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End of Day 12

user image 2012-10-12
By: Autumn2
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So there have been some big developments. Turns out, my baby dreads have started to affect me from the inside before they start showing on the outside. Because today I did two things that I would not have had the braveness to do previously.

First, I signed up for a yoga class and went. (Had a great time.) Then, I ended up staying for a kirtan afterwards. It was the first one that I ever went to, and I had an even better time! In fact, the guy that was playing sitar / guitar even mentioned the Rainbow Family. In so many ways, I just was being sent messages from the Universe to unblock my mind and heart and to embrace my true self. So awesome. Seriously. And it all started here.

So thank you.

Hannah :)
10/12/12 11:19:01PM @hannah:

Thats great :) Its crazy, its only been 2 days for me and I can already feel amazing soulful changes too

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