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Donations for kitty?

By ginger.rose, 2013-07-21
I don't want to detract from the site's donation campaign - if you're not already aware, soaring eagle is in need of funds to make sure we beat the competition and stay strong as a community.That said, I have a campaign of my own - please consider helping fund Jack's eye surgery, which is booked for Monday morning. Thank you for any help you can provide!
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Dread day 13... frizz,frizz,frizz!

By Moon Raven, 2013-07-19

Hair has started to dread on its own, YIPPEEEEE! But I look like a big red headed dandelion!

Tomorrow is my youngest daughters college grad party, she's 26 & hopes to rehab primates someday.

Anyway the fam has no idea I've decided to rock dreads so should be fun when I see them shake their heads, most of them are very straight laced Christians & their road is the only road to travel. Honestly I find it very odd that I'm related to them.

I'm going to rock my baby dreads & frizzies, 8-((( , by wearing a beautiful scarf as a head band.

Peace, love & blessings.

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Just started my journey... Yesterday.

By Crystal Miller, 2013-07-19
I've had dreadlocks before. I ripped and twisted my way to a head of thin and fuzzy dreads and took them out a few weeks later. Then I tried braiding in synthetic dreadlocks I got online but they left me feeling fake and like my head was a million pounds too heavy, so they only lasted a week. Now, I start my journey. The other times didn't even feel real to me. I'm going all natural/neglect, and already enjoying it. (I'm only one day in tho O.o). I finally feel like I have chosen the right path for myself. If anyone have any tips or encouragement, it is more then welcome. And if you can answer this question for me, I will be forever in your debt... Well in your debt for at least a month. :X. I want to make homemade beads. Since my hair has not dreaded yet can I still put beads in? Will it help the sectioning process? Will it slow down the dread process? I already have some nots forming in the back where I sleep, can I put beads on them to keep them from becoming one huge knot? I just want to put pretty beads in my hair, is that so much to ask?!
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This is an address for an amazing place.

By Sweet,, 2013-07-18
This is just a nice place to have a look at, I don't believe in crocheting at all or having dreads 'done' instantly, I just thought the place they have and their style was really natural.

The fact that they both love dreads just made it all the more interesting for me and anything to do with dreads always gets my attention. Please understand that i'm so not into instant dreads done with the crochet method, but do like seeing people that have not got dreads decide to have them, I love the before and after pics.

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Finally took of my dreads

By Frida Virrueta, 2013-07-18

I cleary did not know enough about dreads but of course I though I did because thats a mistake us humans sometimes make thinking we know everything when we dont and thats okay because we can experience and then learn from it like i did with this croche method :) My dreads are tone know and it feels so good I will most def. never let near a croche hook to my hair. My hair is really damaged and thin right now and honestly it sucks and I feel bad for it because hair needs to be treated nicely but I did what I did. I honestly have about a 60% of hait of the 100% I use to have, oh well...

Ps. I left one dread in memmory of the well learned of mistake I made and well I also kind of wanted to keep it (:

And heres a picture of the last 6 dreads I had to remove it took me 2 days to remove those

the one i left is the one with the green string

May you all have a wonderful day/night Inhale positivy and exhale negativy always remember

Dont sweat it :) <3 <3 <3

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First wash

By Eddie B., 2013-07-17

Ive had my dreads almost a month and no wash yet, not really bothering me since I wore braids for weeks at a time for months before to get my scalp ready .. Any suggestion on when to do the first good wash or is it really just when I feel like it needs to be done ????

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dreadlock journey part 1.

By Salem Haley, 2013-07-17

I recently got my hair dreaded but with the crochet method. Really wished I came across this website before doing so. After researching and finding helpful tips I've decided to take out the dreads and start over. (dreads are only 3 days old) My hair is still soft so it's coming off very easily. My hair feels suffocated & forced. I want them to feel free the way they should.

very excited to actually begin the natural dreading process!

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My Timeline, Natural separation, TnR, Neglect..

By Little Steven, 2013-07-16

This is my second dread journey, I feel like its the first 'real' experience as last time I used wax, backcombing, dreadheadhq shampoo, and I was even told to shave portions of my hair, that wouldnt dread!! This time I decided to do my research, due to a rebirth in I conscience and do it all over again, but this time the real way, and for real reasons, Jah whilling. So about almost two months ago I started washing my hair in dilluted Dr. Bronners peppermint, and after about two weeks I started seeing sections, I was going to do them natural, But one night I wife and I just felt it in our hearts to take the sections that my hair had chosen, and twist and rip them to start them along.. this was after several hours of work, and patience.

After about a week then looked like this.

And Here is I at about a month Since the TnR..

looks messy, but they look natural, and amazing

hoping by starting this, I can have a timeline of my progress, to look back on and compare. Plan to post every couple months. seeing progress is inspirational, motivating. I give thanks and praise to the most high, for choosing I to take this new journey, and blessing I with the opportunity to show the true love that resonates in all of us. Shalom :)

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new dreads. tips, help, opinions?

By Tanner Hawkins, 2013-07-16

New dreads. twist and rip. couple days old

ideas? help?






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new dreads. tips, help?

By Tanner Hawkins, 2013-07-16

new to the site and new to dreadlocks. just dreaded my hair with twist + rip method about 3 days ago. had extremely straight smooth hair beforehand. they feel like theyre locking up well, it takes time and i'm fine with that, but does anyone have any hints/tips for healthy new dreadlocks? any help is much appreciated!

-T hawk

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