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First dealings with Soaring Eagle

03/08/12 04:31:30PM

I was being the most dumb dumb whit there ever could be and kept sending Soaring Eagle inboxes about how to use Dreadlockssite, that in itself showed me how patient he is and understanding he is.

Being a person who doesn't like trying anythin new I didn't use the chat line at all so 1 day i was online and up came the chat line with Soaring Eagle trying to have a chat with me, i was so astounded at how he knew i was online (being so PC illiterate, not) and told him i hadn't ever been on a chatline before and didn't know what the hell i was doing, but he helped me through, heaven help him, I thought as i was trying to navigate how it all worked!

Just thought i would help out by starting some sort of a discussion about how each and every one started their relationship with Soaring Eagle, I'm sure we all have very unique stories of our first meetings with him.

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