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10 monthss

By kayla robbins, 2013-06-22
I am currently about ten months into my journey. And I cant express enough how free I feel, was always so self conscious about my hair before. I hated it actually. But now I love all my dreadies individually, and they all got little personalities of their own. Its definitely an inner transformation as well as an outer one. I'm learning to not worry about the little things and just appreciate things for what they are. <3Peace & love to all
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Windows Down

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-22
Loving being able to have the windows down without worrying about my hair getting tangly. Now, I can actually benefit from it. Yay.
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When does it become "too" thin?

By Isak Nesse, 2013-06-22

Hi all, I'm a new comer to the site (a great community might I add) originally here just for information, but wanting to stay for the people! Anywho, as you could probably guess, I've been wanting dreadlocks for a long time, and I figured that with the change that comes with graduating highschool, why not start the journey for dreads? So I did some research and heard that the natural way, and TnR methods were the nicest in terms of damage. I decided to go with the TnR method since I'm going to be looking for a job, and my hair being left unkept maaaaaaaay hinder that haha. So I went through the process of it all, and came out with the soon-to-be locks! (Well "soon" may be an exaggeration).
Well It's been a week now, and I know I'm going through the standard early stage paranoia of wanting them to form and all, but I am legitimately curious.

I have a few spots on my head, mostly in the back that almost seem completely taken out! Not in any sort of separated "lock" at all!
I can handle requiring patience for the journey, I can handle waiting. I just want to know if I'm still on track, if that makes sense. That they're not so far gone that I should've tried re- tying them weeks ago!

And on a side note, would it be a negative thing to touch up the very loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

I did the TnR method 1 week ago, some patches are very nearly out. Is it normal for them to be THAT loose? And should I touch up loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

Thanks in advance for any help that I receive! It definitely means a lot!

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The Time Has Come

By Michael Powell, 2013-06-21

Hello I am new here and never felt to welcome so quickly. I have be reading discussions and posts and have learned so much so fast. I want to thank Soaring Eagle and Barrellady for all the information, advice, and support they give. Really how do you find the time? I have just started my journey but already feel the support and empowerment that this community provides. I am so thankful I found this site. I also want to thank Vicki of Dreadlock Shampoo for being such a kindred spirit and for creating such superior products to support my journey. I all of a sudden have a clearer mind and clearer perspective. Thanks

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Good Morning Beautiful People

By Jennaleigh Moonflower, 2013-06-21
Today is an extra perfect day why? Because we all are here and have so many blessings to be thankful for. So smile and greet a stranger today and make them feel loved. Make your friends and family happy by showing them you appreciate them. Each day begins with a blank slate, and the most important thing is to take care of our own health and happiness.
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Day 1 Organic

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-19
I want to make sure I document this journey very meticulously. I'm really looking forward to not only the outward changes in myself, but the inward as well. So here's to day 1 of my dread journey. Any and all tips are welcome. <3
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Starting dreads/Dying hair

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-18
Hi everyone. I've been contemplating dreads for about 3 years now. Five years ago I was in a diving accident that left me paralyzed. Today I have a pretty normal right side but my left is still not there. So when deciding if dreads were right for me the issue of upkeep was always the stumbling block. How would I manage/maintain them with only one working hand. Since stumbling on this site I've really gotten excited about organic dreads.SO, onto my question. I have been dying my hair various wild colors for about 2 years now. I change the color pretty much every month. My next appointment is in a little over 2 weeks. Everything I've read about starting dreads says to start with clean hair. My question is: If I get my hair done (colored) would it be ok to start dreading that day? I plan to do natural dreads. My concern was the leftover dye that would be in my hair/scalp. Should I wait until a few washes later or will they be fine?Thanks in advance. :)
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hi everyone!

By ashley9, 2013-06-18

hi! my name is ashley. my dreads are currently 1 month old. i could not be more happier with my decision to start growing! i started with the backcombing method. took me 14 hours. woo what a journey that was :-). i was looking around for tips on dread maintenance and came across this lovely site and here i am!

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Week 2

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-06-18

I'm about 2 weeks into this journey. It feels like my dreads are already starting to take form. It's an exciting feeling when I wake up and all of my hair is happily clumped into baby dreads.

I'm up to 39 dreads so far. I have a feeling this may increase though due to the fact that some of my larger dreads seem to want to separate. I've been helping them do so and figure it's best for my hair to decide what he wants to do.

I'll be heading to Florida on Thursday for vacation. I can't wait to soak in the ocean and let my dreads get ahold of some natural salt water.

As for the negatives, my scalp seems to itch still. The baking soda shampoo I created helped for a day at most and then my scalp was back at it again with the itching. I'm going to keep experimenting and of course, washing them every three days rather than every week to see if this helps.

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The start of my dread journey. Tips/tricks/advice welcomed

By Josh Bradshaw, 2013-06-18

First off I should explain a bit about why I chose to have my dreads formed. I have struggled with almost an obsessive/compulsive nature about my appearance for years, to the point where it impacts how I go about my day. I had a routine in the morning that would take exactly an hour and forty five minutes on a good day. Now, this was not simply out of vanity. I would literally feel that something was off if I did something out of order, or if something looked different than how I usually put myself together. I usually accept change pretty well, however when it came to my appearance (more so how I felt I should look, rather than how I felt others would see me) I was very hard pressed to do things differently without feeling extraordinarily off.

That being said, I chose dreads to try and break me from these habits. Not only that, but also to try and help save my hair (which I am also convinced is in the process of thinning) from all of the harsh chemicals caused by over the counter boxed dyes, and cheap shampoo. Oh, and I forgot to mention part of my routine involved washing my hair every single day in order to maintain the same I slowly weaned myself down to just conditioning every day and washing every three days, however this is still not really the best situation for thinning hair.

I chose to have them formed at loctician locally that specializes in natural hair and "locs" specifically. It came recommended by a friend of a friend, whom I had met, and had seen what the end results looked like. For me, I had to have them formed at a salon. If I hadn't made a drastic change all at once I probably would have taken them out long before I was able to see them even in adolescence. I had done plenty of research on all of the methods, dos/donts, and anything I could find to see what would work for me in the long term. I really wish I could have had the fortitude to go through with neglect, but that just wasn't an option.

So now here we are, and I just had my dreads formed not but 24 hours ago with the backcomb method with a light amount of crochet (and absolutely no wax or products). It is definitely tough to see myself entirely different from my day to day (especially with all the new dread fuzz, and the fact that of course they're far from perfect). However, I am still looking to the future and the hopes that one day they will look as glorious as I imagine.

Now for the questions. I know with the crochet method there is a lot of maintenance involved in upkeep. Is that to say that one cannot start off with one method, and then continue with multiple methods? I would like to at some point work with different methods to achieve different styles to add a little more character to my dreads. I would appreciate any tips and information, as I'm sure it will be needed in the months to come before they become more mature.

Any who, that's that, and I am now a part of something bigger than myself.

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