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Freak out

By: ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪
Posted in:
All my tnr has almost fallen out except maybe 2 -3 3 small twists and its only been 3 days, my hairs only around 8cm...but i must admit for a little while i though should I redo tnr but im going to leave it after reading a few threads on here...dreadlocssite saved me again..
04/02/11 05:00:21AM @aussielocker:
think 3 inches, was a shaved head in October, kids had not really concerned i think ill just wait it out and see what happens :) least its same length all around lol, i do have these small ones like pencil thick sticking out that seem to be holding really well there rather funny..... my hair is quite straight but for some reason when it gets past my chin it curls up and then past my shoulders it starts to curl with lots ringlets hoping that will help later on. Long journey but im looking forward to trying to teach myself to let go...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/01/11 10:56:49PM @soaring-eagle:

how many inches is thast lol

its ok if it falls out it will dread as it grows

if u dio tnr again we'll help u do it lil better and add beads ..but yea length helps alot

john kopfle
04/01/11 10:31:18PM @john-kopfle:
I would personally. Wait for your hair to get 5 inchss or so and id wait longer 8cm is really small I w8ed til my hair was about 5 inches andit still seems to me to be to very short my first dreads were twist and rip and also backcombed they just kept falling out.

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