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Day 14... Two Weeks In

user image 2012-10-14
By: Autumn2
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Yes, knots are definitely forming. Locs? Not yet. But knots. And waves, and cowlicks! So now I bravely look forward to celebrating the one month mark. The separation is becoming increasingly defined, to where I now feel like calling my hair "my little ropes." It already feels different, because when it is down it doesn't feel like loose hair, because it is clumping around my neck and around the back the most. Especially down that first bottom half. This slow evolution has been so interesting to take in and observe. Each day brings something new and yet the change is slow enough that it is not shocking to me or those around me. It feels a bit like growing up taller as a child. One day you are here, then a summer passes, and the next thing you know you have shot up like a bean stalk seemingly overnight. Except that it has not been overnight, but rather a slow and gradual change, that no one seems to notice until "one day."

So yes, dreads. All two weeks of you has been totally worth it and totally an adventure. Kudos and good luck to all of those on the natural journey.


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