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Just a few questions...

By Summer Opal, 2012-02-29

I have been watching a lot of videos about dreads and how to maintain them, I know I am not that far a long and just wanted to kind of find these things out now rather than later.

I did the twist and rip method to start my dreads, also I am wearing rubberbands to keep them seperated, I do know that after the first or so wash they do loosen a bit then dread up again. From the pictures that I did post can anyone tell me if they are still looking good? lol I feel like they are not doing good. But that could be because I want them to be "happy".

Thank you to all of you who have helped me so far. [=

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The beginning of my journey, and my inspiration

By AllOrNothing, 2012-02-29

Three years ago, a good friend of mine started to dread his hair. Back then, I was ignorant and I didn't know what dreading was about. I asked him, and he explained to me that he wanted to be his natural self. He was a lot more philosophical about it, but that's the gist. We spent a year after that inseparable, and his thoughts on dreads spoke to me. I spent some time researching it, and only found information about wax and the like. I wasn't a fan of the idea of smearing beeswax in my hair, so I decided that maybe dreads weren't for me.

I lost contact with my friend in May of '11, and in November I started thinking about him again. I planned to attend his band's first concert, but on November 11th I got really sick. I wanted to remember him, talk to him, think about him. In early December, I learned that he had gotten killed in a car accident on his way home from that concert on November 11th. I wanted to commemorate him somehow, so I planned for a small tattoo, began flying his flag on my boot, wrote songs I knew he would have liked. And yet none of this seemed like it was enough. I began thinking about his dreadlocks again. When he cut them off last year, he gave one to me. I decided I would have dreadlocks, but not JUST for him. I began doing some more research, thinking that if it came down to it, I'd buy the nasty-sounding wax. I found this site, lurked for a while, and decided that tnr was the way for me.

I still have his dreadlock, and I want to sew it into my own so I can always carry his journey with me. RIP Nick. eNVy to the end.

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A Challenge!

By Nasya L'Bert, 2012-02-28

I've been enjoying my dread-locking journey, and noticing some interesting things about myself. I was quite aware of the fact that I normally play around with my hair but I notice how much it happens. My hands seem to just appear up there and mess around! I have this annoying voice in the back of my mind saying: "They're not dreading fast enough! They are still puffy!", "Maybe should separate these or uhm...", "It's not doing anything!", and "Have they dreaded yet?".

Basically I am being impatient!

While I'm sure it's not doing anything to my dreads, I feel like my arms wouldn't be so tired if I just leave them alone (and my hair can relax lol). Plus my mind will be more at ease if my hands would relax.

SO! My challenge to myself is to touch my hair less! And let them do whatever. And every time I go to touch my hair I will take three slow deep cleansing breaths and be still and stop for a moment.

Maybe you can challenge yourself to forget your hair more often. Or anything else that takes time and patience.

What habits have you learned (or learning) to let go because your dreads?

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Lesson learned

By Sussi, 2012-02-28

Today I learned an important lesson that I want to share with you all:

If you have dreads and wear glasses, never ever put your glasses on your head!!!

I did, and it took my husbanda good10 minutes toget the glasses outand he even had to cut intoa dread to free them. My scalp is still sore from the treatment and the poor dread has some recovering to do.

Oh well, you live, you learn. ;-)

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By Kara Simpson, 2012-02-28

They are starting to come along fairly well, not a fan of having a knappy head but I'm super excited for them :)

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Dreads should be wild and free

By Jakk Lyman, 2012-02-28

Im of the opinion that dreadlox should be natural-the state has shaved my head twice and each set ive grown back has been different. Dreads werent meant to be trendy-this is just my opinion-I know that lots of people are getting them these days cuz they look cool--- Dreads are more than just a hairstyle to me, I know this sounds corny, but its how I feel...Dreads should be natty, wild, and free--not uniform, overnight, and perfect. In this sense they represent, and are a part of me. I left home when I was 12, and have spent my life in and out of institutions--as well as traveling, squatting and lawbreaking.

I last completed the 7th grade in the compulsory school system, and have spent the last 20 some odd years educating myself. I recently went to college for awhile and made A's so easily it lost its appeal. For 4 years I took whatever interested me, and designed some classes as well. I loved logic, and still study it independently. I'd like to start (maybe a weekly) blog here concerning the real problems afflicting our world, particularly the actions of the U.S., and do some myth busting on the subject of the illuminati--I'm not saying all conspiracies are lies, or that there isnt hidden nuggets of truth in the alex jones/zeitgeist etc.but most of it is out of context + outright lies + reframing and redefining words/semantics + a web of correlates from unrelated quotes,symbolism,geographies and times + the use of amateur unqualified "experts" where experts arent needed to create an atmosphere of legitimacy...not to mention (remember I study logic) that the standard algorithm's of the argument's are are awful..

The first place I'd start is the creation and hidden purpose of our/U.S. compulsory school system (many nations have adopted this model) its all well documented and I'll cite my sources whenever possible. Then each additional post I'd beak down media censorship, propaganda, and how that system works, as well as how it started and came to be what it is today. From there I'd move on to the grand narrative of capitalism, authority, hierarchy, and their well as myths about "human nature" since this seems to be the reigning excuse for why we need systems based on violence and greed. I'd also briefly touch on other systems of economics, the nature of freedom and equality and a little history of revolution. Finally, I'll propose solutions, since thats what its all about, and hopefully some of you will have ideas and input as well. If your reading this and you think this is a good idea, let me know, and I'll get started. Maybe we can bring the "dread" and revolution back to dreadlocks...

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My hair was off

By Camilla, 2012-02-27

Just a little bit. I had a pearl in my hair and I was going to remove the pearl from my hair and aou my hair was of just there the pearl has been :( Im never gonna have a pearl in my hair again......

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Can I get some help?

By Summer Opal, 2012-02-27

Today I was at a tattoo convention in my home town and a girl said to me that she liked my dreads (have only had them for a week) but said when she had dreads she used a powder to help them, and also a hemp shampoo.

I have not been using anything right now just because I have not had them for very long. Are there any suggestions on a shampoo that will help with my scalp and make my dreads smell as pretty as I feel they are looking?

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Today is the day!

By Australe, 2012-02-26

So today is the first day of the rest of my life, also the day I start my journey with dreads... No more frustration and heartache about having frizzy out of control hair, wanting to shave my head because I just can't figure out what else to do with it!

I'd been debating for close to 3 years now wanting dreadlocks... and now that my husband's dreads are going on 3 years old this summer it kinda hit me that if I had started them back when I was first thinking of it I'd have an awesome set of dreads by now.

We learned A LOT when it comes to my husbands dread journey, had quite a few bumps and back slides. I'm happy that we learned so much and finally found a place with some good solid information from this website, not to mention a ton of awesome people! I know that I have no intentions of starting dreads like we started my husbands by back combing. Of course that was after we went to a woman who "knew how to do dreads" and she twisted and gobbed his hair up with a crap ton of gel, after two weeks he STANK because she told him not to wash his hair. From there we combed them out and bought a dreadheadhq kit, fortunately we used minimal wax on his tightly backcombed dreads. We've learned better now, I look forward to seeing the difference in our results! And also this helps us learn that much better so in a couple years when our son wants a set of dreads of his own our now 19 month old little boy will be set up even better for some nice dreads.

So it starts, today I'll be washing my hair with Dr Bronner's to get it stripped. I know its not ideal because we have hard water, but I already have it on hand and don't want to spend money on something special when I only have intentions of using it for this first time. After today I'll be going to baking soda and apple cider vinegar with essential oils. I figure any residue that the Bronner's could possibly leave behind should come out with the next BS/ACV wash. We will follow my wash today by some air drying time and start the rip and tear process, I plan to order some of this locking gel from that I've been hearing people rave about. From there I don't think I'll be doing anymore rip and tear, we will just let them become the awesomeness that they will become on their own, with a little extra help from the locking gel when I get it! And also my husband has some difficult spots that might benefit from some help of the locking gel.

Wish me luck! I'll also be starting a project shortly of making a crocheted tam for myself out of some merchandised cotton yarn that I've been wondering what to make with it. Again I hear wool is ideal, but this will be something that will be cooler to wear in the summer time if I need to put my hair up. I should have enough left over to maybe make a visor for myself too!

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Natural Dreadlock Problems!!!

By Ricky Aka Ricky, 2012-02-25

So i've been dreading for about two or three months hair is about 6 inches, and I have not gotten any results at all! Like literally nothing. Maybe 5 or 6 dreads the size of a needle...But like damn, It's really really discouraging. I was talking to some people on youtube, and they were completely negative towards me. Saying that only black peoples hair will naturally dread and i need to quit trying. I could get dreads with palm rolling or twist & rip...but I don't want that! this is a journey to me, and I want to make it all the way, but it's so so discouraging to see little to no progression :(I wash two times a week usually...using dr bronners. I sea salt it occasionally but not too often...It's really really starting to get to me guys. I know it's all about patience, but ive been wanting dreads since my hair was short, and now it's finally 6 inches lol. A year later!

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