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By Red Lola, 2013-07-12

So I just joined this site, finally, I began my dread journey about 5 months ago. I have chosen the natural method, which is good for my practice in patience. My partner inspired me to dread my hair. my question today is- can I avoid all the little white ended hairs, which are not attached to my scalp anymore, from being part of my dreads? They really bother me, and I am wondering if I just haven't looked close enough at other people's dreads to notice them or are there methods to keep my dreads free of them.

thanks a ton for any comments and suggestions


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Root joining issue

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-11
I'm having a seriously hard time keeping my dreads from joining at the roots. Anything I can do?
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Live close to the ocean??

By Alexandro Colon, 2013-07-11

Just wanted people to post pics if they are usually at the beach or just in the ocean - wanna see a dreading difference from people that usually go in the ocean alot , thanks!

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A little over a month

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-07-11

Fun things are happening after a month or so of dreading. I'm starting to get the loops and stringy hair and several of my dread babies are starting to form. The bottoms are starting to come loose on most of them however they are still holding their form.

Pretty sure some shrinkage is starting to happen too since several dreads are starting to kink up. It feels awesome.

The only issue I'm seeing is that several of my dreads feel really thin towards the roots. I'm guessing it's because they're just not fully dreaded up near the scalp whereas the rest is fluffy and frizzy, making them feel fuller near the middle and bottom.

I'm really pleased with the progress so far. I honestly didn't think they'd be forming this quickly but I'm 100 percent okay with it.

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Should I be worried about these?

By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-11
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By AJ3, 2013-07-10
It's been a few months since I've blogged so here's a quick update. All my tips have locked and I have one completely dreaded deadlock now! After the tnr and switching to an all natural bar soap to wash and sleeping in a tam, all of them have stayed in except for 3 or 4 that washed out on two separate occasions.To all of the new to be dreadies, stay focused and be patient it will happen.
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Quick update!

By Liz2, 2013-07-10

So it's been almost 8 months at this point since I decided to let my hair go. The few TnR ones I made fell out (except for one) and the rest of my hair has been dreading naturally. Yesterday was the first time I seriously considered brushing out my hair. It was just a wild, ridiculously crazy rats nest. I felt like a cave woman, but not in a good way. I have to tie my hair back at work which is horribly frustrating when my hair does NOT want to cooperate and honestly it doesn't look any less crazy tied back. Haha.

The customers at my job are very...blunt and...crude/rude at times. I constantly have people staring at my head like they're disgusted or making comments like "bad hair day?". I just try to ignore it/play it off, but it does become tiring/irritating at times. Also...trying to keep these bad boys from turning into one giant lock is hard work! I honestly feel like I have to separate multiple times every day to keep everything from tangling into one mass. Already some of the sections are pretty big from dreadlings merging together. I can't do anything about it at this point unless I just want to completely brush/cut them out. I figure I'll try to separate them the best that I can and hope for the best. :[

Anyway, so yesterday I decided that I was going to brush my little dreadlings out. Then I looked in the mirror and pulled at them and played with them. It made me sad to think of actually going through with it after all of this time. I knew that I'd be depressed if I actually did it. SO, I'm going to keep on keeping on. Just have to keep telling myself that it's worth it.

At first I was all like "I'm going to keep a photo diary of my progress, yeah!" Then I was like "wow, I'm really too lazy to do all of that". Haha. I'm going to try to get some photos posted soon though. It'll be cool to be able to look back and see how much progress has been made.

Anywho. Enough rambling. For now, here is one from a little less than two months in. Sorry for the weird lighting/quality/size. I had to brighten it to actually see my hair and it was taken with a crappy tablet camera. :p

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looking like a mess!

By Nicole V., 2013-07-10
I'm nearly five months into my dread journey now and am finding that my head is turning into a giant static ball. All the lose little hairs standing at attention as if to say: we won't assimilate! I'm at that pint where I don't feel like I look like I have dreads, despite the fact that there are many tightening locs on my head, there is the to most layer of my hair that just falls in silly waves over my dreads. I feel like I'm rocking the crazy homeless lady look: sans the lice and smell.One of the guys I work with finally said something about my hair looking messy, I laughed and said "well its about time!"I still love my hair, we are just going through an awkward stage together.
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my baby son dreads!!

By jazzymomma, 2013-07-10

so i wanted to talk a little bit about whether or not to begin a dreadlock journey for me little baby son?

my concerns are as follows:

will he be ok with the changes??

is my son too young to start dreads?(15 m)

will i be shamed or ridiculed by other parents in community?

how will going to elementary school with dreadlocks be for him?


my son has long hair long enough for pony tail

he seems to enjoy mommas dreaded locs and plays with them

he has fine textured hair but curly, and every morning awake from sleep he magically has dreads lol like 20 of them all sectioned on own

i have to rip and break his hair daily to brush it out (im affraid its doing harm and causing him unnecessary stress? but idk)



these 3 pics dreads one week old yay

he has a little more sections formed now and the knots lil tighter and webing lil tiny congos hahaha awwww kind of blurry but can see the sections and lil thickness to the knots just a lil :D YAY im so excited haha he is around a month along here:D

awww my baby boy dreadies at 2 months wow they r doin good!!! so excited check out his lil congo below.i do hope he grows to luv them as much as mommy.

now when mommy says show me the babys dreadies he smiles an pats his head an hair. an shakes his head. all cute making sure mommys looking haha and he grabs mommys dreads and then his own and laughs lol love his lil butt hes smart.

6-7-2013 ok so update me family an my sons family combed these lil beautiful baby dreads out 5x ovr. pissed me off. but we had to make threats in order for them to stop! sad im not tht way but only thing that wrked:( here he is now after the hell of them rippin his hair out making him cry to take them out his hair is lil thinner too now poor happy lil dready Leviticus an may he grow to really llove his locs soon:) i kno in my heart im making the right choice for him.

6-17-13 about 10 days old baby dreadies yay :) so cute...sooo excited for upcoming months on our journey together


levis lil dreads r coming along hes with his father an hope wen comes back home to momma hes still got them!! i been helpin to form natural neglect method for months now they keep getting them out!! behind my back! anyways update pics yayyyy

awww natural dreadlock hawk lol cute ha lil dreads an tiny congos aww i luv emhis natural sectioning doing well :)yay proud dready moma stay tuned to my babys journey as he matures with moma an mommas dreads:)

my levi dready baby visiting the deer in the deer park says: "hi my deer" lol awwww

his hair is coming along slowly but surely completely natural neglectjust after bath an dry dreads aww lil sections lol:)

baby levis hair growing longer and getting more dready too lol !! yay he is now allowing me to tie back his hair during play sometimes so its not in his face an eyes leaving it in eyes will actually cause vision impurities later in life. although he only lets me tie it back only handful of times a week is better than not at all lol he sleeps and plays with it down most of time.

woot 31 locked tight dreads in back underneath area rest is sectioning well yay

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By Jaquie Farmer, 2013-07-09
About 3 weeks ago, I did the twist and rip method to the underside of my hair. I left the top half to dread naturally. Since then, my hair has probably grown out about an inch and the inch of roots I left undreaded are now about 2 inches (obviously, I know). My question is about separating the roots. It seems as if the dreads are still separated but at the roots I can't distinguish one from another. I was wondering if this is a problem because as I've tried to pull it apart so that each individual dread goes all the way to the root I just can't seem to get it completely to the scalp.
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