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Hmm Must admit it gets me down a bit!

By ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪, 2011-05-13

Decided to voice some frustrations, created a group for this freak out support but as there is no members ill just blog for now, here is my tnr pic : think its been a couple of weeks and lately i have ALOT of hair that just seems to be hair:

the back basically has 1 or 2 pencils left, even after experimenting it all felt tight and really locked but eventually after being left alone fell out...Now i know this is normal bt its is VERY frustrating, especially when the few people that were like 'oh ok you have dreads they look ok' are now like 'they have all fallen out why dont you jst brush your hair or get it done properly' I have defended myself saying its natural but even I feel a bit annoyed ...

If I didn't know better I would be stabbing myself in the head with a crochet needle by now for sure as patience is not my virtue. (if you ever do next time you have shower see how many bits of hair you have in your hand when washing may indicate whats really going on with crochet)

Just in case anyone asks : I only washed 2 -3 times a week with water and on weekend bs and acv never towl dried just air dried and slept on wool pillow. I assume the length is a major contributor but as ive seen a lot of timelines Im not really seeing a problem rather just a annoying side effect of having to wait it out.

Seems even having them tighten at first will unravel ( i have no doubt about the water temp and what happened in my experiment will be beneficial at later stages but not so much for the initial stage)

Still its all rather depressing and hard to explain to people what i am up to so to say, especially when you see crochet and people getting extensions may look extremely fake and have no spiritual sense whatsoever but compared to a rats nest it kinda makes ya think or rather get annoyed at my own vanity.

Also most of the beads fell out even tho they were tight but theirs actually nowhere to put them back but alas what can one do but stop thinking about it really...........

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bored so blogging Website work!

By ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪, 2011-05-10

Added a logo, and making a flash menu that is taking ages as im doing it from scratch, but is starting to look good. Thinking of adding a page that allows use of the logo and allows people to download and use for stickers or t-shit might design something that has this site and mines url and something about avoiding wax.

Created a fake product line just have to make the pages got shampoo(with bs insturctions) conditioner (with acv instructions) locking accel (with salt spray) and a wax( that willl have reasons not to use it and aloe instructions maybe)

Also thinking of a tam and bead pages with how to make them instruction but will have to find out how to actually make them lol..

Will add a gallery wanted to have before and afters but most of the permission i have from people dont have before photos but will maybe either just do a bit of photoshop or design a flash viewer if I have the time.

Thats about it so far but im rather proud of the main site graphics took a bit of stuffing around with some stock silhouettes and Photoshop sketching but theres a little guy playing the guitar with dreddies under a tree that amuses me still, maybe i could add a link on him that redirects here dunno yet.

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Must be getting natty.......

By ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪, 2011-05-01

My hair is starting to frizz up , got my first comment from my mum she said ' yous look like ferals ' when she dropped my son off after a visit, was rather strange as i also had torn jeans on she kept sort of looking at my jeans then my hair mid-way through conversation. Rather annoyed me tho as my gf was dressed nicely and had just been to a birthday party and doesn't have dreads or dress anyway hippy...

Also been told few times I need a haircut...

Strange how so many people feel a need to tell you how you look, guess they think if I look this way I'm being lazy or hadn't noticed. Just amazes me how you choose to dress or look determines your acceptance to certain peoples expectations of what sort of person you are. I mean yes to an extent choosing a certain look does convey who yo are but the stereotypes that follow that aren't even true seem to determine peoples view of who you ares as a person even more so.

Anyways the deadlocking process seems to bring out peoples true colors, i've noticed it really stirs up peoples views and they choose to tell you a lot more with this style of hair than people usually would.

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Freak out

By ♪♫-aussielocker-♫♪, 2011-04-01
All my tnr has almost fallen out except maybe 2 -3 3 small twists and its only been 3 days, my hairs only around 8cm...but i must admit for a little while i though should I redo tnr but im going to leave it after reading a few threads on here...dreadlocssite saved me again..
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