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dreadlocks shampoo


Dreadlocks of DOOM!!! gross..

By Kayla Jensen, 2012-07-27

I stumbled upon this photo and thought it'd be a fun one to share.. and this is why weseparateour dreads.. hahahah

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Projecting thoughts into reality

By The-Pygmy Page, 2012-07-24
I want to take a moment everyday when I get up to smile and say, "today will be a good day ". I want to do this because I believe we project out thought bothnegative and positive into reality . We manifest what our minds put out . Which means we have the ability to be as hbappy as we want we just have to truely believe it .. So from now on everyday if you can just take a moment to smile and really believe in yourself and your happiness it will come to you .peace be with all of you.
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Coming into the 3rd week now

By ginger.rose, 2012-07-24

I guess I'd better write something, rather than just lurking around!

Here's my natural/neglect experience so far - pictures are already in my albums, and I'll look at how to post them here for future entries. I stopped brushing in the second week of July, and have been washing every 3 days with BS and using ACV with EO or tea rinses. I had been no-poo for maybe 6 months already, so my hair was pretty healthy, shiny and tangle-free to start with...

Progress has been stop and start, and I have had to let go of expectations. Just when I see the knots coming, it's time to wash and they tend to mostly fall out. But today I found a real baby forming! I had to separate it from another section, as it was too wide and thin to allow, but it was pretty knotty before that. It is good to see some more concrete action beyond the separation and frizz. Also, I keep getting the ends caught on things, because there are little knots in there which did not exist before. The ends are looking skinnier by the day, which I assume is a good sign.

I am trying to avoid beads and other "helpers" for now, but occasionally add a little salt water before a shower, since I'm not near the beach to take a dip. I want to see what my hair will do on it's own, and it's a nice test of willpower. I separate the sections, because I definitely want to have some control over that, being a business owner and needing a somewhat groomed appearance.

Another point I wanted to write (to get it out of my head and recorded), is that I am not interested in calling these "dreadlocks" (I don't care what you call them, though!). It just doesn't feel like the right word for me. Nor does jata or even just locks. I guess something will evolve over time as they start to show up.

I am really enjoying looking at everyone's photos and reading all the forum and blog posts - thank you for sharing your experiences, and answering so many questions.

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My dreadlock journey

By Kika Moonh, 2012-07-24
Ok well first off hi!:)this is my first time dreading and I decided to go natural something soaring eagle said really made sense to me. He said that many people who get dreads through TnR or back combing haven't grown with their dreads and therefore aren't ready for them. I really connected with this as I perceive dreadlocks to be more than just a physical journey but also a spiritual and mental journey. Who knows they might even lead me to enlightenment! Lol well enough of the spiritual mambo jambo and let's talk about the dreads! I started yesterday. I didn't have to throw away the comb or hair brush...didn't own one. For me it's more the actually having to wash my hair as I usually let it get oily as its more 'controllable' and less big. Anywho! This is my second day of dreading and I can already feel my hair starting to dread at the back in my curls. I'm really excited about this as I thought it was gonna take forever! I'll try and upload some pics of day one and as I go from there!Peace, love and happy dreading!
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By Tiffany burney, 2012-07-23
Ok so I haven't been too active on here..sorry for that but im gonna start. I have some things I want to address. Valerie: ur progress is wonderful. I enjoy watching ur timelines . Baba: congrats on the wedding . Ur pics are truly beautiful. Mamakittylove: u r truly beautiful. I love ur enthusiasm. I can't wait to see them in a couple months. Britany: u my dear r an inspiration. I love all of ur pics. I'm only a month in n I can't wait. Truly great. And of course SE: ur a saint. The knowledge u have and give is fantastic. Ok so back to the matter at hand.. I'm 1 month in and I have tons of progress..11 baby dreads popping up ..totally beautiful. I'll get a pic up as soon as I can. The only issue I'm having is trying to resist playing with them. I wash with JML tingle shampoo 3 times a week and bs/acv in between. I do have a few red bumps at the nape of my neck but we determined that is from pulling my hair too tight in a pony tail. I think I'm gonna update month to month. Look for pics soon . Muah everyone
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loc reflections: month 2

By Beijaflor, 2012-07-22

Hi guys! If I am creating this post than I have surpassed my second month of loc bliss. This month has been to say the least.. exciting.=) My roots are locking wash by wash and the loose hair is starting to feed in. Progress is happening alot faster than I expected. I havereceivedgreat compliments among peers and strangers has given me a great push to keep striding on. The support from this site has been a great one. I have met great people from all faces of life and its been awesome. I also indigo'd my hair this month and it was pretty cool , it made my strands stronger and my hair color richer.. which is a cool bonus.But I have to admit that I have had a couple of minor bumps but they have also made me stronger:

-At one point I waned to redo them but I left them be because I felt vanity kicking in and I am stronger than that. I want this to be an accepting journey not a perfection journey.

-Ive had two dreams where I had straight unlocked hair that was really long, but then I wake up and I laugh. It was hard for the first couple of seconds but I know those dreams are tests and I have surpassed both so un-consciousbring it on!

So all in all thats been about it Ive been enjoying both the transformations and bumpy roads (literally and non). So third month, show mama watcha got! =)

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Week 1 With My Babies :3

By Cassie3, 2012-07-21
I decided after a while of wanting dreads that it was time for me to finally get them. Last Monday I started them using the twist and rip method. I didn't finish until 1:00 the following Monday 7/16. I sectioned as much as I could on the front and sides and had my mom help me section the ones in the back that I couldn't reach. My hair was ranging from 3-6/7 inches at various points around my head and seems about the same length now that I've started the dreads. I croched each dread and put rubber bands at the tips and roots after I finished ripping and twisting them.In the past few days they haven't changed much except a few loose hairs have been popping out. After watching literally hundreds of videos on YouTube and reading things on the Internet, I decided that I wasn't going to croche them any more. So now, I've just let them do their own thing. I'm going to keep the rubber bands on for about a month until I feel like they can hold on their own then I'm going to take off the training wheels :)As for products go, I washed them with diluted baking soda 3 days after I finished the last dread (just because my hair had gotten oily from the week I was twisting and ripping them). After I washed, I sprayed them with the sea salt/water/lemon juice solution and palm rolled. They took a few hours to dry but everything worked out better than expected-only a few loose hairs.As for the loose hairs, I figure i'll let them be loose for a month until school starts and dread ball some of it just to tidy up ( none of my friends know that I'm dreading my hair).I'm going to the beach the week before school (about a month of having my dreads) and again in October so hopefully that will tighten them up all nice :)I'm excited to see how they come along, I'm planning on keeping them for a very long time. I can't wait until they get longer so I can fling them around and tie them back and all sorts of stuff. I also plan on getting some beads, maybe a carved out Buddah bead and maybe a crystal to hang on one? A lotus flower bead would be awesome too! But I love my little babies more and more each day and can't wait to continue my journey for many years to come!
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By Pixy, 2012-07-21

i do believe i am taking my nose ring out..i just really enjoy my nose better without it
myy dreads will be 2 months the 26th of this month..i honestly like have really washed them 4 good times
i did a sea salt wash and have been using baking soda and apple cider to wash me hair..i mean they are coming along pretty well..we counted I HAVE 43 DREADS..makes me happy i still have loose hair and what not

some are trying to split at the roots i was going to either wrap them or really let the do their thing and when they get long enough ill make it into its own dread if its still split

buttt i also have congos at the roots that i want to grow together so i could really use advice on how to wrap them with sayembroidery threads would be helpful!

i rant btw.

a friend said to maybe put some wax on the split roots to help them..i just dont feel toooo down with that?

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Made me think twice! I feel sick

By christina popejoy, 2012-07-19

Okay so since I started dreading I have been thinking alot about my impact on the planet and the way I conduct myself, my ethics are being challenged and im glad.

I have been vegetarian before quite a few years ago. And without too long I became anaemic. I dont know if this was due to just eating vegetables. I mean I was the only one in my household that made this choice and I would usually just have more veg to make up for not having meat. But my mom and I didnt really have a clue. She was supportive but we just didnt do our homework.

I have been careful to buy free range eggs and RSPCA Freedom food meats. But I am still saddened to find that even these animals are stunned before they are fully dispatched and mechanical sorting devices can still be used to move animals through the process. To be honest it makes me feel pretty sick and I dont quite understand how that comes under the 'Humane slaughter' braket. I mean the conditions seem very strict and clear but it is still a killing factory.

I definatley am thinking of trying to eat the vegetarian way for now. And I will be looking at this time as meat fasting! Where I can search my soul and pray about this. Does this keep in line with God' plan and the stewardship we we're given over the earth and the animals. To protect it and care and love for it???hurrrrm a ton to think about! I still dont know how I feel about slaughter done by a farmer on small local organic farm we have many here in England. Something still to ponder!

But for now after watching the From farm to Fridge documentary on You tube I amdefinitelyput off.


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Out of body experience

By Jordan Toler, 2012-07-19
Last night i had what they call an out of body experience. It was actually extremely frightening because i didnt know what was going on at all. I was parlyzed in my bed, not in a way unsimilar to sleep paralasis, but my entire body was vibrating. Almost as if every atom in my body was bouncing off of eachother and off of my skin but internally, if that makes any sense. It was really jarring and when i finally snapped out of it i was sort of afraid to go bak to sleep. It was honestly one of thefreakiest things to have happened. Ive tripped on a substance for spiritual purposes before and the vibrations from that were nothing compared to last night. It was so extremley real I was in full control of my mind but trapped in my body. Im just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this as well.
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