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oh happy knotty day!

By Ixchel, 2012-08-20

seriously so giddy i really was considering climbing the roof to be able to shout from it.


It was born 3 days ago when the tips of that section were stuck together but the body seemed like two distinctly different pieces. I had counted my locks in the dark by feel & this was my freak show section. All my other sections are variations of round, diamonds, squares, maybe not exact but they do resemble basic shapes. This one tho, it was long & thin, an odd section & it kinda pulled the hair weird. I could feel it was knotted at the tip & I didn't have the heart to destroy it to let it be two or join into others more acceptable. So I left it. That night it thanked me for letting it stay & became a loop. My first loop :) (at 6 months 20 days for those counting)

It has now survived a washing & stuck. It's official, I have a real knot, a real loop. It has begun for real & it's so thrilling!

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never going to stop using the teatree and rosemary bar soaps ever again! they are amazing!!!!! :)

By Allan Welch, 2012-08-20

well when i was using the teatree and rosemary bar soaps before i used to try and get a good lather of it all around my scalp, but i obviously wasn't getting it all over cos i was doing it in the shower, not in front of the mirror, so i couldn't see what i was doing. I was still noticing flakes and dandruff so i decided to try the baking soda/acv rinse again. (i thought i'd give it a couple of weeks to see if my scalp would adjust to it). Well anyway today after i had been doing it for 1 week i was still noticing that my skin/scalp was flaking like crazy and i had just had enough (anyway it turns out i am allergic to the bs/acv, and that was y i was flaking so much from it)so wat i did was i got the teatree and rosemary bar soap and i stood infront of the mirror for about 20 mins and lathered up each individual section of my scalp (and face, cos i get skin flaking all over my face) and i left it for 5 mins then rinsed reallllllly thoroughly. And i got out of the shower and looked at my face and my scalp....AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 1 YEAR NO DANDRUFF WAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when i actually run my fingers along my scalp it feels realllly healthy again and normal!! no more flakiness and no more dandruff and no more scalp problems!!!!!!!!


AND IF IT WASN'T FOR SOARING EAGLE I WOULD OF CUT MY DREADS ALREADY. Soaring eagle you have saved my life seriously! my natural dreads mean the world to me and so do you m8! YOU LEGEND!!! :):)

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falling in love with 207 baby dreadies <3

By Ixchel, 2012-08-18

Last night i went through my head in the dark by touch & separated for my first time (6.5 months & my first time separating!!!) I counted about 207 baby dreadies (give or take, it was dark & hard to keep count & sort through so much hair! I have A LOT). I was worried about variation in sizes on them, I didn't mind them not being the same but i feared huge differences & wanted to keep them in a close range without caring about being exact. Well forget that.

As I felt through them all it was wonderful. Each one a different size, it's own shape, a special feel to it. Every next one so unique from the last. I could feel knots, though I can't see them yet, they are taking hold in there. How so very different they feel compared to how they look was just astonishing. I loved the experience & can't wait for the chance to have to separate & count them again :) I'm sure some will congo, most are pretty thin, some ridiculously thin. Going through them it was all "ooo this one is nice & thicker (more a normal size not actually a fatty)" & "omgosh this one is actually knotty feeling & tight" & "ahh i think this is the start of a flat loop!" So very exciting.

I love each & every one of my 207(ish) locks. They are all amazing in their own way. I love that i have knots that I can feel even if I can't see them yet. I can't wait for them to become visible to me.

This journey is amazing, baby steps & small victories for me <3

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Biotin+Dreads= Success?

By Ksks, 2012-08-18
Ordered a 5000mcg of Biotin idk how long it will last though, i guess ill be taking one a day. SE and a few other said it works, i would like to hear personal growth stories of biotin on a link to a timeline would be cool thanks. And btw ive been looking at dr.bronner tea tree shampoo has anyone used that either?
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I have new dreads and need advice! =]

By Melina Deeks, 2012-08-17


I had three dreads done about a week ago, and plan to dread the rest of my hair soon. They were kind of half backcombed and Ripped and twisted. I'm just not really sure how to take care of them.

Some websites say that I should use wax, and the woman that did my dreads said i should wax and roll them. But other websites say that wax will cause mould and dread rot.

So all in all, I'm a bit confused and would really appreciate some advice on the upkeep of my dreadlocks.

Thanks a lot guys =]

Melina xx

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methods of applying aloe vera gel and olive oil to scalp and skin??

By Allan Welch, 2012-08-17

just wondering how to apply aloe vera gel and olive oil to my skin and scalp? and how much would i apply and how often?

this is to help with skin flaking. any feedback would be appreciated sooooo much! cheers

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Beginner to clay beads, help?

By Daydreamer, 2012-08-16

So I'm into my fourth month and I was interested in making my own beads and don't really know how to go about it. The most I'm sure of is that I can get the clay at any craft shop. but what I was wondering is what sort of paint I could use on them? and how much would I be looking at spending?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. :)

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4 mths 6 days Update...

By Dee4, 2012-08-15

So I have been dreading for 4 months now they are looking pretty good with an occasional bad hair day that a tam will hide. I have noticed some strange section well, to be exact I have no pattern to the sections and find myself constantly seperating after every wash. Guess it is a normal process of all of this some days they are tighter than others. It is kind of like a roller coaster ride some great other ok. So what started out with wax and rubber bands was totally lost. After I decided to stop waxing and removed rubber bands I felt a certain liberty which is a great feeling. Somedays I feel a little down and I see my self in the mirror and they are in their best behaviour which lightens up my day :D. I am so happy with them just a little concerned about the un even sections I am wondering if that is normal. I have been doing the acv/bs, add lime juice and sometimes Iadd sea salt to mymix. I also have been washing it one time aweek with dreadlock shampoowhich is almost finished soI can order some from here. I also wet them every day since I am out in the road all day seeing patients and thisSouth Texas heat has been reallysomething unbelivable today we hit 104^F degrees. So yes I wet them every day as soon as I get home from work to get the sweat out and rub my scalp a bit and let them dry before I go to bed. I wash every other day with acv/bsordread shampoo. I was told clarifying shampoos are good haven't tried that yet. My boss gave me some aloe very plants for my birthday and I will try once my babies are a bit more mature since I did try and it made some dreads so soft that the unraveled. Ok well this concludes my 4 moth update pictures will be posted soon please feel free to give me any feedback bad or good I take criticismvery well.Ok my dreadie friend till next time.

P.S: How do I post pictures up to my blogs?

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Henna - how (the hell) do you make it work? :D

By Rainbow Fortune, 2012-08-15

Okay, so.

My natural hair color is daaaark brown (so dark people usually think it's black). I've been dying my hair red for years, but I've decided I don't want to use chemicals anymore, so I've switched to henna.

All it does for me is intensify the part that has been dyed red before, but it doesn't do anything to the new growth. (Except for my gray hair which turns kinda gold.(I have more and more gray ones each day, and I'm 22. Genetics, baby. :D ))

What I want to know is how you people prepare it, exactly.

I've heard of people using lemon juice, but lemon juice is supposed to be conditioning, right?

I have about half kg (1 pound) of henna from India, and I would hate for it to go to waste...

Also, do you apply it to damp or dry hair?

I've been applying it to damp hair, since it spreads easier that way (since I'm unable to use a brush or a comb to spread it - obviously), but the dripping during the next 4 - 5 hours (which is how long I keep it on my head) is driving me crazy.

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