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Spare a thought x2

user image 2011-10-19
By: ashr
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Thanks to everyone that thought of my friends wife. The doctors gave her medicine to contract her veins to try and stop the bleeding and unfortunately that caused her two strokes, one on each side of her brain. I think it was OK though because she's awake again and can talk to her husband which is a very good sign. Apparently they were going to do some mega scan on her this afternoon that will hopefully shed some light on what has happened to her and how to fix it.

Lets hope for the best.

11/01/11 10:26:48AM @sonja-skye:

well, let's all hope for the best, and hopefully this scan can help them work out the best avenue to attack this problem head on.... My thoughts are with them, and again, I am willing as much positive energy as I can to help! :) I really hope they can fight it straight up :)

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