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freeforming process

By: b foreal man
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I have been growing my hair since late dec. From a fade my hair is 2.5 inches now. Curious as to how long would my hair have to be to hold knots. I wash my hair every 3 days
b foreal man
03/29/14 11:48:56PM @b-foreal-man:
Ok cool yeah im in it for the long run and patience is what im studying lol that's kinda the reason I choose this method. Im actually caucasion haha! But my hair is thick. Thanks for all the tips to both of you. I guess I gotta teach myself to stop touching it lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/29/14 11:14:35AM @soaring-eagle:

6 inches if caucasuan but im guessing your afrocan american so way less depends on texture but under an inch is common 2 -3 it should definately dread

Raj Krishnan Nair
03/28/14 08:45:32AM @raj-krishnan-nair:
Biggest tip let your hair be. Patience is a virtue (and i'm struggling with it) wash with a non residue shampoo or Bs Acv rinse seperate when the try to become too big of a section and most importantly enjoy the journey.

b foreal man
03/27/14 11:37:17PM @b-foreal-man:
Thank you :) im open to any tips aswell

Raj Krishnan Nair
03/27/14 02:47:49PM @raj-krishnan-nair:
Around 6 inches or more i guess

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