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Stuff you listened to, read or watched that is awesome....

Brandi Leigh
12/15/12 05:54:21PM

What have you seen, read or heard lately that is awesome? I'm always on the lookout for new stuff!

Music I'm enjoying right now:

Marina and the Diamonds - welsh songwriter who does keyboard ballads, strange pop music, new wave songs, also rumored to have Synasthesia ( seeing music as colors in her case ). Her most recent album apparently tells the story of girl who's heart is broken.

Wanda Jackson - 50's adorable Rockabilly music, singer of such classics as Fujiyama Mama, great music to listen to at work, gets me motivated.

Recent Books:

The Time Machine by HG Wells - Really interesting how different the people were described versus the movies, in the book they were pretty weird looking with strange haircuts, pointed chins and weird, red lips vs the movie where they were beautiful, blonde 60's people. It changes the the way I view the story and the time traveller's reaction. I'm a big fan of sci-fi and major bookstores always have those old story compilations for a very minimal price so I'm going to be reading alot of them.

City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare - Yes, this is a young adult novel hand I still really enjoy it, about teenager supernatural hunters and lots of drama, of course. Part the Mortal Instruments story.

Recent Movies:

Pontepool - A new take on zombie movies, I can't give the secret away but such a clever way of infection...

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