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By Katelyn Demidow, 2012-04-11

So I'm about 7 weeks in and I was just wondering about my roots. I was separating each dread that has formed from the next hair by hair practically and that was just becoming way too time consuming. Now the roots are all fluffy like the dreads are going to start a congo but I have no idea if this is normal or if I should go back to separating them at the roots so that doesn't happen. Does that even make sense to anyone but me? Thoughts?Not a photo of the root issue but I loved the mess.

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Meaning of my dread journey.

By Manj, 2012-04-11

I am posting this as a reflection of the meaning belonging to my dreads and their journey to maturity.

Its important in life to keep track of who you are, to keep a strong mind and a loyal heart. Most of all we should always learn from our mistakes the first time round. I lost sight of all these and as a result
Im experiencing a bad patch within my relationship and friends surrounding it

I started dreads the natural method last year but decided not to carry on, all the doubts and thoughts in my mind about how I would look, what people think etc. But now its not just a look to me, Its a lesson to be learnt and a journey for me to mature alongside my dreads that Ive dedicated to my love and a reminder to never lose sight of who I am.. to be strong, smarter, patient and most of all loyal and selfless.


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Am I doing this for the right reason?

By Kelly Williams, 2012-04-11

Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair? Is it because my entire adult life has been to serve others? I work full time, I'm a wife for 20 years, I'm the mother of 2 children, I'm the daughter of 2 older parents, the sister of a brother incarcerated, the friend who is always there to help. When is is my time? Am I selfish to want my time? Am I thoughtless to how my parents would feel about this? Am I the comedian at work who everyone likes to tease about "her mid-life crisis"? Am I the "cool mom" on the block that all the other mothers mock when I'm not around? Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair?

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Converted Crochet-er, but is it too late?

By CJ Mac, 2012-04-10

hi all, new to hear and feel the love already

hears my story so fa. i giv into quick "results" nd crocheted my hair for th first 2 months or so. nd they never truly lockd up, and needed to be rammed with the darn needle every few days.this gave temporary tightness nd permanent broken hairs.

i came to me senses and got rid of the damaging hook, and over the last 5-6 months I've been letting them grow and change however dey wish.

me dreads have thickend, thinned, tightened and loosend all on they own. its beautiful to see them taking own form and grow so quickly.

me worry is that the months and yrs to come, will the crochet damage com back to haunt me?

has anybody who crocheted in the past, and them let nature take over had any dramas ?

any insights, info or tips would be so great.

One Love, From Australia


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Finding Myself Through My Locks

By Piawacket neurotic helms, 2012-04-10

I come from a artistic family. Both my parents love anything and everything related to art, drawing, painting, crafts, woodworking, morbid, body painting, etc. So is it any wonder thatI would also catch the artitsic bug, no not really. I've played around with art and I'm pretty decent at it, Did the whole drama and Chior thing in high school. Finished Beauty School, loving everything I've ever done. I've cut and styled my own hair, Played with color, and overdramatized make-up. Did the whole goth, scene looks they've all been fun and apart of me. Expressing me without having to let the shy, bashful, petite, lil ole me have to say anything about who I was as a person. If I ever got bored there was always something new to try. Of course there are those annoying people that judge and belittle anyone that wants to be themselves who are incapable of thinking outside of the box. Thinking back I now realize I was just trying to find myself, the make-up and the hair colors not only were an outlet but a mask to pretend that I was outgoing. Since high school I've wanted dreads. A book my bestie let me borrow had the lead characterwith dreads. Of course at the time there wasn't too much information out there for dreads so it got put on hold. Finally deciding to go for it I started my baby dreads. First time I tried I was constantly fussing with my locks and little procress was ever made. Having to take my dreads out because my husband had been laid off, and needing an income was the hardest thing. Immediatly after I posted a picture of having taken my locks out and a comment was posted on my Facebook, that I looked normal, even prettier. Of course this upset me to no end. THis last october I decided to have a second go at it. Instead of the constant palmrolling, and the struggle to speed up the timely process of dreads I've found I'm more at peace and fully enjoying my "bambinos" locks as I call them. As my husband and I were discussing the other day I finally feel as though I've begun to understand and feel comfortable being myslef. I feel sexy and outgoing with my locks. There's no moreofthat need to constantly dye my hair because of boredom. I don't need color and make-up to speak for me. I'm comfortable in my own, very natural skin. Instead of bold clothes, earthtone colors and natural fabrics are my fancy. It took a while and a lot of explaning to friends and family on the lifestlye, but they've been my backbone when I've doubted and several times almost brought a comb to my locks. Yes there are those glances of OMG Watch out for the hippie, or the ignorant people that believe dreads are for hobos. I smile back and hold my head high. I have dreads! Their sexy and completely me!

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By Manj, 2012-04-09

My hair finally realised its not going to be combed...anddecidedto knot up after a wash! good progress so far I'd say... the next good sign will be the formation and maturity of locks.

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feelin kinda down today..... :/

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-04-08

It's sure been an interesting couple of weeks! I had to move back home because my hours got cut and I couldn't paymy bills anymore. Now that I'm back to living with my ultra conservative small town family, it's like I'm an outcast! all because I've got tattoos and piercings and of course dreads. Every day it's "I wish you'd just cut those things off" and "You look like you got hit by a car" or "oh God, take that thing out of your nose, its disgusting." And the guys I've dated seem to be freaked out by these things too. So I'm just taking a break from dating for now.

I drive my beloved "hippie mobile" and sometimes people see it and say things like "take a bath, you hippie!" or "get a job, you bum!" I have 2 jobs. I guess I'm just sick of the judgement!

Sometimes I just with I had more people like me to hang out with :(

But without darkness, there would be no light, So I'm just trying to keep my head up and move past the stares the the judgmental comments.

Someday I know things will get better :)

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By Mary Gibbs, 2012-04-08

Hello everyone! I have not started dreading yet but I am about to and have wanted to for at least two years!!

I just have some questions....

1. Soo to start them.. I was going to back comb and use a crochet hook but then i heard crochet hooks are really bad.. so should i just back comb and palm roll and use sea salt? any suggestions??

2. When I have loose hairs and roots what should I do?

3. How often/with what should i wash them?

any other advice would be greatly appreciated!!:D

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Combed Out Three of my Dreads

By Tara C, 2012-04-08

Most of my dreads are quite stiff, and a couple of them have hard spots. I assumed the worst: WAX. So I combed out one of the thin-ish, only half-way dreaded ones out, expecting to see the horrors of waxy remains...but no. There was literally nothing there. So I dunno why they're stiff or anything. Anyway, I decided to comb a couple more out, mostly the ones in the front/middle, because...the ones in the middle are basically forced into sections that don't feel right, and I get the feeling the roots will never tighten in those ones, because they're just too...unnatural, I guess. Plus, the past few weeks I've had the urge to start again using the neglect method, but I love my progress too much. So now I've found a good middle ground, and I'm excited to see the transformation from normal hair to dreads :)

On a related note, if anyone reading this is early into the dreading process and wants to comb them out and start over, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO IT NOW, DO NOT WAIT. Combing out 8-month old took me two hours to comb out each dread, and I have blisters all over my hand. And a headache. I still have one left to comb out, but there are tears in my eyes over the thought of doing that again :\ ah well.

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natural locks

By amanda young, 2012-04-08

hello to you all, I started my dreads in june 3 2012, i have done them naturally no lock pepper, no twising, no back coming, it prob took till december for them all to form actually locks, I do wash them at first about 3 times a week, then 2 times an now only once a week, i like to keep em clean, iv also noticed using a natrual bar soap is the best for keepin them clean. I wear my hair up alot at first an I really think that helped to form them...i wish everyone the best of luck on their locks..... im tryin to get apick up soon...

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