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By Brandy J Seher, 2013-10-15
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Handcrafted Dreadlock Beads

By Brandy J Seher, 2013-10-15

Another set of beautiful Dread Beads. Other sets are available. You know you want some!

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1 Year

By DreadfulAmenita, 2013-10-14

I feel more excited today than I do on birthdays. It's Oct. 14th, and a year ago I was in Florida, sitting on a hotel room floor for hours, tnr-ing my hair in front of a closet mirror. It's neat to be able to have that to mark not only the start of my dread journey but also all the adventures my husband and I have experienced in a year. It's a great day! I took some photos to commemorate this anniversary:

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Salt and lemon

By Lisa6, 2013-10-13
Hey guys,So I have a question.When I had my previous set of dreads, which were made with a crochet hok, I used to put lemon aand salt in my hair.Regular salt mixed with water or lemon juice and sprayed that on to my dreads.People told me that would make my dreads mature faster.And i really helped back then, my dreads got really tight.But can I also use it wit neglect dreads? Will it speed up the proces or damage my hair?I'm looking for ways to speed up the proces just a little bit. Sometimes it really hurts me to see all those lovely dreads on the internet, I miss mine so bad!It feels lke a part of me is missing now, which sounds kinda stupid cause I only had them for like 3 months or so.Sooooo, will lemon or salt help my dreads start locking up or will I damage my hair?
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Week 2 Mark!!!

By Patrick4, 2013-10-09

I've made it so far! Progress is awesome, I've loved every step oft he way so far and I'm seeing enough already to get me really stoked about whatever's around the next corner... It's locking up in orderly fashion and I'm having no real trouble keeping it clean. I try to let them stay free as much as I can, and they get to come along on all sorts of adventures these days, be it the wind on a mountain top, the cold water of a fall creek, or even simply sticking your head out the window on a drive through the woods (hopefully not with you behind the wheel!) All in all, it has been locking up really fast. I have very curly, dry hair that always did have a talent for tying impenetrable knots, even after just one day. I'm getting some baby dreads in the back and on the sides, even closer to the front.

Past couple of washes I've just used plain baking soda, and it's worked really well. No residue, dead easy. I've also turned the water as cold as I could stand when washing my hair, which is actually quite a wonderful feeling, especially if you can switch it back to hot for the rest of you once your hair is done! Really enjoying sitting back and watching the natural process. Thank you so much to the website and everyone for all of the advice I've found here. Any other way, I wouldn't have done it, but I'm definitely enjoying myself this way.

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job hunting with dreads...NEED ADVICE!!

By Kelsey Joy, 2013-10-09
So this past summer for 3 months i was living in Washington state.. The west coast is a whole differnt world compared to new york(where i am from) Dreads are accepted in WA, no big deal lots of people have them.. Well now i am back in NY trying to save up money so i can move back out west and get my own place there. I have had some interviews so far and they seemed to go good, i had my hair pulled back in a bun so it looked pretty alright just a little fuzzy.My main concern is will i get hired with dreads i applied to 10 resturuants close to my house and have interviews set up all this week and next, i really dont want to blow it and then be shit out of luck for a job..and i know it may seem funny but im going to be working full time so a majority of my time now will be spent at work where i will have to have my hair pulled back due to having dreads so i look professional.. and i really hate pulling my hair back it gives me headaches..SO HERE IS THE BIG QUESTION I NEED ADVICE!!!...Do i take out my dreads for now while i am in new york, and re start once i get out west.. or get over the fact that i will have to wear my hair pulled back everyday for work.. which really doesnt even let me enjoy them! I really dont know what to do.. i love my locks so much and know i will cry the during the whole process of removing them and after because they are a part of me and i love them soooooo much.
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Grey residue :( Help please

By Zachary C., 2013-10-06

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Is This Normal???

By Michelle Malone, 2013-10-05
My dreadlocks will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and I'm free forming. I use the baking soda and acv mix once a week and I separated for the first time today. I had to wash with head and shoulders yesterday for the itching I was experiencing. My question is, is this dryness normal? I was wondering if it was the baking soda and acv mixture that is drying my scalp out. What should I do?
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1 week neglect

By Lisa6, 2013-10-04
Hi,My name is lisa, i'm 25 years old.I want to apologize in advance for my english, it's not my frist language, i'm from Holland.July this year I got my first set of dreadlocks.With the backcombing and crochet method.Cost me 200 dollars and 10 Hours.I was really proud of them, having dreads felt like coming home.But then I came across this website.I loved the natural look! A few years Ago I really wanted to grow natural dreads, but I was too scared, so I went with the crochet method.But with every day that passed with my new dreads I realised dreads or not just a hairstyle, it's a journey and a way of life.When i found this website i wanted to keep my dreads at first and just let them grow naturally from there on.But it didnt feel right, they felt fake, created, manufactured. I wanted dreads that had the change to grew on their own, find their own place on my head, grow personalities/ personalitys (?)So i combed my dreads and started all over.I"m one week into neglecting and to be honest, i'm doubting if I made the right choice.I looked at a lot of your pictures on this site and I feel like everybody's dreads are TnR.Should I also do TnR or just let them be?To be honest I just want to let them grow naturally and see where that takes me. But almost everybody hee used TnR or maybe it just feels that way.Anyway, thank god I found this website, looking forward to getting to know you and I'll post Some pictures as soon as possible (there's not much to see yet)Hope you can all read my poor english :p
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