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1 MONTH <3

By mishay, 2014-08-01

Today is one months since I have had dreadlocks - to be honest even though I have short hair and my locks are really crazy I must say that I am really enjoying this dread journey. I have been adding sea salt and lemon juice to my hair to help it lock faster and I am now washing my hair every four days. - My scalp is adjusting and improving a lot! -My dreads are already starting to tighten which is AMAZING! and I am just really blessed to be able to watch this progress. I also am not using wax.

A couple things I am looking forward to is:

  1. My hair in the back to grow so that I can dread it.
  2. My dreads to get longer so that I might be able to add some extensions
  3. Watching them mature!

I guess that is about it. I will keep you all updated :D

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fresh start

By Mario hernandez, 2014-07-31

i have attempted to dread my hair a couple times now. i didnt feel comfortable with the length of my hair at the time.. i feel like its at a decent size now, its down to my shoulders and i started the neglect method on tuesday(so 3 days since ive conditioned or combed) im pretty confident that ill make it through this time and actually go through with letting my hair dread (:

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Do over :)

By kaiakai, 2014-07-30

I may get some flack from Soaring Eagle for this, but one month into my new dreads which I started with a mixture of TNR and a little backcombing I was extremely frustrated with how my hair was dreading up. I was losing a lot of length in some areas, and not in others, and I could tell where I had used more backcombing and where I had done more tnr. I was getting a lot of big loops which were driving me crazy!!!! A few of them I liked, but for the most part I was struggling to love my hair. I also couldn't go out with my hair down because it seemed like such a mess.

So... after much deliberation, I finally decided to comb them out & redo them with TNR only. A few years ago I helped a friend of mine comb out her dreads which she had had for YEARS. I didn't think such a thing was possible, but thanks to that experience I realized that if she could comb out 5+ year dreads, then I could manage 1 month dreads :) For the past few days I have been doing them one at a time, and I am happy to say that I love my hair again!!! I redid the spacing in a couple of places, which I am happy about, and I will probably leave a few of the loopy ones in for fun.

I lost a bit of length (and probably weight!) due to combing the loose hairs out and some inevitable breakage at the ends, BUT I feel like my hair is manageable now and that it will dread a bit more evenly.

If I were to do it again? I'd be interested in taking the completely natural journey, but would NOT mix methods again ever.

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By Jessica Reyes, 2014-07-30
Hey guys! I've been here many times before over a span if 5/6 years. Ive attempted to dread my hair three times now. But I have finally reached a time in my life that is spiritually awesome and I have found the patience, love a appreciation. I am 1 month into neglect, and the changes are awesome. I will be posting progress pics.
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Happy Loops? or bad roots?

By L Sully, 2014-07-29

I know roots are supposed to be loose, and dreads are supposed to get loopy and 'messy'. Especially in the first 6 months.
My question is this... are the loops on my roots (right next to my scalp) a good thing? thanks!

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I've been a slacker!

By Kat Richtman, 2014-07-25

I was doing really well tracking my progress, then life came up! :P
Things have been going wonderful here, but very busy! Trying to spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy the weather before it changes! :D
Today marks the 52nd day of not brushing for me! :D
Lots of little knotty things happening underneath my hair! I don't really do anything to my hair, no palm rolling, I don't even section my hair.
I do brush my bangs, but only because I have to be able to get my hair out of my face by pinning them back and braiding them etc. The rest of my hair is free to do whatever. I may let my bangs dread up after they are longer, but at this point I can't really even tuck them behind my ears. :P

Will try to get some pictures up today! I will also be trying to blog and post pictures more frequently again! I basically wanted to touch base with this community and let everyone know that I am still here and going strong! <3 Lots of love to everyone!

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strings in dreads

By L Sully, 2014-07-24

What do dreads look like that have string or wool thread or yarn stuck in them? Does anyone have any advise or pictures they can share? Thanks!

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And so it starts.

By mishay, 2014-07-20

I started off with putting in sections.

July 1st, 2014

Canada Day <3

Everything was pretty much put in and my wrists hurt.

July 12th 2014

Crazy Head.

July 20th, 2014

Dreads are holding in, so far so good. Decided to put in some elastics to hold in the knots of matted hair and also did some crochet some dreads. The back of my head won't hold anything so i have to wait till it grows to put in some dreads. <3

That is basically about it for now.

Hope you have a blessed day.

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Question about separating

By Claire3, 2014-07-18

Here is a photo of my hair at 2.5 months of neglect. The underside (mainly loose hairs, not such defined curls) are beginning to knot, but the top still hasn't (I understand I am early on in the journey). I have been separating the natural curls, for example: 2 will start curling together (this happens with many) & then I carefully separate them to an individual curl. Do you think this is hindering progress? Should I let them curl together? My concern has always been that they will end up too big. Thanks to anyone and everyone for their input..


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small diameter dreads

By Stubby, 2014-07-16

Can one of you Dread Gurus please answer a question? I have these dread balls at the end of my hair. The diameter of the hair shaft is very small in diameter. About the size of a ball point pen refill. Here is my question...Will they dread up or is the hair shaft too small to dread up?

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