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12/30/11 10:26:12AM

i have a zillion books...all in the basement in boxes...prolly like 30 or 40 boxes.

once upon a time i read books alot....actually was in the library almost every day....i always have something to research.....................then came the

im glad the internet was not around when i was a kid....i would have been

im a pro-level freestyle bmx rider, i've been riding over 25 years...10 plus hrs a day 7 days a week for over 25 years....and i don't compete....even w/ school and riding i still was in the library every day.

most my books are about alaska, about recluses, and about dogs, and alot of grow books....

...the books i've been trying to read lately are on not a religious person at all, but seem to find some understanding in their thoughts.

i've read the entire bible...front to back...big waste of time, but able to tell all the bible thumpers to go shove it up their ass "i've read the whole damn thing and i'm not interested".

ok enuff rant for now...

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