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dreadlocks shampoo


Bob Marley Bash

By amanda young, 2012-04-17

Anyone attending the Bob Marley Bash on 4/20 in MO this sat.. with Josh Heinrichs an Junior Marvin,.,,if you havn't check out Josh heinrichs, S.O.J.A. Skillinjah, Cas Haley, Alcyon Massive or dub fx you totally should wont regret it....

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By mollie ryan, 2012-04-16

Hello there, I'm mollie and I am starting to dread.

I am sixteen from the UK and so far have a couple of subtle locks on the bottom layers, and one bad boy on top.

I'm still a little hazy on what I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm loving it already.

Question: As I only have three dreads (only a couple of days old -n'aww) how do I wash my hair? I was considering just wrapping those dreads in clingfilm and washing the rest of my normal hair as usual.

Any thoughts?
-M x

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By Melissa Kamerad, 2012-04-15

Here is me before dreading:

First day after back-combing about 6 hours:

Week one:

One month:

2 months:

my hair is a lot shorter!

3 months

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By amanda young, 2012-04-15

wow, it is awesomly beautiful in the grandfather mountians, were gonna check out grandmother mountains here soon too, we got to see some soft looking bears, an none of the other animals were out...The mile high bridge is crazy its so high up an swings, it was very very windy up there today,, almost made it to the other side but kid got scared, i love the mountains they are just spectacular...cant imagine what a sunset would of looked like there...gonna go hike some trails here soon an prob hit up some more spots an a hot springs they have here, summer times gonna be great...have a wonderful day...

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freeforming dreads, putting it up.washing?

By amber rose mullen, 2012-04-15

is it okay to keep my hair up while waiting on my hair to dread?
and how often and with what should i wash it?


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By amanda young, 2012-04-15

Going to Grandfather Mountain with all the fam...there is a natual wildlife zoo there wer gonna check out the swining bridge too, gona be an awesome time....

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By amanda young, 2012-04-13

ok question for all ya's... what can you use to help with the itchy head an a little dandruff....that smells decent....any helpful ideas...,thanks

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shampoo bar at 6 months?

By Eva-Jo, 2012-04-13

I went ahead and purchased Dragons Blood shampoo Bar from I just got it in the mail, and I'm soooo excited! It's cutely wrapped, smells awesome, obviously handcrafted, organic, and a free sample of the liquid soap with a note! Okay, enough of the excitement since I haven't even tried it yet. My question is, are my 6 month babies still too young for the shampoo bar?

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get VICKIS Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Nag Champa!!!!

By drezy franklin, 2012-04-13

With my normal login, I had come to find out that im this months blog contest winner!! Contest you say? Yes i was the monthly prize winner and offered deadlock shampoo from soaring eagle. Vicki got my contact information and my choice of shampoo was shipped out quickly and neatly packaged. Up into this point I have never had a shampoo just for dreadlocks. Even a few days after using the locking liquid shampoo , my hair looks greats, feels soft, and smell sooooo good! my hair doesnt feel heavy and my scalp isnt dry and itchy. I definitely recommend you folks trying it out, and any other of her products. thank ya

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3rd Tattoo Today

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-04-13

Since it's April and Autism Awareness Month, I'm getting a tattoo in honor of my autistic little brother! I'm really excited! :) Can't wait to take pics when its all done!

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