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Nearly 3 months! And very happy with the results!

By Diego F., 2012-08-24

Now i can see them forming! I'm really loving my hair!

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I do wash!

By Becsley Q Penguinface, 2012-08-23

I haven't been asked this as yet, but as soon as I saw it I thought of everyone here XD

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loc reflections: month three

By Beijaflor, 2012-08-22

hi guys! eh um terceiro mes pra mim and i am happy to have made it another month! this month has been topsy turvy. my locs had begun to loosen at one point but now they are compressing more. ive had three dreams (nightmares) of me having my hair in a loose form and that has scared me but i have been staying strong. i look at it as signs of strength and not of weakness because im still loc'd and blessed. at this moment i am at a cleansing detox with a hard water removal shampoo until my hair feels fully clarified. once i am finish with this phase i will return back to my besan. my locs are starting to look like locs at the root or at least forming into locs and this has recently happened within the last week. i also had a nice vacation at the beach last week and the ocean was a big treat for my hair, mind, spirit.. i just loved the beach. well thats it guys, i am enjoying the evolving of my hair and myself as a person. ive never felt more free and excited. until next month guys. :)

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My Dreads

By Kyle Adams, 2012-08-21

I just want to thank Ashley Walker for giving me my dreads and spending her whole day doing them. She didn't give up, even when I wanted certain things to be done. I know my hair was weird but I hope it pays off when you see them mature and grow into beautiful pieces of my new self. I needed a big change and you gave it to me. Thank you for that.

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oh happy knotty day!

By Ixchel, 2012-08-20

seriously so giddy i really was considering climbing the roof to be able to shout from it.


It was born 3 days ago when the tips of that section were stuck together but the body seemed like two distinctly different pieces. I had counted my locks in the dark by feel & this was my freak show section. All my other sections are variations of round, diamonds, squares, maybe not exact but they do resemble basic shapes. This one tho, it was long & thin, an odd section & it kinda pulled the hair weird. I could feel it was knotted at the tip & I didn't have the heart to destroy it to let it be two or join into others more acceptable. So I left it. That night it thanked me for letting it stay & became a loop. My first loop :) (at 6 months 20 days for those counting)

It has now survived a washing & stuck. It's official, I have a real knot, a real loop. It has begun for real & it's so thrilling!

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never going to stop using the teatree and rosemary bar soaps ever again! they are amazing!!!!! :)

By Allan Welch, 2012-08-20

well when i was using the teatree and rosemary bar soaps before i used to try and get a good lather of it all around my scalp, but i obviously wasn't getting it all over cos i was doing it in the shower, not in front of the mirror, so i couldn't see what i was doing. I was still noticing flakes and dandruff so i decided to try the baking soda/acv rinse again. (i thought i'd give it a couple of weeks to see if my scalp would adjust to it). Well anyway today after i had been doing it for 1 week i was still noticing that my skin/scalp was flaking like crazy and i had just had enough (anyway it turns out i am allergic to the bs/acv, and that was y i was flaking so much from it)so wat i did was i got the teatree and rosemary bar soap and i stood infront of the mirror for about 20 mins and lathered up each individual section of my scalp (and face, cos i get skin flaking all over my face) and i left it for 5 mins then rinsed reallllllly thoroughly. And i got out of the shower and looked at my face and my scalp....AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 1 YEAR NO DANDRUFF WAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when i actually run my fingers along my scalp it feels realllly healthy again and normal!! no more flakiness and no more dandruff and no more scalp problems!!!!!!!!


AND IF IT WASN'T FOR SOARING EAGLE I WOULD OF CUT MY DREADS ALREADY. Soaring eagle you have saved my life seriously! my natural dreads mean the world to me and so do you m8! YOU LEGEND!!! :):)

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falling in love with 207 baby dreadies <3

By Ixchel, 2012-08-18

Last night i went through my head in the dark by touch & separated for my first time (6.5 months & my first time separating!!!) I counted about 207 baby dreadies (give or take, it was dark & hard to keep count & sort through so much hair! I have A LOT). I was worried about variation in sizes on them, I didn't mind them not being the same but i feared huge differences & wanted to keep them in a close range without caring about being exact. Well forget that.

As I felt through them all it was wonderful. Each one a different size, it's own shape, a special feel to it. Every next one so unique from the last. I could feel knots, though I can't see them yet, they are taking hold in there. How so very different they feel compared to how they look was just astonishing. I loved the experience & can't wait for the chance to have to separate & count them again :) I'm sure some will congo, most are pretty thin, some ridiculously thin. Going through them it was all "ooo this one is nice & thicker (more a normal size not actually a fatty)" & "omgosh this one is actually knotty feeling & tight" & "ahh i think this is the start of a flat loop!" So very exciting.

I love each & every one of my 207(ish) locks. They are all amazing in their own way. I love that i have knots that I can feel even if I can't see them yet. I can't wait for them to become visible to me.

This journey is amazing, baby steps & small victories for me <3

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Biotin+Dreads= Success?

By Ksks, 2012-08-18
Ordered a 5000mcg of Biotin idk how long it will last though, i guess ill be taking one a day. SE and a few other said it works, i would like to hear personal growth stories of biotin on a link to a timeline would be cool thanks. And btw ive been looking at dr.bronner tea tree shampoo has anyone used that either?
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I have new dreads and need advice! =]

By Melina Deeks, 2012-08-17


I had three dreads done about a week ago, and plan to dread the rest of my hair soon. They were kind of half backcombed and Ripped and twisted. I'm just not really sure how to take care of them.

Some websites say that I should use wax, and the woman that did my dreads said i should wax and roll them. But other websites say that wax will cause mould and dread rot.

So all in all, I'm a bit confused and would really appreciate some advice on the upkeep of my dreadlocks.

Thanks a lot guys =]

Melina xx

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