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1 year story an such stuff

By amanda young, 2012-06-04

Well as of June 3 it will be a year since i started my dreads...the day i started was the day we headed west..My bf, child, father, friend , two dogs and I took our 1965 dodge travco across the U.S..My father drove the kid an me in my bf car, and my bf drove the RV..It was a long journey with having troubles along the way... an it was super hott out, .i decided the day i left my home town for the first time to move, i was gonna start a new chapter of my life...I never have traveled so much in my life...I just threw away my brush an stated new...Much didn't happen at 1st, but within a month when I was in Salt Lake City Utah at my mothers, my hair slowly started to dread one, two...we stayed there for a bout 3 weeks before we decided to move to Eugene Oregon, the girl that was with us was dreading her hair too, but she had straight hair an it wasn't locking up, we met some people who took us in, an in the beging all was good, he had dreads too..they were one year old, he used a crochet needle for his, an he did my friends the same way,, they looked good on here, his dreads kept falling out...too much crocheting I think...before she left for for her home town, she cut all the loose hairs off of each dread an waxed them..oooo harsh on the hair... i would say...i hope she has good luck with each month went by my hair was shrinking an loosing an shrinking...mide june was my 1st dread started, an in august i hadprobably had half of my hair, by october all my hair was dreaded, messy messy,, i never used any sort of things on them, just let em go anseparatethemevery couple days....i did wear my hair up for a while which i read is bad...I am very proud of my hair, as all should be no matter how they look everyones has different hair an types so it may take longer or shorter than other, don't give up it will do it's thing....your hair should, suit your unique way of life...if we all had the same hair how boring would that be......Well we had to leave the Eugene in our review mirrors to help his mom move..We took our uhaul an drove the 3,300 some odd miles we left Eugene , went thru California which took 2 went over an headed to route 66, thru, Arizona,New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, an down to Flordia, whew it was a 6 day drive but, it was a good trip...We moved from Floridia to North Carolina, like 2 months later, an it is awesome here..We had done all this within a year..Travling so much whew, an in august are heading to visti friends in New York, I have had a very unique dread journey. just letting em be theirselves an being matter what your doing in life don't let people tell you that dreads are dirty, an your dirty, don't let em bring you down cuz you wanna live your way of life, I just think people are jealous an know no better then to judge you by your hair, I have had a job with my hair, so have many professionals, its not the hair that makes people think bad it's the bad information they hear from people with shallow minds who don't know anything, the more i can put into peples heads that our hair is neat an not dirty the more i can open them up, maybe they will be not so quick to judge us all...Thank you for all those who believe in what you do an are not scared to shrug off what people think,,, Inform them....peace+love+music+dance=Happiness.. Feel free to leave whateve comment you want i take nothing bad, just as your thoughts....

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Random Blabbberings- 2 months

By christina popejoy, 2012-06-04

So two month mark!

Feel super at home with my hair becoming what it is. I cannot wait until the loops really start going nuts and to see some good progress. I should post some more pics soon. All in all I am loving this journey but am quickly seeing the strange looks friends have when they realise I am growing dreads and they think they look a littleweirdor not proper. Its provided me a chance to explain how dreadlocks are really grown. Many have found itfascinatingthat just with not combing, and just washing andseparatingyou can get locks.

Mine are going pretty good just now. The BS wash isdefinitelythe best forcleannessand it really dries my hair which makes it more tangley. The back combe sections at the back have completely fallen within the 1st few weeks. I tried to tnr these few but again it unravelled. Sojustleft it and now its finally knotting up. Yeeee! Gonna sleep on my back to to help them out a little bit.

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Baby Dreads!

By SarahSuffocate, 2012-06-03

I got my dreads on June 1st. I bought rubber bands and went over to my friends house. I couldnt wait to start. I decided to use rubber bands because I was having like 5 of us doing dreads and it was just easier to section it all off. I tried to get "No damage/hurt" rubber bands but it hurt trying to take them out later so that was kinda fail. We used the twist and rip method. My friends got frustrated because they couldnt get the hang of it but they watched a few videos and finally figured it out. I made like 5 of them in the front.

Some of my dreads are itty bitty and others we call "catipillars" cuz they're fat and fuzzy. But the fat ones are my favorite. My head has a lot of charater now. I love them. And i've already started to notice them changing up a bit. I feel like the front ones are to small but I'm trying to just leave them all alone and let them do their thing. I wear them up when I go out cuz they are a little crazy down right now. But I'm letting them loose right now.

Sleeping is sorta difficult cuz I have really fine straight hair so sleeping with lumps now it takes me a little while to figure out how to lay them on my pillow. But none the less I love them and all my friends are really proud of their handy work. :)

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An education in Rebellion

By Baba Fats, 2012-06-03

Since I was a teenager I was always doing things that my parents and familydisapprovedof. I wore all black with chains and straps. I dyed my hair all sorts of funky colours. I gauged my ears out, and pierced anywhere I wanted to. Mohawks were not an uncommon hair style for me either, and I never once gave a second thought to how or why my whole family didn't like it.

I did. So that's all that mattered.

Maybe that is why I never cared about people's reactions to me when I started to grow my locks. I knew they looked goofy and haphazard when they were forming, but I loved them and knew that in the end they would look great and not like a mangy cat anymore.

I hear so many people talking about cutting their locks or combing them out because they got tired of hearing all of the negative remarks family members and even strangers make about their hair.

I don't know what it was that I went through that made me not give a rats ass about other peoples negative and bigoted comments. I grew up in a conservative Jewish home, where anything out of the normal was frowned upon. Maybe that did it. I was so sheltered that I had to find some way to express myself, and could not let anyone, even family, tell me that I was wrong.

So when I read posts about others going through those doubts, I just can't imagine it. It might sound like rebellion is a bad thing, but everyone needs to go through a phase of it to become their own person. It might have been easier for me, given my upbringing, but it's the natural order of growing up.

If you stop caring about what others think about you, you expand your chances of becoming an individual instead of part of the machine.

Sure that stage goes away in time. I still don't care what others think about me, but I am not doing anything, anymore, just to get a rise out of people.

When you get past the shock value of the rebellious stage, you just become you. People expect it of you, and they don't openly judge you for it. Their might be some deep seeded feelings, but it no longer is something that is talked about openly.

Give in to yourself.

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Announcing the 7/20 Rally to Legalize...

By Dready Soren, 2012-06-03

Join the 7/20 Rally to Legalize Marijuana and Dreadlocks!

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Aloe Vera

By Rebecca Woods, 2012-06-02

100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel for my dreads, would love to hear experiences with it on dreads, pros? cons? Gimme what ya got people :) Thanks for your time :)

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Starting natural dreads today

By Sook Ki, 2012-06-02

Today is finally the day i start my natural dreads!! i am so excited, the only problem is i have to keep reminding myself that i can't brush my hair with my fingers, but other than that, i just have to be patient and let my hair be. i can wait to see how my hair turns out, especially in a month, i hope it all goes well:)

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this is my first day on this site, and i plan on using it alot

By gabby henault, 2012-06-01

this is my first day on this site, and i plan on using it alot. i guess ill tell you little dreadlings about my dread experience so far! i started my locks about four months ago inFebruary. I wanted to dread my hair for a while because i havenaturallystraight hair and i was getting bored with it, and i also wanted to make beads and put them in them. but i got suspended from school so i had some time on my hands, it was the perfect opportunity. after i started my friend timmy, who has had his locks for over a year now offered to finish the ones in the back for me. he used the backcomb method, and i used both backcombing and twist and rip. i love my dreads and i cannot wait until there all tightened and fully matured. i make alot of my own beads out of clay, which i love to do also. but im going to bed, so goodnight guys.


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By Lindsey3, 2012-06-01

i combed my dreads out yet again. I am very sad but at the same time im not sure it was the right time to have them. It is very hard to try to make the transition and change when surrounded by people who dont understand. Ive made a post about this before, about my boyfriend not liking my dreads. he want non supportive or anything, he just didnt care. He didnt get excited about the loops and all the changes in my hair like i did and i didnt really have anyone to share those exciting moments with. I didnt nesicarliy NEED to share them with someone but it just would have been nice for someone to get excited with me.

I had made a post a while ago about not being sure if i wanted to dread my hair again. I think me not being sure should have been a sign that now is not the time. But i did it anyway and just ended up combing them out and now feeling like i wasted my time and energy just to comb them out. i hate that feeling. and if i try to talk to my boyfriend about it or say i miss my dreads hes like well u shouldnt have combed them out. but what he doesnt understand is that he is one of the main reasons why i comb them out. he didnt once compliment me or tell me i was beautiful for the three months that i had my natural set. but the day i started combing them out and he came home from work and saw what i was doing he said oh who is that pretty girl.. i hurt. A LOT. me having dreads doesnt change who i am or really how I look. All that changes is my hair( to him anyways.. it changes a lot for me but just to someone looking at you thats the only difference) my face is still the same, i still talk the same, IM THE SAME PERSON.. and what really sucks now is that after combing them out i feel ugly. when i had them it was like idk its hard to explain. i didnt really worry about how my hair looked and now i feel like i cant just wash it and let it be because i have to make it look a certain way now. i hate that. i loved myself with them and now i just feel ugly. thats the only way that i can describe it.

but at the same time when i had them i though about combing them out all the time. its weird. i think i just need to do some soul searching and then when the time comes and i finally feel like i can have dreads and actually keep them i will. :(

i just dont know whats going on in my head anymore. some days i love dreads some days i just wanted my hair and to be "normal" and not have people stare at me when i went to the store and stuff. I just wanted to be my old country girl self again i guess.. idk

anyways. sad to see them gone and its really different, but one day, one day they WILL be back.

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4 months

By Ixchel, 2012-06-01

Despite some coaxing along we are still going snails pace in progress. But it's fine. While I'd love a loop or knot there is a peace in just letting go & not caring about it. I'm happy just letting my hair fall free & whatever. I've had a couple issues when my 8 month old got her grabby fingers caught in my layers, she pulled out some hair but it seems my sections are all still intact, heck maybe she messed it up more & helped me along (i can hope!) After taking the pictures for 4 months of the back of my head I actually laughed out loud looking at them, & smiled. When starting this journey I thought heck knots form overnight this will be cake, I'll have progress in no time. I worried about the rats nest I'd have overnight & how hard it would be to separate & bead/wrap it. How silly I was :) At this pace I haven't had to worry about such things, & it's probably just the right pace for me. They know how to form, they know when to form, they will find their own way, in time.

I wash with the liquid nag champa. I love it so much. I also have used the gel on my sections when they are noticeable. I do baking soda washes every once in a while. I have even done a few pastes to try to roughen my hair up & encourage knots. I use sea salt sprays sometimes, or use it in my bs wash. I've used lemon juice to try & lighten my dye job but haven't noticed any difference. I have a tam i've worn a few times, and I wore it to bed for a while, now I just have a wool pillowcase but I'm taking some time off from that to see if it's hindering instead of helping progress.

The beads I have all slip out of my sections so I went to the garage looking for smaller ones, I uncovered a load of hemp thread (YAY WRAPS!) & a couple small beads. I used the beads & lost a bunch of them already, i wrapped a couple sections & plan on wrapping up a few more today. I have enough of the thread to last me a while. I think the beads or wraps kinda helped my sections tighten & stick, no big changes. Maybe if i keep adding them over time it will show.

If you get frustrated with progress, aren't seeing anything one day take some motion photos. It's a new awesome view, even with little progress they seem to turn out pretty great! You'll get some kewl photos & a messy head :)

Even without the loops & knots I crave I'm enjoying my locks for what they are each day. Despite changing slow they do change daily, my sections tighten a little, or split in half or congo. I haven't separated at all yet, they have been left to work themselves out for now. Most of the sections are very tiny. I'm excited by my little slow changes, & can't wait to see the big milestones when they finally arrive. It's worth the wait. My locks are amazing now, & will be great in time. I love them for all they are & all they aren't yet. They are mine, they are unique, they are lovely :)

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