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Washing my hair

user image 2013-06-07
By: ashley walker
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This is just a random middle of the night blog.

I washed my hair really quickly.

It was a bad idea because i don't think i rinsed thoroughly so my hair kind of smells,

and like I feel like i made a bad concoction of oils.

Will I be ok?

Well Ill probably wash it again in the morning and do an avc rinse.

Guh I smell like a wet dog.

Oh well.

I shouldn't wash my hair at night.

but it itched so bad.

and it get's really itchy at night because we don't use air conditioning so i sweat.



the Barrellady
06/07/13 09:57:55PM @the-barrellady:

You can even keep a spray bottle of water in the fridge and if you need it, just spritz the scalp...peace

06/07/13 08:31:49AM @kelly3:

I think a one time mistake is probably ok. If I were you, living in a hot environment, I'd keep a 2l bottle of water stored in the fridge for your cold wash. You won't be getting any more itches.

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