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Separating tutorial

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Baba Fats
07/30/13 06:39:22PM @baba-fats:

They don't have to be completely connected. I didn't mean to give the impression that you have a web over your head, like a hair net, with locks popping out here and there.

I just mean that if there is connecting hair, don't worry. There should always be "some" hair connecting them together. This doesn't effect drying time, since that web isn't thick, nor is it completely matted to the point that hair can't flow.

Tara C
07/30/13 12:47:28PM @tara-c:

If the roots are all a bit joined together, will that not affect drying time, the ability to reach the scalp, etc.? Is it not completely connected, just a bit? I've always pulled mine apart right to the scalp, but then, mine can go months without needing any separating. Still, always great to learn how, so thanks for the video :) never thought I was doing it wrong.

Moon Raven
07/30/13 12:32:01PM @moon-raven:

This vid is great! Now I know I was separating to close to my scalp.


Moon Raven.

Sarah Smile
03/19/13 01:55:37AM @sarah-smile:

I was definitely worrying too much about all those little hairs around my roots...where they were attaching. Thanks for the advice!

01/06/13 06:44:53PM @sarah16:

Thanks for the video! I was totally on the wrong track with separating, this video saved me lots of damage. You're awesome!

Danielle Hache
10/23/12 10:10:14AM @danielle-hache:

awesome ...glad i found this ..i was wondering what to do about all my connecting dreads ...just leave them ,,sounds like a great plan :)

10/09/12 08:47:14AM @deadwriter:

Thanks for the link Baba... :) Exactly what I need nowadays.

Baba Fats
09/30/12 07:44:45AM @baba-fats:

I'm planning to. The problem is that I need to wait a bit until I have 2 locks that need separating. And mature locks just don't need it as often anymore. I'm trying to not touch them at all so that at some point soon I can make a video. I even took off 2 wraps hoping to have 2 more locks that may need separating

09/30/12 01:17:36AM @heather:

any chance you'll be doing a video where you show more detailed separating of your locs? i've been doing what you said but i'm still concerned that i might not be doing it right. my hair has definitely improved a ton since changing how i separate. no more bald looking spot and defined parts between dreads. i just want to be sure that all the webbing of hair at the base of my dreads is okay.

Baba Fats
08/30/12 11:25:23AM @baba-fats:

Some people have found that beads work wonders on new locks. Others find that they can't get the bead to stay on. What beads do is act like a little imitation knot. It gets hair clumped together and starts getting them tangling. They aren't a must, but they do work for most people.

You can also use them to keep locks separated. It works. Not perfectly. You'll still have to separate sometimes, but what it does is helps define that section. When you don't have a bead in, and hair starts to tangle together, it's hard to remember what the section really looked like. With a bead on it, you don't have to worry about it.

That's exactly how you separate new locks

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