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Torie Shea
08/31/11 10:29:20PM @torie-shea:
Thanks for the compliment lady! Ok, I love ferrets! He's adorable, I have wanted one forever, but I don't think it would get along with my four cats, let alone my lab. Lol, I sound like a crazy cat lady...but the more the marryer right? I just realised that's an odd word to spell. Marryer, idk if that's even correct. Anyways, welcome to the best site in the world!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/29/11 07:43:57PM @soaring-eagle:

Adrian Keenan
06/20/10 03:24:49PM @fanci-taylor:
you know after looking at some of the earlier pictures that's what I thought haha.

Adrian Keenan
06/20/10 02:55:04AM @fanci-taylor:
what method did you start them with?

Chloe Alexandra
05/26/10 04:37:40PM @chris-taylor:
umm...i went to Altanta Institute of Music. now im just trying to find ways to make money at what i do, drumming and woodworking pretty much. i met a guy who says hell teach me more about woodworking and carving. cant wait to get started!

Chloe Alexandra
05/26/10 02:49:48PM @chris-taylor:
well thats good! lol

Chloe Alexandra
05/26/10 02:42:29PM @chris-taylor:
the center? well that sounds like a plan! are you gonna have to cut your hair for the army?

Chloe Alexandra
05/26/10 01:37:56PM @chris-taylor:
oh yeah? what will you be doing?

Chloe Alexandra
05/26/10 01:46:51AM @chris-taylor:
nothing much. just hanging out and playing drums! how about yourself?

Chloe Alexandra
05/25/10 10:57:03PM @chris-taylor:
thanks for the friend invite!

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