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New to this site

By Dreadley Seven, 2013-08-24

First of all, I jus wanna thank soaring eagle for the time an effort him put into this site, tanx bredda.

2nd, I started dreading 4 months ago by backcombing and have flipped da roots 4 times (once per month). I nah have used any products accept a natural gel / organic root stimulator. Found dreadheadhq and palmrolled a few times.

Since then, mi found this site and stopped da gel and stopped palmrolling. and have done a couple of BS/ACV washes.

Now advice please....

Q1- Wha can mi do ta further undo any damage I done?

Q2- i do a full body soak in da tub w 1cup BS, 1 cup ACV, an 1 cup Epsom salts. Is that sufficient fa mi dreads? or is it necessary ta do da BS soak first and ACV rinse last?

Tanx fi da elp xD

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Power of Hair.

By Salem Haley, 2013-08-23

"Until the spiritual power of hair is learned and accepted nobody has a right to tell anyone to cut it. For some locs and beards are a lot more deeper than some fashion trend. It's deeper than the rough and raggedy look. It symbolizes the covenant we have made with the most high."

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Almost to 3 months

By ChildrenAtMidnight, 2013-08-23

My locks are starting to really form near the scalp. The ends are still pretty stringy but they're slowly starting to clump together. I feel like it's becoming an endless battle to prevent them from trying to congo but I seem to be winning thus far.

I have one issue that still continues to bother me. Dandruff. I have tried all sorts of things to get rid of it. Now, this has been an ongoing thing even before I decided to lock my hair. It juts seems to be getting worse and some of the flakes are getting caught in the locked parts of my hair which looks pretty gross. I've been trying to pluck it out but it's pretty difficult.

I also bought some Dr Bronners today. Figured I'd give it a try and see what I think.

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20 month year old dread

By Golden Tribe, 2013-08-21

my hair now appears to have little progress to me but i love it i think my hair will take 4 years to completely dread naturally even then i doubt my front hairline hair will loc. so far in the back section of my head has one small one right in the bottom mid like a tale and i have about 4 dreads on the back that i can say are pretty complete. the thing i like about my natural dreads is it seems effortless and wonky feeling and looking at the same time. some people fret about making a blunt tip but all my dreads are all blunted. i concluded that natural dread or at least for my hair type if done naturally will blunt on its own. though i would prefer them to be loose reading that my dreads might dry faster i own my dreads so i'll embrace what i got.

so far its pretty chaotic and unattractive to look at. i'm not by all means photogenic and my messy hair just screams paper bag. but in the end of the day looking at my face my hair seems to look out of place an incomplete masterpiece if you will. doesn't look good now until its finish or the idea is hard to grasp until its complete. when its done its still changing so its a workings art like glass in the crucible always removing impurities and always changing form.

i'll post photos when i can soon though i want my dreads to speed up and be done with it i'm sure when i have it i'll beg to have the experience of getting them. just like the tv commercial "leave it and forget it".

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Two months (sort of)

By Maria Tyler, 2013-08-21

Well... it's been almost two months. I had a set-back after the first couple of weeks, and inadvertently conditioned my hair (UGH), and was back to square one. It took me a while to get started again, but here we are.

So, things are going okay. I still have tons of questions and wonder if I am doing this right. It seems that my sections are really small. I try not the let the sections get bigger than 1-1.5 inches on my head, but the dreads are soooooo skinny. But, they are also REALLY weird shapes with all their twists and knots.

Also, I wonder if I am separating too often (every day). If I don't, the dreads all team up and join in with dreads clear across my head!

Also, my hair is dreading in the middle and at the ends, but not near my head. I think that is okay, but should I be putting in beads or anything like that?

Finally, it seems that my head does not want to section in nice "circular" ways, but rather it sections in lines. No matter what I do (try to coerce the sections to be shaped better), it seems that my head would rather have long skinny sections. Does that make sense? Do I need to be worried that my dreads won't be round (or round-ish) but rather they will be flat?

Here are some pictures:

And here is what the majority of the dreads look like. They seem kind of skinny to me (1/8 to 1/4 inch thick in most spots), and they make crazy twists and turns, but I like them! Will they get fatter? Also, I "play" with them all the time. It just feels so cool to run them between my fingers. Is that bad to do? I don't know if I can stop!

FYI, I am using the neglect method. I have not twisted and ripped or anything like that. I just separate. I wash with BS/AV every other day, but I don't really keep the BS in for that long. But... I also go to the ocean a few times a week, so the salt water stays in my hair for a few hours before I wash it, so I'm thinking that might have the same effect .. ???

I will try to give an update next month around the same time. Bye for now!

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Dreads and the mature woman']

By ExaltHimx7, 2013-08-16

I'm going to give you guys my personal glimpse of dreads and mature women. Society places such great value on youth and beauty, but I'm here to tell you that mature women are just as lovely. We have learned life lessons that the young have yet to learn; we have seen it, done it, lived it. We have a depth of understanding that only comes with time, age and experience. We are mothers, sisters and wives and we love deeply. We care deeply and we are here for you when you need us'].

I began my journey smack dab in the middle of menopause (*gasp!*). The older I get the more comfortable I've become with my God given self. Dreads fascinated me for years and years, but I was always too self conscious to attempt growing them. I worried about what people in general would think, specifically my Hubby and kids, their teachers, my parents...the list goes on and on. Well, I found the Dreadlock site about 4 years ago and I stalked it for about a year before I joined and took the plunge. I learned the right way to let my hair dread and I met tons of really super people. It's like a big extended family, kind of like a good church']. I grew my dreads for 1.5 years and have never been happier with myself and my hair.

Then came mega hot flashes! UUUgh I had a really hard time with that, and in a nutshell, I ended up cutting my hair and shaved the sides thinking I'd be a lot cooler. Well I wasn't. And I was dreadless. I was so upset with myself and I was really not loving taking care of my hair. I began to re-grow my hair and I am at the point where I am dreading again. Joy Joy Joy!! This time it's for keeps.

We continue to live and learn until our time on Earth is over. Be you, be loving, caring, giving. Be, do, go. Don't hold on tightly to transient things; hold onto people. Hold onto Jesus. In the end that's all that really matters...xoxo

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few weeks!

By Salem Haley, 2013-08-15

the process is getting exciting all over again

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WHY! oh WHY! would you do this?

By stewart, 2013-08-14

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Great place for dreadlock shampoo!!!

By Marcellus Wallace, 2013-08-12

For the longest time, I have been using and promoting the use of as they have some real wicked soap (I'm strictly a bar user). Recently however I've come across and tried a bar (ayurvedic) from and I've been extremely satisfied. To me it was important that they used coconut oil as a base, cuz I love coconut oil. My girlfriend however got one of the henna bars (which doesn't use coconut oil) so her hair gets gradually dyed as she uses it. The soap has a slightly different consistency, and is kinda tacky when you first get it wet, but with more water, lathers up. Why did i switch? You get more soap and it costs less, that is really the only reason.

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Natural dreadlocks experience on my trip

By Rafael Rodriguez, 2013-08-06

Hello everyone, Last night I returned from my three weeks vacation (I have already posted some photos) from the Dominican Republic, places which I originated from. Everywhere I went I noticed how people would stare at me, this was to be expected, even though there were few people in different towns who had dreadlocks from starter, to mature ones. Probably due to a know artist who had them until he went to jail. People there like to copy what they seen on the media sadly.

So I had to compare my own locks to those that I saw and I have to say that most of the ones I saw were started and maintained by twisting method and they looked great, some I couldn't tell if they were natural or just puffed from the beach since I met them in the water.

I was a bit surprised to see so "many" people with dreadlocks (surely less than 20 in total from all the parts of the country I went to). I was already aware of the discrimination there is against dreadlocks, it is so that the government refuses to give the country ID called "Cedula" which is like the state ID but in the Dominican Republic is the same for the whole country, there is no division by county. So if you did not get yours before started your dreadlocks then you would be undocumented until you cut them. Needless to say, I couldn't update mine, last time I was there I had long hair and they updated it but left the old picture with short hair, so this time I didn't even bothered, lucky me they let you use expired IDs. I did went to a bank to exchange currency and I was told I did not look like the person in the picture, I was 16 years old at the time that picture was taken so that is true now that I'm 25. So I just calmly told the rep person to talk to the people in charge of the ID so they can update my picture and she did not bother me about the ID ever again.

So back tot he point, with my mother always trying to talk me into cutting my locs, my sisters and rest of the family joined too, my stepfather who was always supportive of them was also jokingly making fun of mine because they look messy because you couldn't see scalp and all that so I had the temptation of starting to retwist again, taking into consideration hat I need to find a new job too. I did explain to him why my dreads look different from the others and he understood and let the subject alone until the next time it was "teasing hour" (when we get together we tend to tease each other about something to see who gets mad first).

However, I desisted from the idea of retwisting every week. I do twist like once per month a bit on those that try to dread flat since i don't want flat dreadlocks but nothing that would cause hard like pulling too much or twisting too tight. I though about it and my dreads were unique, no one had dreads like mine and that gave me a sense of pride, yes my hair seems to not be growing but it is in fact growing, the longer it gets the better they will look so the messing look is not permanent and I do not like the scalp showing.

So what I'm trying to say is that thanks to this trip I was able to appreciate my dreads even more than before. Here in NYC a lot of people have locs, they all look the same and still look nice but I know mine will look great and be different because of my actions or lack of them.

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