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about 3 inches in hair length and growing

By Gene Thompson, 2012-04-01

Just want to get an opinion from y'all about starting to re-lock my hair. Sorry about the picture on my profile guys, its old. My hair's about 3'' now, i wanted to include a pic but I'll probably post it next time. I know I can get a better opinion with a pic you guys can see. In the meantime, I finish my school semester in may and there arent much classes offered this summer because of the budget cuts. So I was planning to take the summer off from school and start job hunting. My hair's at an awkward stage right now pretty fro-ish and I wanna do something to it to look presentable for job interviews. The only thing I can think of is locking it. I dnt wanna cut it or do anything else to it so yeah. Opinions & suggestions will help! Thanx you guys.

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Its about that 2 month mark :D

By Lindsey3, 2012-04-01

Well its been around 2 months.. i dont remember the day exactly because it took me a while to TnR my whole head.. so around the beg. of the month.

Ive notied some significant shrinking. A lot of them got really really loopy, and like crawled up on them selves. Now they are really short and have like a ball at the end. One shrunk so much that it looked like a big fat zig zag.. i wraped it with some yarn a couple days ago. I should have taken a picture fist.. darn it.

The dreads on the left side are comming a long more than the right. I sleep in the left side more i guess.

My heads been axtremely itcy for a while now.. i wash every 2 days but i might make it every other day and see if that helps. I didnt have a itchy scalp before dreads, and whats really weird is that with my first set i was really really itcy too. But i figured it was bc i didnt wash my hair AT ALL for 5 months. YUK.

Other than that i cant really think of much else. Just enjoying the journey!!

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the twist and pull method of dreads

By Alejandro, 2012-03-31
I just started my dreads with the twist n pull method aand they came out very nice, but does any body have any advice on making the locks hold up on a day to day basis, with showeing, sleeping, moving around?
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New article

By Jakk Lyman, 2012-03-30

Hello--I'm currently writing two books, so I havent been on the site in awhile, but, within the next couple days im going to write a little piece on the Illuminati, where that conspiracy narrative originates and how it evolved as well as the truth about Weishaupts group (thats actually what one of the books Im writing is about). So that will be up soon, thanks everybody who reads my babble and comments and likes and discusses and converses and makes me feel like Im not totally wasting my time, I love to write, and those who love to write like to be read


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Starting my Organic dreads

By chalale young, 2012-03-30

Today is the first day of my organic dreads i am pretty excited about this my hair forms knots pretty fast so I am hoping it will form dreads pretty quick. My husband was not sure are first for the natural dreads but as he thought about it that would be easy to do instead of him having to help me do the dreads so I am pretty happy with the dread idea. I will up date in a couple of months when things have started to take a dread turn lol

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By Manj, 2012-03-29

Dear Diary...

So its been about a month since I last took a pic of my hair...Noticeable changes have certainly occured though only small to see.

One fat dread towards the back which is the eldest n loves to draw as much hair as she can towards her. I call her shaman dread, she's the witch doctor n we all love her. I shall dress her with a special bead when her time is right.

an upside down congo?!.. a section of my hair has already started to form a tight dread at the tip causing it to be blunt and its working its way up 3 sections of hair (its a 3 forming 1 dread!) reminds me of a climbing plant. makes me proud to see it grow from just being a baby loop!

and one more is forming in the same way, her younger sister I hope she's not as greedy.

some more sections have started to knot at the sides of my head but these are thin and one of the youngest compared to the rest and I like the variation

Overall, everyone is doin just fine, lots n lots of congo-ing happening and its rather exciting I don't feel like tearing them apart just yet I feel as if they need to mingle and get to know one another.. all these years of beingseparatedstrands.

so far so good!

about 10 days before the 2 month mark, all my hair has sectioned and knotted except for a bit under my hair...last night I had to pull apart a dread as it was causing a sore spot from roots that were being pulled :( . I found one dread that has sucked up about 4 or 5 smaller ones, that's going to be a fatty!
I also decided to count them and came to around 38 so far...I hope this will increase!

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Starting my garden! :D

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-03-28

I got myself a Jiffy seed starting kit at walmart a few days ago. It's like a little baby green house to sprout seeds in, and I planted tomatos, carrots, and lettuce and the lettuce is already sprouting just 2 days after planting!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait until it's warm enough to transplant outside! This crazy Illinois weather is being so unpredictable still lol last week it was 84 and 2 days ago it was 38 lol so I'm gonna wait jussttttt a bit longer!

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After the weekend

By amanda5, 2012-03-26

This is my first blog ever :). but i've wanted to start one for al ong time so here goes.

After the weekend: lots of my closest people are always asking when i'm going to cut my dreads off. Geeze like they havn't gotten the idea of individuality yet and are still trying to get me to conform. But. i have to say the weekend was good for my self image, small town party bar hosted a male stripper night with standing room only and ladies from every small town around it was fun, and packed with girls who as everyone knows can be the worst haters, but it was all around good fun :).i guess because the girls were moslty people i hand't met, yet it was still small town atmopshere i got ALOT of commentary on my hair. all surprisingly, but welcomed verynice :).Had to stay home alone at the end of the night, i was onsuch a high since losing the bowling tournament probably because of too many beers, lol, right up until i got home and had to crawl into bed by myself for the first time since, gosh, i don't even know probably march 2011. no sweet pea in the next room, grandma and grandpa were babysitting. hubby is up north working for 6 more weeks (i miss you babe). cold bed, cold blankets, i was at an all time low for a few hours there i guess my heart was cold too. finally fell asleep and dreamed a little dream about friends and good places ;) sunday flew by with visiting like usual. and here we are, sitting out of monday night bowling because i'm still whooped from the weekend. Thank you. goodnight.

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I <3 my dreads

By Jen, 2012-03-26

Sooo soo so so. I have this one dread on top of my head, kinda comes down by my face... and this mofo is really starting to shape up!! even the part that LOOKS like loose hair is actually quite firm to the touch, it has a more mature "inner dready area" but the thing as a whole is starting to get more uniform and dread like. IM SO HAPPY. even though i look like a giant fuzzball i dont really give a shit, even though im in college at a redneck school i still dont give a shit. im proud. i have loose hairs flying all over, sticking strait up, some people may think im dirty but i know something they dont know. I'm on a JOURNEY. thats a hell of a lot more than they're doing. im not dissing regular hair, simply stating that most of my haters are shallow losers. :) I see no shame in my dreads all coated in fuzz so thick it just looks like a rats nest. shit, thats the fun part of the process. i mean, i feel like its really developed my self confidence. Like i have a little hairy shield on my head. i feel, awesome.

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traction alopecia cursed me dreadlock

By drezy franklin, 2012-03-26

this is the 3rd time i have got alopecia in the back of me noggin! nice smooth bald spot on my head. luckily my 5 year old dreadlocks are long enough to cover the damage up. anyone have a clue why this keeps happening to me? i sleep with nothing on my head at night, and i can feel pulling and uncomfyness in the back as i sleep. the dreadlocks laying under my back seem to cause the pulling! what can i wear to sleep becuz i feel this is the problem! has anyone else had this problemo?? have skinny dreads about half the size of thy pencil untensil.

## dr bonners soap

tea tree oil, doo grow oil...

retwist once every 3months

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