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The start of the dreading.

user image 2010-05-20
By: BJEagle
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I got my hair backcombed back in apr 2008. I did not really know much about dreads other than from when i had it in my hair back in 2006, but back then they fell out after 3 months and it became straight hair again. So during my time in Iceland i got an idea to try having dreads again, i sort of missed them, but this time i wanted them to be there permanen. Back then this site was not even thought of so i tried out with a lot of natural beeswax and melted it in to a big area of all the dreads, the result being really sharp and heavy dreads, sort of the stiffness of a candle, but permanent they where; and still are. Today they sort of grow thicker and thicker because of all the melted beeswax =0). I have not added any after april 2008, now they have taken a life of their own, and the beeswax slow gets out.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/20/10 12:49:52AM @soaring-eagle:
damn sorry i didnt make the site sooneri know it can take years and years to wash out wax if your able to at allhave you tried the wax removal methods in the wax removal discussion?the links at tiop of front pageyour dreads will love u for getting iot all outi cringed when i read about them being sharp and hard like candles..

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