as they were so expensive!! Instead I just use the baking soda wash and ACV rinse. What a difference that made with my oily hair and my scalp has NEVER been so clean and healthy! I was only washing once every 3-4 days, however, I noticed that the progress was verrrrry slow as far as my hair knotting up so I have gone back to washing daily or every other day and it is a definite difference. I love it so much.

Well this is my explanation why I started dreadlocks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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