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05/10/16 01:09:26PM @baileygrey:

So, once upon a time I had hair down to my lower back.....then I had a car accident and the shear weight of it hurt so bad I had to cut it off.....
Then I remembered why I loved short hair to begin with a kept it short for a long time until recently where the husband and I came to the agreement of, "I will grow my hair back out for you ONLY if you agree to let me do dreadlocks WITHOUT complaining about it."  (He's 15 years my senior and a smidge old fashioned, but I finally talked him into it.  lol)
So, my hair has gotten to a weird in-between stage of being in a in-between stage of short and medium....I can't spike it anymore and I can't really NOT style it somehow ...... so, that being said, I know the longer your hair, the easier the dreads form....but what do I do in this limbo of time where I just....half way hate my hair?
When I get out of the shower and dry it with a towel, my hair spikes by itself and forms its own sections that I'm mostly happy with.  .....can I take an oil of some sort like coconut, and hold them in those clusters in sort of train them?
The hair on the back of my head and the sides is heavy enough to start laying down by itself, the top, however.....think fluffy cat meets electric shock....
Patience, I know, is a must and I can handle that for the most part....just...right now, I'm spinning my wheels and it's driving me crazy!!

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