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I am Bear. I'm 26 years old, full time College student majoring in Cultural Anthropology and minoring in Folk Studies and Psychology (Psych is finished). I live in the country in Kentucky with my wife Caity and our two dogs, Patchouli and Zoe. Had my dreads for over a year at this point. I'm a budding audiophile (love high quality headphones, my wife and I collect vinyl, looking to get a good stereo at some point, our turntable now isn't that great), a gamer (mostly on xbox one now and occassionally 3ds, also really like retro gaming, NES, SNES, N64, PSone, PS2, Xbox , and the like). I have been vegetarian since October 2010, and a vegan since February 2014 (my wife is also vegetarian, and has been for a few years before me).







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Dreads and cans Mostly tied back.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/20/15 08:27:23PM @soaring-eagle:


well you should love the new site then as it will have a huge music section and unlimited playlists

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