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My best friend/lover and I have decided to end our relationship and I am just truly heartbroken and feeling so empty. I know that time heals and all will be well in the end, but what have you all found has helped you reach that point without completely loosing it? It is really just so difficult because we are still madly in love and want it to work out, but he feels he needs to do some soul searching and cannot be my boyfriend while he has to focus so much on himself.

All I feel like doing is staying in bed and sleeping. I know I need to go out but it seems too much to handle. I could really use any helpful words or just support, because after spending all of my time with somebody for 3 years, not having them there is just uncomfortable and awful. I feel like I put my very being into this relationship and an integral part of myself is just gone now.

Also, all of our friends are mutual and not seeing him seems near impossible unless I become a hermit and never leave my room... but we even attend the same university.


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By Bird, 2010-05-28
Having one of those "WHAT THE FUCK???" dread days....I love my dreadies, and the back of my head is totally awesome but my god! It has been 2.5 months of absolutely zero action on the sides of my head. Nothing at all! Totally knot free.I know... "patience, patience, patience." I've been known to have a problem with that :)It's also annoying because after every wash, my whole head feels great, but the next day the roots are all oily again. I tried the thyme tea and it didn't do anything. ( i wash between 2-3 times a week... every 2-4 days or so.)Anyone else out there with this issue? What do you wash with? Dr. Bronner's didn't work for my hair (though I use it for everything else) and the baking soda deal wasn't working too well either. Right now i'm using a hand made soap, but i'm thinking it's maybe targeted at more dry scalp than oily.I just want the sides of my hair to start knotting and my scalp to be less oily!
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