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Must be getting natty.......

user image 2011-05-01
By: ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪
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My hair is starting to frizz up , got my first comment from my mum she said ' yous look like ferals ' when she dropped my son off after a visit, was rather strange as i also had torn jeans on she kept sort of looking at my jeans then my hair mid-way through conversation. Rather annoyed me tho as my gf was dressed nicely and had just been to a birthday party and doesn't have dreads or dress anyway hippy...

Also been told few times I need a haircut...

Strange how so many people feel a need to tell you how you look, guess they think if I look this way I'm being lazy or hadn't noticed. Just amazes me how you choose to dress or look determines your acceptance to certain peoples expectations of what sort of person you are. I mean yes to an extent choosing a certain look does convey who yo are but the stereotypes that follow that aren't even true seem to determine peoples view of who you ares as a person even more so.

Anyways the deadlocking process seems to bring out peoples true colors, i've noticed it really stirs up peoples views and they choose to tell you a lot more with this style of hair than people usually would.

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