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Just had to share!

By Blessed Earth Mama, 2012-03-24

My husband posted this on his FB page last week. When I read I laughed and thought wow that sounds just like us! But I did not think at all hewrote it.Turns out he said he did!

A simple conversation between a husband and wife:

White collar professional husband: " I need to go buy some veggies."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "No, let's plant a garden and grow our own veggies."

White collar professional husband: " I gotta pay the bills."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Lets find a way to have our own energy and live off the grid."

White collar professional husband:... "Gotta go buy milk at the store."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Let's buy a herd-share and get fresh milk straight from the cow."

White collar professional husband: "Our gas energy bill is going up."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "You know there is plenty of wood around, let's burn it in the fireplace."

White collar professional husband: "I need to go buy some fertilizer for the garden."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Let's build a composter and make our own."

White collar professional husband: "I need to go buy diapers."
Earthy-hippie dread-headed wife: "Lets use cloth diapers, the baby will be happier."

The husband scratches his head and says to his wife, "why do we need to do all that extra work to live greener?" The wife says to the husband, "so our children will have a better world to live in." The husband still looking at the wife, she adds, "and we will save money too." That gets the husbands attention.

The moral of this is: listen to the wife ..... sometimes (most of the time) she knows what she is talking about.

The above conversation was an actual conversation. And now I live "greener".

Haha! he got some serious points for that one! Of course it didn't go quite like this and it was at different times but I loved that he wrote it out. And I always tell him watch out cause it could be getting a lot "greener" around here. xD That is only a pinch of the stuff I talk about with him. Most things he thinks I am crazy but he usually comes around. :)

And much to my dismay we are no where close to living off the grid yet but I can hope for someday..
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