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Lead to dread

By Owl Lady, 1999-11-30

For most people dreads mean you are a dirty hippie and for some people they consider dreads to be nothing more then a "hair style". Before I started this journey I admit I thought the same (well about it being a hairstyle). Here I am a month into dreading my hair, I knew this was going to be a journey as most people call it but I thought it was just going to be about my hair changing into dreads; well that is part of it but there is WAY more to it. As I started to dread I was filled withexcitementand was a bit impatient to start. I started with the no poo method and didn't brush my hair for a few months, as my hair started to section off I assisted it by twisting and ripping. During the process I started to mourn the death of my natural free -loose hair. I never thought that was going to happen. Part of me mourns for myself and part of me mourns for my family that I know are going to have a difficult time understanding why I decided to do this. I know in my heart this is what I need to do however. Letting go of what people think; because honestly I donot think to highly of some people's choices in hair care products esp. ones that test on animals. I have learned that patience and loosing control is a huge part of the dread journey as I try to control these nappy little brats that seem to have a mind of their own; I focus on letting go. I cannot control dreads; they are going to manifest into something I cannot form on my own but my energy each day is put into them and I begin to grow this sort of bond with them. The mourning then turns into a re-birth. I start to let go of the fear of being judged and instead I feel a sort of peace within myself.

This past year has been very difficult for me, I have suffered from chronic pain and have lost a huge part of myself only gaining what appears to be "more of myself" in the physical aspect of gaining weight. I have had to give up lots of physical activities that I have enjoyed my entire life and have replaced them with visits to doctors and specialists. I spenda lotof my time researching. I have grown to love nature even more then I have in my life if that is even possible. Living in the area that I live in has connected me with the earth in a way I never could have imagined. I feel like I am in a different world and at times I swear I am. The weather and climate in the town I live in is different due to the number of trees and natural plants. I am surrounded by trees that have been here long before the buildings the Shakers made. These trees have been around during the time of the Native Americans, a tribe even lived in these parts of the forest. The energy and feeling of life is very surreal here.

When we go into town it is like stepping intocivilization. It is daunting to say the least. I see generations of people who have a lack of respect for our planet, plants and native creatures. People are just consumers of products and things, always wanting more "things"! I am surrounded by a world of humans that are disconnected. They are consumed by their own lives; rude, on cell phonestextingand not making eye contact. Buying, buying, and more buying of crap. Slaves by the corporations around them. Products are filled with cancer causing chemicals, tested on animals and are in plastic bottles ready to pollute theenvironment.

A change within myself and my thinking began long before the dreads came to mind. I stopped buying into these corporate company's lies and started making my own products. I have since seen a huge change in my skin and the way I feel. It all started with cleaning products, then skin care products such as shampoo, facial wash anddeodorant. I recently have been called to change myfeminineproducts. I have realized that these out of all things a woman uses is the most harmful to herself and theenvironment. Tampons and pads have chemical additives and then after being used they end up in land fills and in sewers. This is terrible. Most people don't even give it a second thought. However, once your trash is out of your house you rarely think about it...right?. You may have gotten rid of your trash from your house but it is still in your home. "Home" meaning our planet Earth. Earth is our home.

You maybe thinking what does all this have to do with having dreads? Well, I feel like I am a different person. Different from other people and different from the person I once was. I am born again threw my dreads. They will bring me places with in my soul and I will and have already met very interesting deep people. Someone said in their youtube video quote " Dreads keep small minded people away". I believe this to be true. This is my testimony, and this is just the intro to a novel much bigger.


For all the feathers

Owl Lady

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“Ignorance Is Bliss (As Far As I Know)” -Canon Parker-

By Canon P, 1979-01-07

heavy footfalls shatter my ivory daydream

oh what unmistakeable bliss forgotten and unseen

your cracked and bleeding lips tell a tale fare more beautiful than words.

this is the philosophy we feared:

the truth not whimsical as it appeared.

make your minds narrow as they should be;

there is nothing more than the truth we know!

there is nothing more than the here and now!

I returned a blank stare to the imposing enabler

held at highest esteem is this shallow minded babbler

the idea you label as fact is only valid in one dimension.

this is the philosophy we feared:

the truth not whimsical as it appeared.

make your minds narrow as they should be;

there is nothing more than the truth we know!

there is nothing more than the here and now!

the sun revolves around the earth,

the earth around your mind.

weve been dying since our birth.

oh! the folly of mankind.

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Is these bald spots or what /

By dee123, 2018-06-16
Is these bald spots or what /

Six weeks - so much shrinkage!

By thedreadedkiwi, 2018-02-07

So I'm six weeks in and I've lost about 2/3 of my length. My hair is so short! All these little loopy lumpy dreads. Above that point (where i did t n r) they are knotting up well, cylindrical. They will be interesting in the end. I am not liking the super short stage. i want them to grow. They've knotted up so fast. Oh well, this is what they are teaching me. Lose the vanity, let things be as they will be, patience, acceptance.

"I am B"

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Sooo - I did it.

By thedreadedkiwi, 2018-01-22

I've wanted dreads for years but always given too much of a shit about what people thought. I wanted them because my hair naturally forms them in a day or two if I didn't brush (my ma actually used to say "brush your hair, you're growing dreadlocks"), I was losing half an hour a day to brushing (lots of really fine, wavy/curly hair makes good tangles), my hair still looked like shit, and I just love them. I'm tired of fighting - my hair, life, everything. Just time to accept, surrender, let go. 

To that end I put them in with tnr because I need to be 'acceptable' at work - but turns out I cover with a scarf there anyhow. But I put them in and let them go. I prepared (without meaning to) by 12 months not washing with shampoo (aside from when I dyed my  hair twice) and just using water only washing. This meant less oil. I wash once a week now. I have to separate every day or two because they want to make one big superdread. Congo city.

Thought I'd document it on here because other people's journeys inspired me. 

My dreads have eaten my hair tho. Before it was just below collarbone, at the back just below shoulders. Now at the back I have dreads that are 10-15cm long, some of them. Some front roots are still loose but the back and sides have knotted up. They just ate my hair really fast, even the ends. I liked the paintbrush ends, now only got those at the front and even they are being eaten. 

But - it is what it is. I just want to let them go for it. What will be will be. 

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Shampoo Suggestions

By Breanna Woiak , 2017-11-10
Shampoo Suggestions

Since I have started I used Dr. Bronners once until I realized it wasn't good for my hair. Other then That I haven't done anything different besides stop using conditioner and a brush! How does everyone feel about this shampoo? 

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Natural Lock Journey

By Breanna Woiak , 2017-11-09
Natural Lock Journey

This is the second time I created an account. Not sure what happened to the first one! I always knew that I wanted dreads but I never thought that I would actually follow through!! At first, it was because I was more or so worried about what others would say. Then I thought that I didn't have enough hair. Now that I have been thinking about it for months none of that seems to bother me anymore. It has been a little over one month since I have stopped conditioning and brushing my hair. It is locking up nicely and cannot wait to see what this journey has in store for me! I will update as much as I can because I love sharing my progress with others!!  

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just over 2 years

By ☆starslingr☆, 2017-07-21

Wow, I forgot how to use this site!

Updated some recent pictures of my hair. Its been 2 years and a few months since starting this 3rd dreadlock process. My hair is wonderful and annoying all at once! I have found it has been hard to get good pics because my hair is so dark and the pictures don't really show the individual dreadies very well. In fact, i have so many lose ends which on dreads looks beautiful, and on others just look a wreck. 

I don't do anything to my hair but let it do its thing. And i wash it very carefully. I also don't wear anything in my hair, no strings, no beads. I had imagined i would want to decorate them a little more when they finally become more solidified. They are still very lose in some parts, and very tight in other parts. I still have a lot of very annoying backloops which look like matted tangles, to be quite honest. The hair along the nape of the neck, which gets slept on, has come along very nicely, and I love them. But the rest of the hair along the crown is taking a bit longer to rope up, and looks like a mess. Im not sure if this is because they were too skinny when they were first separated, or just don't get enough friction. Not sure. 

The highlight of my summer has been the ability to tie my own hair back with my own dreadlocks. Never need another scrunchie again. lol

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Baby dreads sticking to each other

By earthlight.runner, 2017-07-21
Is it normal for the dreads to stick together at the scalp and will the loose strand/ends dread?
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Starting my dreads

By dewdropdaydream, 2017-05-29
So , my name is savannah but most people that personally know me call me Sam , I've recently started my dreads , more like today. Twist and rip. Anyways I guess my hair was super wavy so they look a little funky. But that's normal I suppose. So idk. I guess Ill just wait a few weeks?
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