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By amanda young, 2012-04-15

Going to Grandfather Mountain with all the fam...there is a natual wildlife zoo there wer gonna check out the swining bridge too, gona be an awesome time....

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By amanda young, 2012-04-13

ok question for all ya's... what can you use to help with the itchy head an a little dandruff....that smells decent....any helpful ideas...,thanks

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shampoo bar at 6 months?

By Eva-Jo, 2012-04-13

I went ahead and purchased Dragons Blood shampoo Bar from I just got it in the mail, and I'm soooo excited! It's cutely wrapped, smells awesome, obviously handcrafted, organic, and a free sample of the liquid soap with a note! Okay, enough of the excitement since I haven't even tried it yet. My question is, are my 6 month babies still too young for the shampoo bar?

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get VICKIS Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Nag Champa!!!!

By drezy franklin, 2012-04-13

With my normal login, I had come to find out that im this months blog contest winner!! Contest you say? Yes i was the monthly prize winner and offered deadlock shampoo from soaring eagle. Vicki got my contact information and my choice of shampoo was shipped out quickly and neatly packaged. Up into this point I have never had a shampoo just for dreadlocks. Even a few days after using the locking liquid shampoo , my hair looks greats, feels soft, and smell sooooo good! my hair doesnt feel heavy and my scalp isnt dry and itchy. I definitely recommend you folks trying it out, and any other of her products. thank ya

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3rd Tattoo Today

By Trenna Carriker, 2012-04-13

Since it's April and Autism Awareness Month, I'm getting a tattoo in honor of my autistic little brother! I'm really excited! :) Can't wait to take pics when its all done!

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my lock timeline

By Bill Hooper, 2012-04-13

Below is my hair after 1 week of neglect I bath daily and I wash my hair with baking soda 2 times a week then shake it dry. my normal hair is very straight hair and thick.

now below is my hair after 2 weeks still same as before no wax ( I save that for the mustache) and only using baking soda and water to wash it and shaking it dry. i am all ready starting to see it locking on top.p.

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By Katelyn Demidow, 2012-04-11

So I'm about 7 weeks in and I was just wondering about my roots. I was separating each dread that has formed from the next hair by hair practically and that was just becoming way too time consuming. Now the roots are all fluffy like the dreads are going to start a congo but I have no idea if this is normal or if I should go back to separating them at the roots so that doesn't happen. Does that even make sense to anyone but me? Thoughts?Not a photo of the root issue but I loved the mess.

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Meaning of my dread journey.

By Manj, 2012-04-11

I am posting this as a reflection of the meaning belonging to my dreads and their journey to maturity.

Its important in life to keep track of who you are, to keep a strong mind and a loyal heart. Most of all we should always learn from our mistakes the first time round. I lost sight of all these and as a result
Im experiencing a bad patch within my relationship and friends surrounding it

I started dreads the natural method last year but decided not to carry on, all the doubts and thoughts in my mind about how I would look, what people think etc. But now its not just a look to me, Its a lesson to be learnt and a journey for me to mature alongside my dreads that Ive dedicated to my love and a reminder to never lose sight of who I am.. to be strong, smarter, patient and most of all loyal and selfless.


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Am I doing this for the right reason?

By Kelly Williams, 2012-04-11

Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair? Is it because my entire adult life has been to serve others? I work full time, I'm a wife for 20 years, I'm the mother of 2 children, I'm the daughter of 2 older parents, the sister of a brother incarcerated, the friend who is always there to help. When is is my time? Am I selfish to want my time? Am I thoughtless to how my parents would feel about this? Am I the comedian at work who everyone likes to tease about "her mid-life crisis"? Am I the "cool mom" on the block that all the other mothers mock when I'm not around? Why does a 44 year old women decide to dread her hair?

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Converted Crochet-er, but is it too late?

By CJ Mac, 2012-04-10

hi all, new to hear and feel the love already

hears my story so fa. i giv into quick "results" nd crocheted my hair for th first 2 months or so. nd they never truly lockd up, and needed to be rammed with the darn needle every few days.this gave temporary tightness nd permanent broken hairs.

i came to me senses and got rid of the damaging hook, and over the last 5-6 months I've been letting them grow and change however dey wish.

me dreads have thickend, thinned, tightened and loosend all on they own. its beautiful to see them taking own form and grow so quickly.

me worry is that the months and yrs to come, will the crochet damage com back to haunt me?

has anybody who crocheted in the past, and them let nature take over had any dramas ?

any insights, info or tips would be so great.

One Love, From Australia


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