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dreadlock journey part 1.

By Salem Haley, 2013-07-17

I recently got my hair dreaded but with the crochet method. Really wished I came across this website before doing so. After researching and finding helpful tips I've decided to take out the dreads and start over. (dreads are only 3 days old) My hair is still soft so it's coming off very easily. My hair feels suffocated & forced. I want them to feel free the way they should.

very excited to actually begin the natural dreading process!

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My Timeline, Natural separation, TnR, Neglect..

By Little Steven, 2013-07-16

This is my second dread journey, I feel like its the first 'real' experience as last time I used wax, backcombing, dreadheadhq shampoo, and I was even told to shave portions of my hair, that wouldnt dread!! This time I decided to do my research, due to a rebirth in I conscience and do it all over again, but this time the real way, and for real reasons, Jah whilling. So about almost two months ago I started washing my hair in dilluted Dr. Bronners peppermint, and after about two weeks I started seeing sections, I was going to do them natural, But one night I wife and I just felt it in our hearts to take the sections that my hair had chosen, and twist and rip them to start them along.. this was after several hours of work, and patience.

After about a week then looked like this.

And Here is I at about a month Since the TnR..

looks messy, but they look natural, and amazing

hoping by starting this, I can have a timeline of my progress, to look back on and compare. Plan to post every couple months. seeing progress is inspirational, motivating. I give thanks and praise to the most high, for choosing I to take this new journey, and blessing I with the opportunity to show the true love that resonates in all of us. Shalom :)

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new dreads. tips, help, opinions?

By Tanner Hawkins, 2013-07-16

New dreads. twist and rip. couple days old

ideas? help?






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new dreads. tips, help?

By Tanner Hawkins, 2013-07-16

new to the site and new to dreadlocks. just dreaded my hair with twist + rip method about 3 days ago. had extremely straight smooth hair beforehand. they feel like theyre locking up well, it takes time and i'm fine with that, but does anyone have any hints/tips for healthy new dreadlocks? any help is much appreciated!

-T hawk

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My Dread Locks Journey Pt 1

By Kym2, 2013-07-15
When I first asked family how they thought I would look in dread locks the looks of horror I received were disturbing. At first I cared, somewhat, then I thought 'wait a second' I am almost 46! I'm a independent, free thinking, feminist woman! Who the hell cares what other people think?
I've always wanted dread locks. For as long as I can remember. But I've
had short hair for many years, so I never considered it an option. A couple of years ago I let me hair grow longer. And this month I found it to be a length I found comfortable having dreads in. I spent a good month prior researching dread locks online. Different dread forms, maintenance, styles, washing.
I settled on natural or neglect form dreads with some twist and rip to get themkick-started. I stopped combing my hair for a few days and WOW what a difference that made! My hair was so full and pretty!
More importantly, I was asking myself 'why?' Why dreads now?
As I age I want to set a reminder for myself to let go of beauty standards. I let go of the body standards, so why not beauty? Beauty is within, not on the outside. I shine from the inside! I want to live a more natural life. I became a vegetarian many months ago, quit smoking last year and I want my outward appearance to match how I am feeling on the inside.
I don't want to have to brush my hair anymore!! I don't want to have to straighten it or worry about the grey coming in!! I want to be free of the society pressures of how I am "supposed" to look!! I want to just "be".
I'm good with the dread process. I know there will be days where my hair will be frizzy, crazy, mean, wild and crappy. But that is part of the process and I accept that and am fine with it. I have given myself over to that process.
I am learning the true meaning of peace.

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18 month update

By Kelsey Cliche!, 2013-07-14

I'm pretty terrible at updating, life is pretty busy with grad school, work, and wedding planning!

I started my dreads with twist & rip and some backcombing, then did a little bit more backcombing on a few around the 9 month mark. My long layer is finally starting to knot up. I'm at about 18 1/2 months now.

I just have photos from instagram of my hair, so here they are. The photo of the sides was from last night, the front/back pic was from a few weeks ago!

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Baptized in Fire and Ice. My ancestors call to me.

By Vandreren, 2013-07-13

"Oh with gentle hands he did sway me

Over the flames to strengthen and purify

Oh, with loving words did he dab me

With springs last snow for cleansing me his child"

These are lyrics from the Bathory album, Hammerheart". Which later goes on to proclaim.

"Oh, having it with me

From the first day of my life

always carrying them within me

The powers of Fire and Ice

Now I pass unto thee

My son what was given to me"

Fire and Ice. These are described in our lore of the Eddas to be great powers, extreme poles that come together to create life. This is a theme in the creation myths. That life came from fire and ice. Is this a metaphor or a superstition?

It might be neither. Actually, our ancestors may have had a ton of insight about the energies that created life.

Science can tell us about the rocky surface of the earth. It can tell us that a great heat splintered these miles of rock, which allowed mist to form in the many cracks and crevices that the heat created. When great heat turned to great cold, this mist became ice, breaking apart the rock more and more. This happened over and over again, and on a smaller scale. What did this process create? Soil. Life. Two opposing titanic forces created one of the top life-giving substances in the world.

Was this knowledge literally known by our ancestors? Probably not. What IS known is that the concept of fire and ice was part of their cosmology. I do beleive it was a gods-given insight, or perhaps something understood through divine reflection.

At the core, our people are fire and ice. In constant opposition, yet peaceful when neither force need be used. Frith is the concept of peace in a kindred or communal sense. A sacred place where harmony is between people, gods, and spirits of the earth. A state. This state is crucial to life. It is the state of a pure people, be it pure in love or pure in virtue. Brotherhood, marriage, parenthood, community, and faith. These are all the products of great, life-protecting forces, and therefore products of fire and ice.

This is sacred knowledge, an understanding that in great conflict, great effort and exertion and will, things are created.

This can also coincide with the heathen philosopher Colin Clearys concepts of Will and Openness", which he believes are two states of being that are innate and required to communicate with the gods and the spiritual world. Through openness and suppression of our instincts of will, which naturally tries to posit itself on the world around us, we achieve a state of openness, and this allows sacred reflection.

Through this reflection we are susceptible to the effusion of great spiritual energies around us, some of these being the gods themselves. We take this knowledge, which we have gathered in a great open state, and feed it to our other pole: Will.

The Will within us is then greatly empowered by this knowledge and contact with the divine, and we use it to enrich our lives, the lives of those within our communities, and in many cases the world around us.

Thus we see, through two opposing states. Peace and conflict, will and openness, fire and is created in many forms.

This is why we are all baptized in fire and ice. Our folk and our gods, empowered to the end by a kind of strength unique and needed in the world

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By Mario hernandez, 2013-07-13

is it better to start dreads with shorter hair or longer hair????

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16yr. Freeform Dreadlock Anniversary for Me

By Trina Sandress, 2013-07-13

16yrs going strong. I knew once my hair started locking that I was in it for eternity. For me my dreadlocks mean freedom. I am free to be me and to love me for what comes out naturally. I have faced many confrontations and giggles and snide comments behind my back waiting in line at grocery stores,people shouting out of their windows "You nappy headed nigger" but you know I have become immune to all of their negativity. It bounces right off of my aura because I truly love who I am and know that I only want to be me and not some commercial version of a human being that society expects me to be. I am liberating myself, constantly growing,and becoming more and more confident within as the years go by. I hope you all are enjoying life and staying drama free as much as possible.

Warm Regards,

Trina Sandress

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By Red Lola, 2013-07-12

So I just joined this site, finally, I began my dread journey about 5 months ago. I have chosen the natural method, which is good for my practice in patience. My partner inspired me to dread my hair. my question today is- can I avoid all the little white ended hairs, which are not attached to my scalp anymore, from being part of my dreads? They really bother me, and I am wondering if I just haven't looked close enough at other people's dreads to notice them or are there methods to keep my dreads free of them.

thanks a ton for any comments and suggestions


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