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Day 5!

By Marlee Batchelder, 2012-08-15

So today is the 5th official day of my dreading journey. I backcombed the first three dreads and don't plan to do the rest of my head for around 9 months or so. I plan on doing it naturally though when I do. For now, I've kind of continued to backcomb a bit. I've only washed my hair once since I started my dreads. I'm still not really exactlysure how I'm supposed to wash them. I've also got rubber bands around my roots area because I was told that would help the roots tighten faster.

I don't think theres too much maintanance I really HAVE to keep up with, if I'm right.

I'm pretty excited to really have my dreads start doing their thing. Most people that I've asked have said that dreads suit me and that they'll look really natural on me. I can't wait to really find out that this is true : )

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Oh bother :)

By kaylachan, 2012-08-14
So today is day one of bein a full on dreadhead and one lil section of lpose tips (alot of my ends wouldnt dread so im letting em be) arent pointed at all, kinda just big blobby loose hair, and I really like the pointed tip look so I was wondering if anyone knows of anything I can do to make em pointy lol please help!
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dreads popping!

By jacob bettman, 2012-08-14

a couple of my dreads are about to pop (roots very thin). I know rubber bands are bad but i took the two which were next to each other and connected then but left the roots un-rubberbanded. I feel like its the best thing to do, i figure they will fall out if i just let them go or maybe combining them will work, or the will just fall out anyway. If anybody can help me please do.

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itchy head?

By Eric Andrikowich, 2012-08-14

my heads been itchy a lot should i try to void itching it or does it matter?

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I NEED HELP starting my natty dreads!

By Dallas, 2012-08-14

I and I has become very much in touch with my faith in rastafar I, and would of course like to openly express that through natty dread. I have been dedicated to a lot of in depth research on how to start the process, seeing how it is not as easy for someone of my dominant race to do! I want the process to be completely all natural, and am tired of scrolling through countless pages and articles trying to figure out what is right. So I ask, for a man with very thick maybe now 3-4 inch wavy hair, what is the best way to get started?! I have already gone three days without combing, but I realize that is nothing! And to my knowledge it always will be until I start washing my hair the right way, so any tips on that would be mad decent! I am a 3/4 white, 1/4 black 16 year old male with like I said 3-4 inch, thick, wavy hair that also when in fact reaches a certain length, will get curly! So I am also wondering how easily you think I will dread? I know I am a LONG way from my goal, but "if you don't start somewhere you never go anywhere" in the words of the late great Tuff Gong! So I am basically asking for the best advice possible on what to do, what not to wear on my head, and what to wash my hair with. I am prepared for patience, right now I just need guidance from the best, so thank all of you and Jah bless for any help!

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2 weeks!!!

By Mama Kat, 2012-08-13

I have 2 week old natural baby dreads and I LOVE them!!! It is so freeing to not have to worry about my hair!!! I feel so strong =)

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delayed justice

By ☮ soaring eagle ॐ, 2012-08-13

this is going to be a very long post the Oklahoma dhs this morning finaly awarded my best friend custody of her one child after a very long and horrifying custody battle. let me 1st take you back in time..

i met my best friend back in 2006 we wanted to go to the annual rainbow gathering in colorodo and he wanted her husband (at the time) and family to go too her kids were sooo excited they wanted to help serve food at dinner and cook in the kitchens.

i started to suspect something was off however when chevy (my best friend) left the house to get diapers for raven and returned 5 minutes later with no diapers in tears cause she had to wrap her baby in newspaper..not because they had no money but because when she left the house his family dragged her back!

then she started to tell me the stories

1st off his family is native american..pure blood i believe chevy is 1/4 i think chevy practices the native american way of life and was doing firewalking one day they saw that and burned everything she owned..for the next 3 years she wore only his jeans (2 pairs) and his work shirts (3) and that was all she had

well except her 67 vw bus she fully restored but we will get to that soon enough

so we decide to go to the gathering and chevy offers to drive from oklohma to pennsylvania to get me to take me to the colrodo that! thousands of miles out of her way!! so because shes so kind i bought her and her kids all drums (djimbes..really nice one s too)

so now she reminds her ex that he needs to take off work to go to the gathering a week goes by then he claimed he asked off but they said no

she found out from his boss that he never even asked!

next more sabotage.... she saved up 500 dollars for the trip which he then blew on a 5 day drinking binge (this is when the newspaper diapers thing happened cause he was nowhere to be found)

next she had to get insurabce and inspection on the way to get it inspected he said he was fixing a blinker but instead ripped out all the wiring disabling the van completely

at this point i arranged a differnt ride and we were going to go get her ..but then he said she ciuldnt bring the kids..even though only 1 was his

ill skip past this part except to say he promiced hed pick her up after the gathering ..but didn't

so she had to find her own way home which took a bit when she got home and went to see her kids him and his mom beat her til she was almost 100% bruise

next ..her fully restored vw van was crushed they paid a junk yard to crush it in a car crusher the junk yard owner was in tears as he did it..

then they cut her breaks trying to kill her they tru[ied 4 times to kill her tried lighting her house on fire after draining deisel out of a bus (i bought a bus for us to travel in after this mess)

now on to the kids

chevy after awhile won full custody the dhs the court all gave her a standing ovation the bailiff was in tears

a few months later they asked if the kids can go swimming with their cousins she let them..but...they kidnapped them fikes a false report that she molested them and back to court they go but different court..different dhs

this time its pure hell

they kept shaving the kids heads cheyanne had grown her hair from birth they tried forcing them to call themselves rednecks but deffiantly they would say no we are rainbows even tho they never been to a gathering

well this is getting long so ill start to just give u a list of all the things they did thartt dhs overlooked

shot the kids dogs in front of them (these kids were raised to never hurt a bug)

had the kids sleeping in bed with a loaded rifle (they burned the drums chevy bought them saying they would never play those n#@&er drums instead bought them a rifle) (they were like 5 and 8 at the time)

force them to go door to door handing out religious pamphlets (whats the 1 that doesnt alow women to cut their hair yet they shaved these girls heads bald regularly) (edit it was penticostal i just remembered)

were caught driving drunk with the kids in the car with no seatbelts even

were known to do meth in front of them

constantly tried convincing the kids that their mom was evil

wouldnt lert them have freinds they were never allowed to go out except to church

the list could get long if i could remember it all

now on to what they had against chevy that they usedin court

she has dreadlocks

she owns a schooolbus (i bought)

she has african friends (they claimed the kids will get raped if she allows her freinds to visit)

for 6 years she hasnt had her kids

for the last year she hasnt seenjh raven or heard from her cheyyanne hasnt seen raven either

noone has

today ..7 am chevy calls me ..1st exciting news in 6 years

her ex husbands neighbour cakked dhs cause they were worried bout the kids.,.including his 2 new babies with his new wife

dhs walks in they live in a trailer the whole place smells of shit and piss the wifes passed out on the couch

tge babies were in rooms with the doors tied shut 1 had shit all over the floor on the top of toyboxes everywhere the other had a diaper exploding like it wasnt changed in days

in the master bedroom there was a huge pile of used tampons on the floor

the wife said she only tied the doors shut when he takes a nap they asked how often she takes a nap she said an hour after he leaves fir work.. he goes to work at was 2 pm!

at this point she flipped out started attacking the dhs workers

so chevy got imediete custody

unfortunateky they dont know where raven is

they claim shes been staying with the grandmom for 2 weeks

but noones sure of that


they have till thursday to turn her over at the court

if not the entire family is going to jail

i left out tons of details only because theres too many to remember and like i said was woke up at 7 am (going back to sleep now)

this nightmares finaly at an end

these kids are the most beautiful sweet lioving enlightened inteligent and talented kids u ever met and they have been tortured

this is chevy shes a member here

her kids before the head shavings

odviosly they are alot older now ..once their hair grows they wil be dready kids too!

happy ending chevy has a new husband hes a great guy (kinda too addicted to video games byt he was raised by the mario brothers u could say) they have a new baby together

the dhs nightmares finaly at an end

now for the massive lawsuites haha

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organic excellence shampoo and conditioner??

By Allan Welch, 2012-08-13

hey all!! i still have been seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff nightmares! i'm am trying the baking soda rinse once again for 3 weeks this time to see if my scalp will adjust if i give it a bit more time. but if after 3 weeks my scalp is still a nightmare i'm going to give this shampoo and possibly the conditioner a go!! :) feedback on what you guys reckon about this shampoo and condtioner would be very handy! :)

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Sigh. Kirk's Castile.

By Laura Nelson, 2012-08-11
They were carrying Dr. B bars at my local store for a minute so I went there to get some but they already got rid of it and all I could get was Kirk's. My hair srsly needs to be washed so I'll use it ONCE. I am ordering plantlife from the internets though, or Dr. B. my top choices.
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One year mark! :D

By Rainbow Fortune, 2012-08-11

So, it's 2pm, August 11th here, and it has officially been one year since I've started dreading.

I actually did not know if I should even write and post anything since I've grown so comfortable with not brushing and basically not giving a damn about my hair, just letting it do it's thing, but I decided to do it anyways. They've been trying sooo hard during the past year, they deserve some credit. :D But since I did not give enough of a damn to take pictures on a regular basis, I will just make a kind of a timeline using what I can find on my computer.

So. After numerous start-and-comb-after-a-few-weeks-to-months, I have finally decided not to mess around, and that if I should do it, I should do it right. So last August, I told myself this will be my final attempt at dreading. If I comb them out this time, that's it. No more attempts.

I gave it my last shot. This is me at the beginning, 15 days in or so.

This is what my hair looked like at the 1 month mark.

Right about then, I got frustrated. I was always an overachiever in everything I wanted to do. I was known for failing many subjects inhigh school, but that was solely due to my not caring about them. But I always did things I wanted to do very good, and very quickly. So having the desire for my hair to dread, but it not doing anything, and me not being able to make it tangle faster was something I had a really hard time dealing with. My own hair was failing.

After awhile, I learned to accept it all. Maybe I wasn't as in control as I thought I was, but by New Year's, that was okay.

And this is a photo from the New Year's Eve, four months in. As you can see, nothing happened. :D

Speeding up again, we come to May 6th, which is St. George's day, a holiday my family celebrates. (Orthodox Christian families celebrate one saint, and it is carried down through family by men. So my grandfather, my great grandfather, and all men before him celebrated St. George. That's not really important for the timeline, and it wouldn't even be important for me, if it weren't for my entire family gathering at my grandma's house for the occasion.)

You can't really see much on this photo, but this is the best one I've got of the sectioning that happened by then.

And the side-view...

FF again, we come to 10 months!

By this time, I started changing what I wash my hair with. Having hard water, I couldn't use BS, and there are no dreadlock shampoos or bars here. Also, I can't find any clarifying or residue free shampoos. So I figured, if BS removes the residue from hair, it will do the same thing if added to a shampoo. So I started adding BS directly to the bottle, to the point where there are layers of liquid in the bottle, the bottom layer is the thickest, the one above less so, and so on. It works pretty well, I've had crazy loopiness happening since, each and every one of them has at least one loop now.

Loopies about a month ago - they've changed a lot since then.

And, that would be all. I do not have any one-year-mark photos, since my SD card reader died, and I cannot put any photos on my computer, let alone on the internet. I'll post them when I find a way.

As you can see, they are not even close to being mature. But I'm okay with it. I love the messiness, and even if they stay like this forever, I won't mind. But they are changing, so I know I will eventually have real dreads.

All in all, I posted this mainly for people who are frustrated with their hair to see they are not the only ones with slow progress, and that not combing for a year and still not having dreads does happen to people. It might even make someone who is on, let's say, 5. month mark feel better about those few loose hairs and 6 strands of normal hair. :D

Even if it is dreading extremely slow, letting your hair go can teach you so many things... I'm extremely happy I threatened myself a year ago and stuck to dreading this time. Though I can't see my hair developing much, I can see how much I have grown and developed, and that's the most important thing to me.

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