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On messiness...

By Kerry LoCo, 2013-08-29

My husband said my hair was very messy today, after I had washed it and towel dried it. He actually asked if there was something I was supposed to do to it. I told him that it was just doing what it was supposed to. Then I asked if he liked it and he was honest, and said he did not like it and reminded me that he had been against this from the beginning. I told him that I liked it and he said that was all that matters. I wish he did like it, but there is nothing I can do about it. I'm just grateful that he loves me and is accepting of my choices.

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2 and 1/2 months ramblings

By Puddinbites, 2013-08-29

I'm two and a half months in to natural/neglect and my hair is so crazy poofy, super frizzy sections in the front that are still long and short hair that is already dreaded and shrunk to 1/3 (some of it even more) in the back and I <3 <3 <3 it! yeah think I look crazy and weird but it's fun! I hated my first set in square sections with rubberbands constantly retwisting them. I hated how they looked this time I'm at this crazy ass stage and still love myhair more than ever. The whole taking care of my hair routine feels more right then even even with having to separate 2 times a day.

I wish my hair didn't blunt itself and I have some that have those medaillon things (like bigger ends) but it'll be okay. I hope they will go away with time but if not I can cut ends off because I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna let my natural haircolor come back even though I have a good bit of gray. I my natural color will good in dreads and since the sun turns it lighter maybe some dreads will be different shades then others.

Since I've been dreading so so much in my life has changed I started exercising and I'm having so much and I've built up so much stamina then I had. I telll you Billy Blanks about killed me at first but now I can finish the whole tae bo basic workout and still keep exercising. I've done alittle yoga and dediced I want to learn to belly dance lol (if you knew how clumsy and ungraceful I am you'd think it's funny too) It'll be fun and good exercise. I've been find all kinds of great excerise videos on youtube. I've just been living my life how I wanted to. Not planned along with the dreading but my husband I got rid of so many bad people out our lives we didn't know how bad theywere until too late but anyways that it is hard and depressing story to tell about getting robbed, screwed over, etcby family and close friends so I'll just leave it at that. But it's like they were negative energy this whole time things are just looking up more then ever. :)

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1 year of Dreadlocks!

By Melony, 2013-08-29

Wow, the time really flew by... I can't believe its already been a full year that I've been dreading.

I'm constantly getting compliments on my hair, and people asking if they can feel it. I really dislike the stereotypes associated with dreads, but people will think what they want I guess.
Before dreads people thought of me as a "valley girl" I always wear makeup, and I used to spend hours doing my hair... So I get where the misconception may come from.. but now that I have dreads, it seems like people see me as more down to earth and laid back.
I love that I spend virtually no time styling my hair, but as of the last month I've been itching to change my hair somehow.. I ended up dying it a few times, and now I'm wishing I would have just left it alone, I really liked the color it was before.. and now I have to worry about upkeep :(

Overall its been an amazing year and some really great things have come my way thanks to my dreads.

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spiritual awakeness

By vintageviking, 2013-08-28
I started growing dreads because I have always wanted them. I have heard of people becomming spiritually awakened. I have a heart as light as a feather, yet I have felt like something is missing. I feel as if I was meant to take this journey as if it has been calling me and I haven't answered. I have finally answered the call and pleased to announce that only 3 weeks into my journey I have learned my thoughts and what truly is real are two different things. I believed I was patient, but found that I am not as patient as I thought I was. Lesson one of spritual awakeness learned...on to lesson two. Stay tuned.
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Dandruff help!!

By abbey black, 2013-08-25

Hey everyone. I have asked and asked my friends who also have dreads how to get rid of dandruff. It just won't seem to go away. My dreads are 7 months old free form with a few tnr dreads. I would love some advice on how to get rid of it!

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Frustration and Dread

By Nicole V., 2013-08-25

As I watch my hair continue to knot and tighten over the last 7 months, I have for the most part been completely in love with the changes as they happen.

Right now some of my dreads are in what I am calling the "flat cat turd" stage. Bumpy, kind of flat little chunk dreads. Please tell me they will even out and round up a little?

On a positive note... I think it lends a "wild" air to me lately. Perhaps I need that.

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New to this site

By Dreadley Seven, 2013-08-24

First of all, I jus wanna thank soaring eagle for the time an effort him put into this site, tanx bredda.

2nd, I started dreading 4 months ago by backcombing and have flipped da roots 4 times (once per month). I nah have used any products accept a natural gel / organic root stimulator. Found dreadheadhq and palmrolled a few times.

Since then, mi found this site and stopped da gel and stopped palmrolling. and have done a couple of BS/ACV washes.

Now advice please....

Q1- Wha can mi do ta further undo any damage I done?

Q2- i do a full body soak in da tub w 1cup BS, 1 cup ACV, an 1 cup Epsom salts. Is that sufficient fa mi dreads? or is it necessary ta do da BS soak first and ACV rinse last?

Tanx fi da elp xD

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Power of Hair.

By Salem Haley, 2013-08-23

"Until the spiritual power of hair is learned and accepted nobody has a right to tell anyone to cut it. For some locs and beards are a lot more deeper than some fashion trend. It's deeper than the rough and raggedy look. It symbolizes the covenant we have made with the most high."

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Almost to 3 months

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-08-23

My locks are starting to really form near the scalp. The ends are still pretty stringy but they're slowly starting to clump together. I feel like it's becoming an endless battle to prevent them from trying to congo but I seem to be winning thus far.

I have one issue that still continues to bother me. Dandruff. I have tried all sorts of things to get rid of it. Now, this has been an ongoing thing even before I decided to lock my hair. It juts seems to be getting worse and some of the flakes are getting caught in the locked parts of my hair which looks pretty gross. I've been trying to pluck it out but it's pretty difficult.

I also bought some Dr Bronners today. Figured I'd give it a try and see what I think.

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20 month year old dread

By Golden Tribe, 2013-08-21

my hair now appears to have little progress to me but i love it i think my hair will take 4 years to completely dread naturally even then i doubt my front hairline hair will loc. so far in the back section of my head has one small one right in the bottom mid like a tale and i have about 4 dreads on the back that i can say are pretty complete. the thing i like about my natural dreads is it seems effortless and wonky feeling and looking at the same time. some people fret about making a blunt tip but all my dreads are all blunted. i concluded that natural dread or at least for my hair type if done naturally will blunt on its own. though i would prefer them to be loose reading that my dreads might dry faster i own my dreads so i'll embrace what i got.

so far its pretty chaotic and unattractive to look at. i'm not by all means photogenic and my messy hair just screams paper bag. but in the end of the day looking at my face my hair seems to look out of place an incomplete masterpiece if you will. doesn't look good now until its finish or the idea is hard to grasp until its complete. when its done its still changing so its a workings art like glass in the crucible always removing impurities and always changing form.

i'll post photos when i can soon though i want my dreads to speed up and be done with it i'm sure when i have it i'll beg to have the experience of getting them. just like the tv commercial "leave it and forget it".

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