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Spare a thought

By: ashr
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I don't cry much if ever, but I burst out in tears today at work when my employment broker came to drop off my payslip. He's been off work for more than a month so I knew something bad must've been going on. His wife has been in and out of ICU for about a month now. She has bleeding on the brain and the doctors have no idea why or how to fix it. They have a small boy about the same age as mine.

Please spare a thought for them today.

Thanks all of ya.

10/12/11 08:11:12AM @sonja-skye:

I will definitely keep them in my thoughts, and to the best of my ability, will strength and healing if only it could help enough!

10/12/11 07:35:10AM @exalthimx7:
will pray...xo

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