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Rainbow Gatherings

By amanda11, 2012-08-07

for quite some time now, my boyfriend and i have been wanting to go on the road. we want to go anywhere and everywhere! see the world with our own eyes :) we've been doing a ton of research and have been saving money to get ourselves the ultimate van...and as i've searched and read, i've come across a lot of information on rainbow gatherings across the country. my question, to anyone who can answer, is this: do they happen year round? is it possible to travel from gathering to gathering all across the country throughout the year? is anyone has any information on rainbow gatherings, i'd love tohear it :) i'd like to know anything and everything i can about any information is good information.

if you know anything about living on the road/in a van, i'd love to hear it, too! i'll take all the advice i can get before we set out on our journey :)

~peace, love, and dreadlocks~


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My Horror Story

By The Knatty Lioness, 2012-08-07

I initially started my dreads in 2006. A friend spent 4 hours braiding my head. I kept it covered and waxed down due to my job. They locked quickly but I found them to be very heavy. So tyme went on and in search of other ways to cover them I started buying hats. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I bought one at a yard sale. (never buy used) by this tym my locks were down past my shoulders and very very knotty

. My kingman was gone and when i spoke to him about itchy scalp he said "this sometimes happens just keep them covered and oiled if needed.

After 2 months I couldn't take it anymore i went back tp my friend only to find out i had LICE!!!! I went thru 3 months of pure H%$LL trying everything to save my locks, for cutting them to me was not an option. Everything was tried but they just kept coming back, afterresearchingol I found that they were probably laying eggs inside my dreads that couldn't b gotten too with regular treatment. so they kept rehatching.

Finally I let my sister n law treat them with a homemade solution. It was only after it was done that i was told she had injected a weed killer mix into my dreads with a hyperdemic needle. I was shocked a female to a rastaman had used chemicals?! But n the end it did kill the lice it also killed my hair.

Slowly they started falling out they became dry and brittle and nothing helped them. But still i fought to keep them. when my king returned home in 2008 he started treating them and with his help they stopped falling out but could not b healed.

Life went on and so did I just keeping them covered all the time but I noticed no new hair was coming in it was like a dead garden and nothing new was growing. I went back to skewl and got my Associates Degree in accounting. my counselor point blank told me. "you will never get a job in yourfieldwith your hair looking like that, no one will take you seriously"

My kingman told me to ignore her and toper suemy dream after several failed interview I cut my hair n August of 2010. I let my peersconvinceme that they were holding me back. Against my now husbands wishes I went to my daughter and told her to take them off quickly before i changed my mind. Not wanting me to b bald it took her awhile to pick out the front so i would have some hair and she chose the Kate Gosselin cut so that i wouldn't lookbutchered.

I cried like a baby for days i couldn't look at myself in the mirror I just felt plain naked. Like there was a piece of me gone.I take care of his dreads using natural oils when they become a little dry and i have to admit I had started to become jealous of his locks, In the back of my mind I wondered what mine would have been like had i left them alone.

Finally at my husband insistence I stopped going to the salon for trims and just let my hair grow.I keep it in a ponytail or bun because it is so fine and thin. He has been back home for 4 years and i have slowly made my way back into the rastafarian lifestyle, little things like diet and getting back to nature. Finally finding my faith again after denouncing god in 1985. I believed he had turned his back on me so I did the same thing. ( sum pain a 13 yr old child goes thru just can't b healed I struck out at the only person i could and that was god) I also still haven't found a job in myfield (so much for the western hairstyle). But I am working pt..

He came to meSundayand said have you ever thought about regrowing your locks, after a feirce hour arguement of pros and cons. I kept saying you don't have to be dread to be rasta he kept saying it's the only step you have't taken. u know the usualargumentbetween man and woman lol. in the end all i could say is "I couldn't bear to go thru the loss again" Being the kind man he is he simply said "I'm home now and I ill help you take care of them and you won't go thru that again"

10 hrs later there we sat with sore thumbs, tired backs and me with a head full of dreads thanks to the twist and rip method. I feel whole again my hair has so much body and fullness. He laughed when I tried to use a ponytail holder and said "You have way too much hair for that band now" He looks at me in a new light almost and I have a new found respect for myself.

So my advice to anyone with dreads NEVER put used items on your head not hats, wraps or anything else.

Blessed Be The Knatty Lioness

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New beginings

By Myschyf, 2012-08-06
Well it's been one week and one day since I started my dread journey, but not actually. It really started a while ago, when I decided to become a more organic me. I as very sick, and after lots of pain, and finally getting my gallbladder removed, my weight yoyoing, and many many bouts of depresion I knew I needed change. First it started with cutting out the chemicals in my diet, no more soda, or artificial sweeteners. Eating whole foods, not processed garbage laced with preservatives. Then chemicals from everthing lol no more regular deodarent with aluminum dioxide! Then I cut out meat. Eventually somewhere in there I decided I wanted dreads, started letting my eyebrows grow back in (sigh, that's gona take a while, like 10 years of plucking them completely out and drawing them back on) and today I transitioned from vegitarian to vegan. I feel like I'm in a cave, and I'm finally seeing the way out into the sun. I feel better. My mind is clearer than continuously overstimulated with energy drinks and diet pills. I've lost nearly 50 pounds without a diet, just listening to my body and not feeding it trash. I have more energy than I've had since being a teenager. Even in my short time with my dreads i'm finding amazing. This week has been exciting, dissapointing, beautiful, ugly, wonderful and scary, and I cant wait to see what's going to happen next!
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Don't Let me Down

By Obby Lightstick2, 2012-08-06
That's how it startedIntelligence replaced by chemic-o dependenceWilling to die just for an instantA simple smudge with sophisticationAlmost nothing left to do, but jump ship.What's the point of wasted potential?Every moment a calculated step to the end.I meant to step, but slipped down that ledgeImpossible, love is simple and easySpent the mental and now you can't see meMy days fusing to critical massI must leave this placeAny change of plans make hasteThe first trip was a pipedreamMirrored and alone, you'll never see my face again.
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Thinking about ending my journey.

By Simon Raye, 2012-08-06

Recently I have been thinking more and more about combing out my dreads. School is starting back up soon and I don't want to go through my first year of high school getting so much hate. It would make me sad if I combed them out, but I can't imagine going through a year where all the kids hate me because of my hair.

I mean, maybe dreads just aren't for me.

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By kaylachan, 2012-08-05
Hmm..where to start.. Oh! Well first id like to say all suggestions and advice would be much appreciated :) ive got me one babeh dread to see how my mane handles zis lil journey before I move on to zeh whole shabang! I deed TnR and am more than excited to witness nature take it from here<3 meh lil buddie is about 5 days old, still in place nice n tight.. Some loose spots and loopdeees every now and then but they arrange themselves back to tight loose tight loose ya know workin its magic, its really a splendid thing to see :3Well, I started with about two inches of loose hair on both my roots and tips and within these days ive been left with no more than an inch on each end, progressing well I believe :) ive got quite a few frizzies but eventually these hairs will find a comfy place to call home:D im really pleased with how this is turning out and I absolutely cannot wait to get the rest of em done!But before I dooo zis i have a couple questions on what I caaaan do to keep them at their best health as they move along into adulthood :> (i do not want to give them any maintenance or speed up/slow down the process) because all im doing is TnR to build their lil foundations and let the rest be :)Wotay!Numero uno: what kinda mixtures do ya reckon would make the best wash for dees lil babies?Numero dos: is it better to sleep with my hair up to prevent as much frizzies and what not as possible? Or down?I wont be wearing my hair any other time and no rubberbands for me, I want to stay away from any kindsa stress or alterations. Im not too worried about any unraveling as zis one seems to be pretty put :)Any other suggestions are welcome! Thank you all and I hope your days and dreads stay beautiful
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From Stylish to Spiritual

By Tattooed Pagan Mom, 2012-08-05

I've wanted dreads for as long as I could remember. I never got them for one reason or another... I didn't know how, I was talked out of it, I didn't have time, which ever excuse you could think of is the one I would choose that day. I can't remember what finally made me decide to do it, but, a couple of days before my 37th birthday I was down on the floor with a good friend and my niece ripping and twisting away on my freshly cleansed hair.

So, I guess the first thing I should do is explain why I didn't just cleanse my hair and go all natural. Cause I didn't...that's it in a nut shell, I just didn't.

6 hours later I was beaming with happiness, I was playing with them, rubbing them, I was so happy. I began naming certain ones that were standing out amongst the crowd, (like Loki, my fav dread who likes being the ONLY one that hangs in my face) I had already done my research and knew that even with R/T this would be a journey and I was ready, let the journey begin. I was determined to look "cool"

It never dawned on me the true reason I began the journey.

To give a little history about me, I'm a practicing Witch since '92 and an Energy Healer since '03. This year, 2012, since January, I've taken some major steps of change in my life. I'm currently studying for my 3rd degree HPs in Eclectic Witchcraft, received my 1 & 2 degrees in Karuna/Karuna Ki Reiki and will be receiving my 3rd degree Master/Teacher in September. I've also gone from strictly vegan, to vegetarian, to organic omnivore, buying strictly seasonal, organic, grain/grass fed food to sustain my family. I already work with medicinal herbs and have for a long while. I teach classes, workshops, make organic incense, oils, and other items, and have used this year of study as inner reflection and growth.

Since I received my dreads and started that journey, my hermit days began to end. I had so many Seekers finding me at various places, Publix, the Nail saloon, Facebook, coming to be for teaching and spiritual guidance. My pain in my body began to heal, my temperament began to subside and I began to see my path so clearly. I was thinking things through, breathing, relaxing, and embracing the Goddess and God more closely then I ever have before. I don't think the dreads did it, but, I do feel so spiritually connected to them. Hair is a link to spiritual. The Native Americans wouldn't cut their hair because it cut their connection to Earth. Shamans of the European countries hair was long and neglected because it was their connection to the spirit realm and even traditional physics believe the hair is what gives them that connection. Anyone who has ever "smoked" knows that if they rip your hair by the root for a drug test, no matter how long it's been, the traces are still there. You hair is a sponge, it's a timeline for your life and all you come in contact with. It's your connection with.......

My mother died in '08, my father followed in '10. right before my father died, I cut all of my hair off, down to a very short pixie cut (12 in gone in a snip). My father died a month later. From that time, till I started my dreads, my hair never felt right. I kept cutting, making it worse. I put it in pony tails, bandanas, I hated it. Then, I started the dreads, and now, I'm in love. Why do I mention that you ask? My spiritual self was coping with the loose of my mother, and the quick decline of my father, and my timeline was done, over. I knew my father was going to die, and that was going to be my childhood dying with him. So, I cut my timeline, and began to grown a new one, I found in 5/28/2012.

37 years old, both parents passed away, a new spiritual journey, and a stronger dedication, my dreads are my new timeline, my new connection, my new life that has begun in 2012.

*Dedicated to my parents;

Thomas Lloyd Conwell - 1932-2010

Rebecca Ann Moseley-Conwell - 1946-2008

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Severe scalp condition ..please help

By Tyrone smith, 2012-08-04
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With friends like that...

By margie, 2012-08-03

A friend of over 20 years came to visit me last weekend. It had been 2 years since we had last seen each other in person. We love each other very much and are more sisters than friends. Which is why it hurt so deeply when she was critical of my decision to grow dreads.

Of all the people I thought might give me a hard time, I never would have dreamed it would come from her. As my one representative in life of unconditional love, she devastated me by being so negative. I struggled with her criticism, even after she left, wondering why it had affected me so.

After having turned 40, I decided I was finally going to be a grown up. I was no longer going to live my life for others. I was going to live my life for me, allowing others to be in charge of their own happiness rather than trying to do the job for them. I was no longer going to feel like a failure because I could never live up to the typical standards of beauty that our society has set. I was going to love myself and see myself outwardly as a reflection of my inner beauty. Obviously, I have a way to go yet.

I guess that is why the universe brought me that interaction with her. I had to see that there is still much healing to be done besides simply making the decision to heal. There have been several years of feeling inadequate, for many different reasons. Even now, after having accomplished so much in my life over the past few years, there is still that shy, sad, insecure person inside me.

"It's just hair." Yet the awakening as a result of it has been nothing short of amazing. Finding this site, seeing so many people with their different stories, many very similar to mine. Knowing that there are so many ways to be and feel and live and love, and so many ways to be truly beautiful. Finding simplicity in this chaotic world by giving things over to nature and knowing that all is well. I know that I am on the right path, and I will emerge from this chrysalis with not only a whole new appreciation for the world, but a whole new appreciation for myself, and my role in it. I can only hope my friend will grow dreads of her own one day.

I thank you all for your blogs, discussions, photos, advice, and for sharing so much of yourselves.

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Happy dreads

By JD Nafziger, 2012-08-03

I don't think I have ever posted a blog post in there but I thought I would give a written update to tell some of my story. I started out RnT then decided to go to neglect after a few weeks of attempting to crochet them for neatness. Now just past 1 year of going all natural I am loving my dreads. I worried about the RnT stuff coming out and then later I worried because nearly all of it fell out of some locks. I had long ends at the time and it worried me, some of them today are still long and curl, some are rather short, and some dread all the way to the end. Everything seems much better now that I have settled into the natural process.

So, after a year of going natural my roots grew into beautiful dreadlocks and the RnT part now looks like ugly ends on some of them, but I love it anyway because it just shows how much more beautiful it is when it is all natural. I even have a distinct line in many of the dreads where it was RnT and when it started growing all natural.

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