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Week 3

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-06-26

Back from Florida and missing it horribly. My hair seems to agree as well. The ocean water felt amazing on my scalp and my dreads seem to be much happier after.

I've been washing my hair more often with the bs mix and started using the acv rinse as well. My hair has never been this happy. The dreads are getting frizzier with each wash and are clumping up well. The also seem to be much softer. I have noticed that some are trying to split in two again so I've been assisting them.

Other than that, everything seems to be working out well. :)

And for those who are curious, this is what I used for my bs mixture:

  • 3/4 cup of baking soda
  • 15-20 drops of tea tree oil
  • a small cap full of lavender oil (it didn't have a dropper end)
  • a couple squirts of lemon juice

I put this all in my blender, filled it the rest of the way up with water, blended, and then dumped it on my head and let it sit for 20 minutes. Followed that up with a acv and water mixture. Rinse rinse rinse with super cold water (miserable but worth it) and instant happy dreads. :D

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By Vandreren, 2013-06-25

I often get trapped in a loop of thought. An argument with myself about liberty and what it entails. Two broken records bleat on and on, to the point where I get disgusted with myself. What affirms life? The act of protecting it? The act of building peace between those you love and living in the golden, primal structure of family? Does the knowledge of its fragility, the fragility of all those moments affirm life? I try not to contemplate mortality. Instead I look for in life what reinforces life. Yet that is what puts the needle to the seconddesire and fulfillment. Does attainment affirm life? It seems to be the popular idea. Life has no meaning, so fulfill yourself. Why? You lose the moments. You lose the surprises and the illuminations. You lose the wholeness that comes from the chaotic struggle for living and replace it with a slogging through the calculated wants of an untested mind. You live in mental construction, trapped in the neurotic structures of your desires, which are barrier to the living world. You need rawness to feel life. You need to be surprised and changed and broken down and reforged. You need to be able to prove yourself and acheive honor. Honor affirms life by building a person into something that touches more than the individual. Desire is to touch oneself only in fulfillment and attainment. Honor is to touch many, to live in many forms and in many hearts. An honorable deed sparks life in others. So where does this put liberty? What does freedom mean to a person trying to continuously affirm life? What does freedom mean to tight-knit groups of people, constantly reinforcing the lives of one another? How does it limit them? How does it enable them?

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My "Surprise Dreads"

By LadyDreadedStardust, 2013-06-23


I joined dreadlockssite with a full head of artificial, synthetic dreadlocks. After TWO DAYS, I decided to take out my falsies, which gave me extreme confidence and made me feel, well, beautiful, in favour of starting my actual dreadlocks, using the natural method.

Well, you can guess how surprised I was when, as one by one I took out my false locks, a little tuft of hair stuck up, unfurled and...wait for it, PINGED UP as if to say "ello mam, why you been hiding us?"

My face was a picture. It is like I grew dreadlocks out of sheer will of wanting with a couple of days. Having my synthetics in for 12 weeks probably helped too (but I'm going with the "sheer will," theory)

So now I have afro roots with little dreadlocks hiding within. They're sticking up all over the place, like a multi-limbed star fish. Some are skinny, some are a bit chunky, but they're MINE! HA, and I was surprised by my little fluffy babies being born from synthetics.

Peace guys, hope you enjoyed this :)

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My soon-to-be fatties and a combining question

By GoldiLocs, 2013-06-22

So I have let my dreads form naturally with separation and washing alone over the last 14 months. I had soft, smooth, very fine, bouncy, weightless ringlets when I still combed my hair and my hair naturally sectioned daily before I even considered letting it dread.

That said, many of my sections are naturally small and horizontal, especially in the back. My dreads are semi mature, with thinner and flatter ones in the back of the top layer of dreads. The underneath dreads are almost all fat and round with larger natural sections. I realize those have matured faster, but the less mature top ones (the ones I am slightly less than happy with) have much smaller sections and with the experience I have thus far, I realize they are not going to be the size I want. If I combine some of them, I am looking at closer to an inch by an inch instead of half inch by one inch sections. I love fat dreads, especially on women.

So, my question to all of you beautiful fellow dreadies with combining experience..

Should I use beads or hemp? Something else?

(Oh and I should mention that I have of course tried just not separating but they aren't joining on their own)

Thanks in advance!


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10 monthss

By kayla robbins, 2013-06-22
I am currently about ten months into my journey. And I cant express enough how free I feel, was always so self conscious about my hair before. I hated it actually. But now I love all my dreadies individually, and they all got little personalities of their own. Its definitely an inner transformation as well as an outer one. I'm learning to not worry about the little things and just appreciate things for what they are. <3Peace & love to all
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Windows Down

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-22
Loving being able to have the windows down without worrying about my hair getting tangly. Now, I can actually benefit from it. Yay.
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When does it become "too" thin?

By Isak Nesse, 2013-06-22

Hi all, I'm a new comer to the site (a great community might I add) originally here just for information, but wanting to stay for the people! Anywho, as you could probably guess, I've been wanting dreadlocks for a long time, and I figured that with the change that comes with graduating highschool, why not start the journey for dreads? So I did some research and heard that the natural way, and TnR methods were the nicest in terms of damage. I decided to go with the TnR method since I'm going to be looking for a job, and my hair being left unkept maaaaaaaay hinder that haha. So I went through the process of it all, and came out with the soon-to-be locks! (Well "soon" may be an exaggeration).
Well It's been a week now, and I know I'm going through the standard early stage paranoia of wanting them to form and all, but I am legitimately curious.

I have a few spots on my head, mostly in the back that almost seem completely taken out! Not in any sort of separated "lock" at all!
I can handle requiring patience for the journey, I can handle waiting. I just want to know if I'm still on track, if that makes sense. That they're not so far gone that I should've tried re- tying them weeks ago!

And on a side note, would it be a negative thing to touch up the very loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

I did the TnR method 1 week ago, some patches are very nearly out. Is it normal for them to be THAT loose? And should I touch up loose ones with more tearing and ripping?

Thanks in advance for any help that I receive! It definitely means a lot!

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The Time Has Come

By Michael Powell, 2013-06-21

Hello I am new here and never felt to welcome so quickly. I have be reading discussions and posts and have learned so much so fast. I want to thank Soaring Eagle and Barrellady for all the information, advice, and support they give. Really how do you find the time? I have just started my journey but already feel the support and empowerment that this community provides. I am so thankful I found this site. I also want to thank Vicki of Dreadlock Shampoo for being such a kindred spirit and for creating such superior products to support my journey. I all of a sudden have a clearer mind and clearer perspective. Thanks

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Good Morning Beautiful People

By Jennaleigh Moonflower, 2013-06-21
Today is an extra perfect day why? Because we all are here and have so many blessings to be thankful for. So smile and greet a stranger today and make them feel loved. Make your friends and family happy by showing them you appreciate them. Each day begins with a blank slate, and the most important thing is to take care of our own health and happiness.
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Day 1 Organic

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-06-19
I want to make sure I document this journey very meticulously. I'm really looking forward to not only the outward changes in myself, but the inward as well. So here's to day 1 of my dread journey. Any and all tips are welcome. <3
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