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But i love the mirrors on your eyes

By: aylissa
Posted in: Phsycology, Philosophy
But i love the mirrors on your eyes

I've spent many rescources, much time, and tears over the compulsion to look for myself in the mirror's i see in people's eyes. The mirrors that i hate, that are like a clogged artery, but spit back twice as much. The mirrors that i look for, that i feel many look for to see what they look like on a given day. I believe that love is the absence of these mirrors. Freedom, is the abcece of the idea entirely. and power is the creating of a craving unlike any mirror i've ever looked in. Mirrors? tell me.....

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/21/15 07:13:41AM @soaring-eagle:


i never look in mirrors really, maybe a couple times a year accidently

(last time might have been a year ago? maybe more?)

but this is a beautiful idea, to look at how you are reflected in the eyes of others

to see how they see you, not how you see yourself

for many mirrors lie to tyhem, they dont see  an accurate reflection of themselves, but one twisted and distorted by thier perceptions ofthemselves, altered by thier past experienceds, by how they think about themselves

but looking for your reflectiin in the eyes of others you only see what is really thereto see

that photo is amazing

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