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dreadlocks shampoo


1 year!

By Panga, 2012-07-08

It's been 1 year! My dreads have slowly been shrinking and looping. Still have loads of straight hair and tendrils hanging off of fully knotted dreads. I took out all the beads I had that I could (I am leaving the ones that are stuck for a bit, then will probably either leave them for good or attempt to break them). They are getting heavy though! There are SO many short ones. Literally only a few inches long. I pretty much leave them down, or put a head band on. Hats are too warm right now to bother with.

I don't mind having wispy ends, but the long 6-8 inches of non dreaded tendril hanging off of a dread is kinda annoying. Should I cut that off? Nothing has happened in months for those parts. Just seems that the dreads are too tight at that point to do anything.

I'm still loving them though and am looking forward to another year of changes and growth!

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dreadie journey

By Naddy, 2012-07-08
So I guess I should start at the beginning I love dreads always have but at first I was unsure so I wore fake dreads. I got bored if them, so one weekend a friend of mine started putting a few random locks in, back comb n surf wax with thread to secure it all, as the weeks went on each weekend some ones else would add to my hair it became abut if s community project fake hair was back combed as well.I caught lice and had to brush them out..So a few more years if fake dreads then I had my hair dreaded with twist n rip these lasted 4 months befor I brushed them out they weren't what I wanted.Then a friend came back from travelling with a new method if dreading, the crochet hook, she did me a set as a birthday present these got brushed out after a year thanks to my controlling exAnd again I returned to my fake dreads.I split from the cibtroll freak and then paid my friend to put me anithe set in which was also extended so u had instant long locks, this is the set I joined up with.I woke up one morning and cut the extenders out. As I felt it was cheating to have extended them.After a few months and some excessive dying the dreads started to fall apart. I brushed them out keeping 10 underneath.A month down the line I had my hair pbraided when I took them out I figured my hairs all ready sectioned I'll.just leave it. But I'm impatient, I did some light twist n ripping to get them started and then just left them to do there own thing. I 3 months in and am.learning some patients I've extended a couple of the crochet ones I've left in and I've used some non damaging dyes but now um.just letting them fo there own thing and its awesome. There are wiggles and kinks and no dread is the same :-) I'm also on a one woman mission to get my other friends to kick the crochet habbit, even though it takes away from mt friends business. Thanks for reading my rambling peace love n happy vibes
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By Amanda12, 2012-07-08

The other day I told about never seeing dreads... well I drove by someone with them 2 towns away from where I live.
In other dreadlock news; yesterday I went to a family reunion and my cousin loved my hair... she didnt notice the knots. She was saying how much she liked my long hair and asked how long it takes to brush it (like I time myself! lol) I said "no time at all" and she said "atleast you dont have dreadlocks!" and the hole family went on to complain about dreadlocks and how terrible that would be. I just smiled and thought YOU WILL SEE! I WILL LOOK BEAUTIFUL! ;)
I honestly dont care what people think anymore.
So it obviously dosnt look like I have dreads but when I feel my head I feel bunches of knots from about the root to the middle of my hair and it feels how I expected a dread to feel. Just looking and not touching the top of my head looks like a fuzzy mess. I <3 it! I cant wait until I have "real" dreads. Oh and one more story! My husbands friend out of the blue said "I want dreadlocks" at a BBQ a few days ago. My husband got very excited and told him about my hair... then he got less interested. lol. I bet he would look cool with them though. anyway, PEACE! <3

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trojan horse virus...

By Delerious indigo, 2012-07-08

just to let you all know my antivirus blocked a trojan virus on the "pride pics" blog a little ways down!! eek!

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A mentally unstable... dog?

By Rainbow Fortune, 2012-07-07

Since this is the greatest animal-loving community I can think of, I'll talk about it here.

Namely. I just got back from walking my dog with my friend, and something happened that really got to me. We were sitting on a bench, and a man with a dog came by. His dog wanted to play with my dog, but my girl did as she always does - hid under the bench, behind my legs, and then jumped up on my lap when the other dog was away for a split second. She was always afraid of other dogs, of some people, of walking up the stairs, getting out of the elevator (she has no problem with going down the stairs, nor getting into an elevator), she is afraid of sounds, barks when the phone rings, refuses walking through some streets and next to some people, afraid of CD-s, lighters (just lighters, I do not mean fire, but literally lighters as an object), USB sticks, my hoop... And million other things. I always justified it by saying that it's her personality, and nothing more. She's also really hyperactive, BTW. She runs around, plays with me and my friends, run in circles, and is the only dog I've ever seen drifting (as a car, Tokio Drift kind of a thing.)

But the man with the dog that came by tonight has experience with dogs and knows his stuff, and he told me my girl is mentally unstable.

It really got to me, I'm afraid I might have done something to trigger/intensify it, and I'd die if that's the case.

What I want to know if any of you has/had any animals like this, and what do you recommend? I would not have a problem with her being unstable, don't misunderstand me. I just want to know if there is any way for me to help her. I kinda made peace with the fact that I'll never be able to have her puppies (having a dog that close to her is unimaginable), but I see she really wants to play with other dogs, but is too frightened to do so. (What she does is get all excited when she sees a dog, and she runs after dogs and makes sounds to call them, but as soon as they turn around and get close, she starts running away.)

I have had her for two years now, I got her when she was 10 weeks old, so there are no bad experiences with dogs, or stairs, elevators, lighters, CD-s...

Anyhow. Is there a way for me to help her overcome her fear(s) and play?

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By Tez, 2012-07-07
So Iv had dreadlocks for about 8 months now, I started them by going to someone who uses the crochet method and have done nothing else to them since. They got really messy really quick. After 7 months I went back to get the roots done and she fixed up all the bits of hair stickin out, but now after a couple of weeks they look all messy again. Ihave recently read lots of bad things about using a crochet hook on dreads so how do I keep my dreads going without goin back and getting them done with a crochet hook? What should I do?
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Help with Dreads!!!

By Brooke McGibben, 2012-07-07

I have had my dreads in for about 6 1/2 months but the top of my hair is not dreaded I used the backcombing and crochet method to make them and I NEED help on what to do to make the top of my dreaded too!!!!

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By Jess H, 2012-07-07

After WEEKS of researching, watching dread videos, looking at dreadlock products and trying different methods, I've finally started my dreads.

They're a little thicker than I wanted, but I eventually want extensions and it's taking forever to do them anyway. Damn, I've lost quite a bit of length from backcombing.

I've crotched the bottoms, which was probably a bad idea, but since my hair is ridiculously manageable it'll probably help stop them falling out.

My partner wasn't happy about me getting them -with the oldargumentthat dreads are for black people- but through compromise *cough*femalemanipulation*cough* she came round and even sectioned some of my hair for me. :D

Unfortunately, now I've got half a head of fuzzy dreadlocks and my mum's coming over in a couple of hours. Wont she be surprised.


Where's my hat?

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Lots of change...

By Hannaaaa, 2012-07-07

Haven't been on in quite awhile, no internet.

But I ended up brushing out my TnR babies after a couple of weeks because I was swimming every day, they never reallydriedout completely, my mom hated them so she made me wear my hair up at all times, and quite a few just completelyunraveled. So that was a bust of a try.

But in the last week or so, I just kind of stopped brushing my hair, and I'm already seeing progress, and I'm loving it. Even with freshly conditioned hair after the first few days it wasseparating, and I've still been swimming nearly every day, and washing after I swim, and it's crazy how my hair has taken to the process this time around. I have six or seven nicely sized chunks of hair that are really getting dread-y after such a short time. All I've been doing isseparatingthe chunks of hair, swimming in the pool, washing it, and letting it do it's thing.

For the parts of my hair that don't want to dread(my top, shorter layers are still tangle free) I may TnR in a month or three, but for now, I think my hair knows what it wants, and what it's doing. :)

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By Ivan Slay, 2012-07-06

hi! well i was wondering if those dreads are tnr or just natural, what do you think?

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