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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Philadelphia, PA
Zipcode: 19111
Country: US


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Baba Fats
06/14/12 02:53:51PM @baba-fats:

How goes it? What kind of books do you like? I consider myself something of a book worm, too. Got a whole series of pics of my library on here. I'm always looking at finding new books

fermin Lujan
08/09/11 05:49:01PM @fermin-lujan:

you should put up a pic showing your progress!

08/02/11 11:36:51PM @benny:
Aww u started dreadin on my birthday lol

08/02/11 11:35:32PM @benny:
Aww u started dreadin on my birthday lol

Vince Ferrer
08/02/11 11:34:42AM @vince-ferrer:
Your eyes caught me off-guard. You have a beautiful set :)

Jess Randalsmith
06/16/10 04:34:35AM @robert3:
thnkyou for the kind words. i have my dreads for almost 4 years, can't life without them!. how long do you have yours? they look very nice. love the color too. have patient and they will be some killerlocs!

Jess Randalsmith
06/15/10 03:05:35PM @robert3:
You really make fantastic photographs! I'm in love with some of your photo's. Got some really nice dreads groing on your head too :)

Denny D
04/17/10 03:04:20AM @michael-cuevas:
Thanks for the friend request Jay. Bless! Love ur art.

04/15/10 02:01:12AM @animal-amy:
tnx for the friend request Jay. stay positive! namaste'

Amanda Turner
04/14/10 10:05:37AM @little-shroom-child:
Hey, thanks for the friend add. :)

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