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Natural dreadlocks experience on my trip

By Rafael Rodriguez, 2013-08-06

Hello everyone, Last night I returned from my three weeks vacation (I have already posted some photos) from the Dominican Republic, places which I originated from. Everywhere I went I noticed how people would stare at me, this was to be expected, even though there were few people in different towns who had dreadlocks from starter, to mature ones. Probably due to a know artist who had them until he went to jail. People there like to copy what they seen on the media sadly.

So I had to compare my own locks to those that I saw and I have to say that most of the ones I saw were started and maintained by twisting method and they looked great, some I couldn't tell if they were natural or just puffed from the beach since I met them in the water.

I was a bit surprised to see so "many" people with dreadlocks (surely less than 20 in total from all the parts of the country I went to). I was already aware of the discrimination there is against dreadlocks, it is so that the government refuses to give the country ID called "Cedula" which is like the state ID but in the Dominican Republic is the same for the whole country, there is no division by county. So if you did not get yours before started your dreadlocks then you would be undocumented until you cut them. Needless to say, I couldn't update mine, last time I was there I had long hair and they updated it but left the old picture with short hair, so this time I didn't even bothered, lucky me they let you use expired IDs. I did went to a bank to exchange currency and I was told I did not look like the person in the picture, I was 16 years old at the time that picture was taken so that is true now that I'm 25. So I just calmly told the rep person to talk to the people in charge of the ID so they can update my picture and she did not bother me about the ID ever again.

So back tot he point, with my mother always trying to talk me into cutting my locs, my sisters and rest of the family joined too, my stepfather who was always supportive of them was also jokingly making fun of mine because they look messy because you couldn't see scalp and all that so I had the temptation of starting to retwist again, taking into consideration hat I need to find a new job too. I did explain to him why my dreads look different from the others and he understood and let the subject alone until the next time it was "teasing hour" (when we get together we tend to tease each other about something to see who gets mad first).

However, I desisted from the idea of retwisting every week. I do twist like once per month a bit on those that try to dread flat since i don't want flat dreadlocks but nothing that would cause hard like pulling too much or twisting too tight. I though about it and my dreads were unique, no one had dreads like mine and that gave me a sense of pride, yes my hair seems to not be growing but it is in fact growing, the longer it gets the better they will look so the messing look is not permanent and I do not like the scalp showing.

So what I'm trying to say is that thanks to this trip I was able to appreciate my dreads even more than before. Here in NYC a lot of people have locs, they all look the same and still look nice but I know mine will look great and be different because of my actions or lack of them.

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Bob Marley

By Ching-Ching, 2013-08-06

Ive got my locks 2 years ago Finally after searching facts to fixed my decision inside my head i finally had it.

I was so happy and contented with it Such a mesmerizing feeling to free and purify my soul in this way

But as i walk on the street people calling me BobLMAO People who are ignorance about it. They dont think twice in saying such hepocracy in their words

What should i say to this people who are blinded by it

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just starting!!!!!

By Cody Galvan, 2013-08-04
Hey guys so my hair is only grown out about an inch or so and I know I got a long ways to go.. But I was wondering going the neglect route how long till I will notice any sectioning or any magic... Any advice will help tynx
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Please help out the family of my wife's best friend

By Baba Fats, 2013-08-04

Last week my wife got a call from her high school best friends fiance. He told us that Tempest passed away from complications from a hernia that night. It was a shaking call, since she was only 27 years old. She's left behind 2 kids, 5 and 2. And they need any help they can get.

If you have any extra cash, I know they and my wife would really appreciate your help. Any amount will go a long way. Tempest meant the world to my wife. Neither would have been the person they are without eachother

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Past the 2 month mark

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-08-04

I've been at this for over 2 months now and haven't given up. I've gotten to the point where I feel apathetic about my hair at times. It almost bothers me but at the same time, I'm kind of glad. I expected that once the joy of doing something new with my hair wore off, I'd be wanting to chop at it again. Instead, I've just become accustom to it. I think I'm happier not having to worry about what my hair looks like all the time. I've found different, easy ways to keep it moderately tame for work and if I feel up to it, I decorate it with scarves and different colours of yarn. It's just really easy.

I'm starting to reach the point where most of my hair is looping up and beginning to congo. Mostly the back, of course. The roots are trying to merge into a giant blob but I've been maintaining it every week or so.

My hair is continuing to grow as well. Surprisingly enough, it's past my shoulders. I guess, I figured the growth would slow down once things started clumping up. Maybe it'll take more time? I guess, I'll find out. :)

Also forgot to add that I attempted to redye my hair with henna. Due to some apartment related things, I don't think I left it in long enough or maybe the baking soda is ripping it out faster than the chemical dyes. Either way, I may do it again since it's great for moisturizing my hair when it's feeling unhappy.

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Hair bands and hats/bennies

By Skylar garcia, 2013-08-02
I was wondering if hair band or hats would slow down my knotting at all?
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New set of dreads

By Skylar garcia, 2013-08-01
So i had this set of dreads for about a week now im doing the wool rubbing method and i was wondering if i should rub more than twice a day or less because its only been like a week and my heads pretty much has dreads every where and i dont want to damage my hair by rubbing too much
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Wearing a hat at work and starting dreads

By brandis moody, 2013-08-01

About four months ago I brushed out my 1 1/2 year old dreads, they were backcombed and everything went wrong. Even though they weren't the best dreads I feel something missing and want them back more than anything. I want to use the natural/ neglect method but my job requires me to wear a hat about 8hrs a day everyday. Might TNR be n option to help them out? Any advice would be very appreciated!

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Is there any hope??

By Amber5, 2013-07-28
Hey guys.. So basically I got my dreads done by crochet and backcombing about a month ago.. I now completely regret this after reading through this site.:(( I won't carry on using the hook but I'm just wondering if they will eventually calm down. At the moment they're looking pretty puffy and really unnatural.. Is there anything I can do to help ? I've read a lot about just leaving naturally formed dreads to do their thing but as far as I've seen crochet dreads are pretty hopeless... Please tell me I'm wrong !
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Front versus Back

By Erik Hylan, 2013-07-27

Hey Y'all,

so I was just wondering if it was natural for the back of your head to dread up quicker than the sides and front. because the back of my head has a lot of baby dreads and it makes the back look very short and the front and sides long. is there anything i can do to speed up the front and sides or is it better to just wait it out?


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