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Sometimes... I just like to chill.

By RSavage26, 2012-03-24

When I'm chill, I do many things. One of them is listening to random songs that I like. Such as this one:

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Just had to share!

By Blessed Earth Mama, 2012-03-24

My husband posted this on his FB page last week. When I read I laughed and thought wow that sounds just like us! But I did not think at all hewrote it.Turns out he said he did!

A simple conversation between a husband and wife:

White collar professional husband: " I need to go buy some veggies."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "No, let's plant a garden and grow our own veggies."

White collar professional husband: " I gotta pay the bills."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Lets find a way to have our own energy and live off the grid."

White collar professional husband:... "Gotta go buy milk at the store."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Let's buy a herd-share and get fresh milk straight from the cow."

White collar professional husband: "Our gas energy bill is going up."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "You know there is plenty of wood around, let's burn it in the fireplace."

White collar professional husband: "I need to go buy some fertilizer for the garden."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Let's build a composter and make our own."

White collar professional husband: "I need to go buy diapers."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Lets use cloth diapers, the baby will be happier."

The husband scratches his head and says to his wife, "why do we need to do all that extra work to live greener?" The wife says to the husband, "so our children will have a better world to live in." The husband still looking at the wife, she adds, "and we will save money too." That gets the husbands attention.

The moral of this is: listen to the wife ..... sometimes (most of the time) she knows what she is talking about.

The above conversation was an actual conversation. And now I live "greener".

Haha! he got some serious points for that one! Of course it didn't go quite like this and it was at different times but I loved that he wrote it out. And I always tell him watch out cause it could be getting a lot "greener" around here. xD That is only a pinch of the stuff I talk about with him. Most things he thinks I am crazy but he usually comes around. :)

And much to my dismay we are no where close to living off the grid yet but I can hope for someday..
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Middle-of-the-Night Thoughts on Meat-Eating and non-Meat-Eating.

By Tara C, 2012-03-23

I was just thinking today about the whole meat-eating, vegetarian, vegan thing, and I had this quite interesting thought come to mind. First of all, I'm not bashing anyone's lifestyle choice or beliefs. I think it's worthy of huge respect to make a transition into something different from how you usually live. I have Coeliac disease, and even with my own well-being as motivation, the transition to a gluten-free diet has been very difficult. reading this be offended, it's really just something I was thinking of. This doesn't really apply to people who don't eat meat for other reasons, like how we aren't really designed for meat-eating.

Well, I'm not a vegetarian, I eat meat. But I do love animals, hate animal cruelty, the idea of animals suffering, etc. That's a huge reason for people to not eat meat, but the problem survive, you have to eat living things, be it animals, vegetables/fruit, etc. You have to. If the reason for not eating meat is solely because of the pain caused to the animals, then doesn't that mean if you could completely eliminate pain from the equation and kill the animal with 0 pain, it'd be OK to eat? Hypothetically, what if it could be proven that plants do feel pain? Would they be cut from the diet of people with those beliefs too? You'd have to starve just to ensure you don't eat anything that feels pain.

Even that has its own flaw though. If life is bad to take simply because of the suffering caused, then you could kill a human who has that condition where they never experience pain, and that would be morally acceptable. So obviously it's not just the pain factor, it's respect for life itself. But then, plant life is still life. Is it OK to take lives that are so different to our own (plants), but not lives that belong to animals, who are adorable, who have eyes like we do, who we anthropomorphise and see as happy and sad, who feel like we do? We can connect to animals more than with plants, so maybe the conscience won't allow you to eat food from an existence similar to our own, but plants are...different. Easier to consume.

I don't know, but life is still life. Even killing bacteria is killing a living thing, so where do you draw the line on what's acceptable and what isn't? That's why I don't see the point in people arguing often about these things. Humans have awareness, and as such, we have a responsibility to minimise all suffering and do such things in a humane way. Not this stupid thing of keeping animals confined to tiny spaces, pumped full of God-knows-what and then killed without ever having truly lived. But it doesn't mean it's wrong to actually take an animal's life for use as food, as long as you respect that life for what it's given you. The same as with every other living thing that we may eat.

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hey guys

By Jen, 2012-03-22

so my dreads are coming along nicely. i have some huge matted bits in some of them and my favorite one has a big knot at the end of it. I love to hold it and feel around. Every day is like a new adventure. Seeing what ones are progressing and deciding which side i should sleep on the next night. the ones at the back are finally starting to come together. Also some of my loose hairs are beginning to form some cute little baby dreads. overall the braided look that twist n rip gives them is starting to dissipate. Im super happy. Ive never been this happy about my hair in my entire 21 years of life. Every day i wake up proud and absolutely in love with my hair. i adore it. i love looking at other peoples dreads as well. they are all so individual. YAY

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New 2 da game

By Josh7, 2012-03-22


c i'm new to the whole dreading things, i've only had my hair twisted 4 bout 3 weeks now and i'm more than worried that i'm not doing everything i could be to help my hair along the way. i went to a jamaican shop and the started me out by twisting with gel then putn me under a hair dryer since then my hair has been a mess with all the dried gel in it..... so i washed it now i got nappy twist in every direction. i've been trying to keep up wit them by twisting myself n e advice?

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2nd update

By Undead..., 2012-03-22

I just got done washing my hair. It's feeling great and smells great! One thing I noticed after this wash and starting to airdry and blowdry, my dreads feel really really tight. :D Gonna post some new photos soon.

Also I have a quick question for the other dreadies.

How do you all sleep??

I mean,do you sleep with something covering your head or just sleep with them out in the wild?

I sleep with a satin/silk pillow and some pantyhose on my head (hahahaha)

Just want how should I start sleeping. I just don't want any lint build up.

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almost 2 weeks

By brett davis, 2012-03-21

ok i washed them the next day and got all the wax out of them then i rubber banded the tips because thats what one of my friends buddies told him and this is how they're coming along

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By Jen, 2012-03-20

So it's officially been a week since i began dreading my hair. I think they are coming along well. The sides are matting up well and holding really good. The back of my head is almost all loose hair with some very loose dreads forming, probably because of how i sleep. I've been trying to sleep on the back of my head more. I have been considering doing some salt water spray onto my hair but i dont want to over dry my hair. Most of my friends like my hair. The other ones insist that i'm doing it wrong or that i should have used wax or KB shampoo or whatever. I tried explaining to them but it's like talking to a wall :/. oh well. I'm so excited for this years Rainbow Gathering. I could just die.

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taking them out, going neglect

By meakia miakinkoff-murzynsky, 2012-03-20

My bigger dreads unravel every time I get them wet, the small ones don't the roots are becoming rectangular and unhappy...I am taking them out, and am just going to keep my hair clean and let it do it's thing. I hope it doesn't take forever.

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27 Days <3

By Kara Simpson, 2012-03-19

Having a Convertible car and extremely nice weather here in MD makes my dreads nice and knotty ;)

Absolutely love my hair, pissed my boss might fire me because I have dreads... BS...

My scalp is really dry and itchy, I've been using Organix Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, wondering if anything works better?

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