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Bill Zebadiaha Bagwell


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New to dreads

user image 2011-04-28
By: Bill Zebadiaha Bagwell
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I was considering letting my hair go into dreads. It's like down to the middle of my back. How often would i have to wash it? I'm prolly gunna use the baking soda method. Whats the fastest way to get it to dread nice and decently thick? Thanks!
Bill Zebadiaha Bagwell
04/29/11 09:15:56PM @bill-zebadiaha-bagwell:

yeah, I'm gunna let it dread naturally. i admire your dreads man. They're amazing, i definitely want mine to look like yours one day

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/28/11 07:50:37AM @soaring-eagle:

wash when u feel like it 1-3 times a weeks bestJust let it dread or do twist n rip but going natural (just let it dread itself) is best

wheneber ppl add fastest to their wishes they are bound to screw it up

the fastest way to dread is also the fastest way to lose your dreads

be patient the best dreades come to those who know how to wait for them

long hair like yoirs will dread faster naturally

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