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Itchy bumps

By Melissa Waggoner, 2012-04-19
I'm getting little bumps on the back of my head by my neck andmy scalp has been itching a lot more than usual... What do I do?
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Ohhhh goodness,

By Rhia Marie, 2012-04-18

I am so happy with my dreads so far. It's been two and a half months and I'm making good progress. My mom's finally accepted that the dreads are staying, but she pushes me to keep them maintained. Stepdad...not so much. I don't want this to turn into a rant or anything, but damn, he sees it as "a slap in the face to the creator" and says I'm "ruining the gift of beauty" I was blessed with. I don't get how people are so ignorant about dreads. They're not dirty, despite popular belief. I have no plans of getting rid of them any time soon, it's my choice, my body, yadda yadda yadda.

On another note, I'm so glad I found this site because I probably would have ended up with wax in my hair and that would've been horrible. My ex is stuck on wax and his dreads are all hard in the center and hard to maintain.

So, thank you fellow members for your much-needed expertise.

~Love, light & good vibes

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Newbie at Dreading.

By Taylor Jordan-Nichole Odom, 2012-04-18

Allo all. My name is Taylor, and I'm a newbie at dreading. I've attempted it once, and it went horribly wrong. I was told, and even researched that beeswax would be best. So I used it, along with rubberbands and my dreads stuck straight up and were a goopy mess by the time morning came. I was able to wash the wax out, and save my hair from it. My hair is cut into a mohawk with fringe and bangs. I came here in hope someone would give me some awesome advice on how to backcomb, and get dreads WITHOUT using products.

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Washing your hair

By Alejandro, 2012-04-18

Is it okay to wash ur hair everytime u shower when ur first starting to neglect ur hair so it can lock up. or should u only wash ur hair like once a week or every other week. once a month?!?!?

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theory on how dreads form, am i right?!?!

By Alejandro, 2012-04-17

i think that if u neglect your hair that slowly over time the ends will tangle and as strands of hair fall they tangle up in the lock of hair.

over time the hair that falls out build up and locks up and ends up turning into dreadslocks.

if im right let me know. cuz this is how i think it happends.

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Bob Marley Bash

By amanda young, 2012-04-17

Anyone attending the Bob Marley Bash on 4/20 in MO this sat.. with Josh Heinrichs an Junior Marvin,.,,if you havn't check out Josh heinrichs, S.O.J.A. Skillinjah, Cas Haley, Alcyon Massive or dub fx you totally should wont regret it....

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By mollie ryan, 2012-04-16

Hello there, I'm mollie and I am starting to dread.

I am sixteen from the UK and so far have a couple of subtle locks on the bottom layers, and one bad boy on top.

I'm still a little hazy on what I'm supposed to be doing, but I'm loving it already.

Question: As I only have three dreads (only a couple of days old -n'aww) how do I wash my hair? I was considering just wrapping those dreads in clingfilm and washing the rest of my normal hair as usual.

Any thoughts?
-M x

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By Melissa Kamerad, 2012-04-15

Here is me before dreading:

First day after back-combing about 6 hours:

Week one:

One month:

2 months:

my hair is a lot shorter!

3 months

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By amanda young, 2012-04-15

wow, it is awesomly beautiful in the grandfather mountians, were gonna check out grandmother mountains here soon too, we got to see some soft looking bears, an none of the other animals were out...The mile high bridge is crazy its so high up an swings, it was very very windy up there today,, almost made it to the other side but kid got scared, i love the mountains they are just spectacular...cant imagine what a sunset would of looked like there...gonna go hike some trails here soon an prob hit up some more spots an a hot springs they have here, summer times gonna be great...have a wonderful day...

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freeforming dreads, putting it up.washing?

By amber rose mullen, 2012-04-15

is it okay to keep my hair up while waiting on my hair to dread?
and how often and with what should i wash it?


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