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dreadlocks shampoo
Barry Scott


Location: Sussex
Country: GB


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the Barrellady
03/31/13 05:42:11PM @the-barrellady:

Hi Barry, just read one of your replies and thought I should let you know that root rubbing, even gentle is not good to do under any circumstance. Over time, it WILL weaken the root system, and one by one some of the hairs fall out and one day there will be dreads that are thin at the roots. Roots can be 3 or 4 inches loose on forming dreads, they need to be to go through the journey without causing root stress. Once mature, the are still loose to about an inch, but can be even more, again they still need to be so that the mature dread can move around without causing stress on the scalp. So yep, root rubbing can and will cause long term damage. Just thought you should know. Peace

the Barrellady
03/13/13 10:49:01PM @the-barrellady:

Hello Barry, welcome to the community. Peace

Baba Fats
03/13/13 10:23:52PM @baba-fats:


ღHippie Loveღ
03/13/13 10:08:42PM @hippie-love:

Welcome and Happy Dreading.
Always, Hippie Love

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/13/13 06:51:06PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome i worked in an office with dreads to the floor

no big deal

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/27/13 03:11:31PM @tyler-chidester:

Welcome to the community doggysaur...Peace

wyatt walker
03/27/13 09:01:40AM @wyatt-walker:

WELCOME TO DREADLOCKSSITE!!! nice to have u here. lots real factual info and great people here bro. peace an luv

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/27/13 08:56:07AM @soaring-eagle:

03/27/13 07:38:16AM @darkstar:

Welcome. Yay for Filipino locks. My wife has a bit of Filipino in her. I didn't know her when she had the, but from her pics, they looked awesome. There is a Filipino group on the site, I believe

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
03/27/13 03:11:31PM @tyler-chidester:

Welcome to the community doggysaur...Peace

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