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dreadlocks shampoo
Baker Street


Location: Ambler, PA
Zipcode: 19002
Country: US


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is it ever going to happen to me???
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more stuff
that's my spice rack back there :)
tied back for work
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in me kitchen
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08/17/12 01:45:08AM @hippyfish:

I just read in your "About Me" that you are a chart reader! Exciting!! How long have you been doing it? Where did you learn, did you teach yourself? I am a Pisces Sun, Sagi Moon and I am crazy about astrology, but my brain does not retain things very well which can be a bit trying when wanting to store all astrology knowledge. I would love to hear any tips you may have for this or some system that helps you with that. Have you ever heard of "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need"? Probably one of my favs! It's been awhile since I was last on here, and since I last dropped you a message... what sorts of things do you like to garden? Have a peaceful day

03/03/12 03:40:15PM @exalthimx7:

Long time no see, hope you are super blessed']

12/02/11 12:32:26AM @hippyfish:

Hey thanks for the add! Since I've been out west the opportunities to take cool photos has been almost overwhelming, but much enjoyed. I'm originally from PA though and haven't been home in almost 2 years (was in military)... so I am envious that you are where, at times, I wish to be. Best of luck on your dread journey, peace

Zoewe rane lawson
11/30/11 03:53:30PM @zoewe-rane-lawson:
You are so very welcome!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/29/11 09:59:07PM @soaring-eagle:

theres a pa/nj/de group i think and yesthedrumcircles s till go on i havent gone in ages tho (no way to get there)

11/29/11 02:28:30PM @exalthimx7:

Hi! thanks for the friend. God Bless your continuing journey']

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/29/11 11:44:21AM @soaring-eagle:

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